How To Make an AMAZING FNAF Game on Scratch Part 2 -

How To Make an AMAZING FNAF Game on Scratch Part 2

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Today, I will be showing you how you can make your very own FNAF Game on Scratch. just follow ALL the steps in this video and your game will look amazing in no time.

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–Time Laps–
0:00 Introduction
2:00 Credits
3:57 New Game Button
5:26 Newspaper
23:14 Nights
24:53 Continue Button
31:32 Night Static
35:52 Loading Screen
38:34 Office


  1. For some reason mine can move in the office but if it goes past the limit it freezes

  2. So I was thinking of sharing this
    Do you want me to cred you sense i used ur tut?

  3. bruh the static and the buttons dont work i followed every step

  4. ty i really need to make a litteraly FanMade fnaf game on scratch

  5. 28:49 saving my spot and when I would click new game the news paper would show but the NIGHTS won’t show then it goes back to menu

  6. mine dont move like the office i NEED HELP SO I CAN FINISH 5 NIGHTS AT MONKBOTS

  7. Wow i,m just making a jumping game while YOU are making a serieus! Scary game!

  8. Any way to make the New Game and Continue buttons not glitch so much when i hover over them?

  9. My Fnaf fan game is called one night at Tangos so go check it out when it’s released!

  10. i need help. My night's thing is delayed after the newspaper
    edit: ALSO! my night static does not work! what is going On?
    edit two: i think i give up. the static and new game and continue button stay after the loading screen everything vanishes please help.

  11. i couldn't get the office thing to work when i copied your code to the exact idk how to fix

  12. The office does not work… its the exact same code. IT JUST STAYS AWAY FROM THE SCREEN, AT THE VERY X 582 HELP SOMEONE and im on chrome, yes im giving too much info abt it.

  13. I'm stuck on the newspaper part that you definitely told everyone how to fix

  14. One thing you could’ve done for the continue button is just dragged the night variable into the costume dropdown, I would do that at least

  15. Can someone summarise how to make the newspaper appear? I’m struggling to do it

  16. my office doesn't work: when it goes to the office section, it just goes to the side and is almost impossible to see.

  17. the night dosent show up only the glitch. can someone help?

  18. To anybody whos office is stuck in the right corner, try to make the office bigger and put in in the middle

  19. How do you get the sound? I went to part 4 for it but it dosent show links or something for the sounds

  20. My bell keeps going of twice for the "Night one" anyone else have that problem?

  21. We can use this code switch costume to night variable can we?

  22. HIII ive redone this one part (the office like the coding part) 5 times doing exacly what your doing but no matter what i can't seem to be able to move at all 🙁 some help me

  23. Guys when i am pressing new game its not working and then it dissapears in 5 seconds can someone help

  24. I didn't do some code like the ghost effect because I like it better without it.

  25. can anyone help me out? i followed this tutorial completely but for some reason, the office just does not go on screen as the loading screen ends. it just stays completely black. please help.

  26. So I had a bit of experience with scratch but not a lot.

  27. idk why but my office could go to 98.1 before it goes past the wall

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