How to make a game like FNAF in Roblox Studio #2 Doors and Power -

How to make a game like FNAF in Roblox Studio #2 Doors and Power

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How to make a game like FNAF in Roblox Studio #2 Doors and Power

In this video, I teach you how to make a Door and Power system like the popular game “Five Nights At Freddy’s”. Please make sure to like and subscribe as I am on the road to 2k subscribers! Road to 2k

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  1. I have a couple issues with this. One, when the power runs out, the doors still open and close. Two, When the doors are closed, it doesn't use power like I wanted it to. Can anybody please help me with this?

  2. Hey, when the both doors are closed, the power doesn’t go down. Can you help me with this?

  3. hey uhh i want to make the button to be clicked with my mouse 😬😬

  4. Hey sharkey the doors don’t work for me when i close them and open them they fly to other sides of the map can you help?

  5. Can you make a part 3 about power outages and animatronics?

  6. Please make more videos please I’m thinking of making a game and I need your help so please make more

  7. what happens when the first up is true and the one down is false what i can do to change it

  8. Could you make a part 3 for moving animatronics?

  9. You literally are one of my favorite scripting creators, I hope one day you can make a night 1, night 2 system and moving animatronics along with jumpscares and ETC!

  10. Sharkey when i open the door or close my door flys away

  11. like the say : ur never to old to do your dream

  12. well this model when energy is gone the doors doesnt open they still close so pretty bad if i may say

  13. thanks, I like how you give out the kit, not a lot of people do that, thanks!

  14. thansk sharkey can you make how to make new mimic jumpscare gui? like chapter 4 jumpscare gui

  15. make a tutorial where you a make another tutorial

  16. Please make a system to change the lantern skin (the mimic tutorial)

  17. can you make a video how to show how to make a flashlight/lantern you can equip when u press "f" like the mimic?

  18. Can you make camera bobble like the mimic plss

  19. Could you make a tutorial how to make custom night

  20. hey, roblox game making is much easier because you make EASY tutorials.

  21. im using this to make my fnaf 5 night 5 remastered

  22. hey sharkey can you do a tutorial that if you beat a chapter or gamemode you get a lantern reward?

  23. Heyho Sharkey,
    could you do a tutorial on how to make a monster jumpscare like in book 2? Would help me out a lot!

  24. Hey sharkie just a question can you made the camera system like on the real game? If you can id be really happy

  25. can the next episode be moving animatronics + death??

  26. sharky Why does my doors go some where else and then comes back when i open it but it becomes stuck closed but the other one can open and close but is in mid air also yes i did put the right position

  27. how would you make it so it take power away by the second insted of it taking power away when you open or close the door

  28. please make a new fnaf tutorial but for the animatronics please D:

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