How to make a FNaF game in Clickteam Fusion 2.5 Part 2: Night System and 6 AM -

How to make a FNaF game in Clickteam Fusion 2.5 Part 2: Night System and 6 AM

Tobaz !
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  1. plz respond to this there is no Ini in my Clickteam Fusion 2.5 what can I use to replace it

  2. Can someone help me? I cant find a "Ini" in insert object. "Edit" nvm I have a free version so I can't go on anymore

  3. hey tobaz. How do i do this on the free version i might need to make the game only 1 night 🙁

  4. Cool video but why do you lowkey sound like L from death note at some parts?

  5. i have another problem. im trying to run my game and it does not show the full window, it just shows the top left corner of the screen extremely zoomed in. how do i fix this?

  6. i cannot find the ini can you tell me how to access the ini or if i have to download it somewhere

  7. Hey I don’t have the ini object is this because I have the free version?

  8. I don’t have the ini thing and it says I need to upgrade fusion to install it but I can’t ):

  9. Is there any way to do this with the free version?? Ive already started and im worried i cant finish it now! Please i need someone to help me out

  10. So I have to pay 100 dollars just to get ini?? Fuck that.

  11. my clickteam does not have any ini thing, and discord is invalid, any help?

  12. Clickteam Fusion reminds me MCreator, a minecraft mod making program, my Fangame is going to be very funny

  13. i have a very big problem since the any file is not in my version i need help

  14. I can't continue becouse i don't see Ini anywhere

  15. when i go to find the ini it isnt there, I search up ini and nothing appears, what am i doing wrong?

  16. Pls tell me what to do when i can't find ''ani'

  17. oh i forgot that i use the free version so it didn't have any Ini object

  18. pretty good tutorial, however the way you set up the nights number showing up on the preview can be done without the copy and pasting, and is much better for those with tons of nights. heres what i mean.

    1: put each night number display on individual frames going up chronologically.
    2: at the start of the frame, under your night number active, set the frame to (item value of night from the ini – 1).

    this works because the first frame is actually 0, so you have to subtract.
    hope this helped anyone!

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