How to make a FNaF game in Clickteam Fusion 2.5 Part 1: Main Menu and newspaper -

How to make a FNaF game in Clickteam Fusion 2.5 Part 1: Main Menu and newspaper

Tobaz !
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Out of respect for Scott Cawthon’s work and not wanting people to make 1:1 recreations of the FNaF games, I will not be providing a link to the assets. Use your own ones instead!

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  1. Hey man, one question, please answer ASAP because I don’t wanna mess up, which version of clickteam fusion do I at least need to make my own fnaf fan game?

  2. did u really pay 300$ for clickteam fusion developer?

  3. just saying this is an ass tutorial for twitching on menus if everybody it watching this for it

  4. Very good video, apparently this is how my childhood was made 🙂

  5. It's really hard for me to understand (not meaning i don't like it, i actually want to make my own fnaf fangame) but its just the models that are the problem .

  6. why you said iam your friendly pice of shit that part was very funny hahahaha

  7. I change the size, but it still looks small when I run it.

  8. 21:49 xD that cracked me up, wasnt expecting that, love the tutorial, very easy to folow and grasp how the software language works

  9. I don't know if you are still active, but how to make the image for the start menu? I want to make my own and not steal it from someone else

  10. I’m making a fnaf world fan game with all the animatronics including the sb animatronics too! I only came here because I didn’t know how to code it to go to the next frame on click. Lol


  12. Great I tried to do twitch animations on the menu, but it does not work??? Am I doing something wrong?

  13. How do you make the glitch effects like in the original? (the static)

  14. Disliked, just because you can’t see the number of dislikes

  15. Hey tobacco! so i was wondering if i can do 5is on free edition?

  16. thank you! Just so you know, when i finish my fnaf like game, ill tell the entire community of my game that u helped me'

  17. whats the code to make the twitch animations actually work?

  18. Please don't say you need counters, you literally never need countrs

  19. hey is it free version or the 99$ one? cuz cant rlly tell :_)

  20. I love clickteam fusion, not hard, not easy, makes it perfect for games like these. It's like that one coding thing that the teachers make you do in 6th grade, "Scratch", it's super easy and it's hard to make a good game, and if you were using a harder one, that requires a lot of effort, the game will take longer to make, and it will be really complex. Thanks for the help, if I eventually make a FNaF Fan game, I'll send the Game Jolt link in the replies of this comment. Bye!

  21. Do I have to have the full version for this

  22. Hello, i loved so much the tutorials, more you can give me the files?

  23. putting the game in full screen doesn't work for me. HELP!!!

  24. really good tutorial, just one question, what happen if the screen has a big zoom in the center? how can I move the position of the zoom? 🙁

  25. …does…
    …does this work in the free version too?

  26. I know you wanna respect scott, but a friend of mine said that scott wouldn't care if
    you'd 100% make a recreation of FNaF.
    I'm not saying "Disobey Scott" I'm just saying what that friend told me

  27. Im testing the menu, and the fullscreen gets too close to the title and cuts everything else out. Any help? I did change the resolution at the beginning.

  28. I cant insert the InI Object i tried dowloading it but it still dosent work

  29. this dude is the reason my game will be a thing.


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