How To Get Static Badge in Roblox Faz Theme Park Roleplay -

How To Get Static Badge in Roblox Faz Theme Park Roleplay

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How To Get Static Badge in Roblox Faz Theme Park Roleplay

Roblox Faz Theme Park Roleplay –

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  1. Epic also my notofications didint notify me 😃💦

  2. faz theme park thing idk but THAK U SO MUSCH!!!!!!!!11!!!!!!!!!!!!11!1!!!!!!11

  3. Hey gallant I am ur biggest fan I’ve been here since you used the normal knight helmet

  4. wow when i strated watching it was 14 likes and now allready 93

  5. Loved this Gallant i love when you do these badge videos thye help us out alot again thanks my guy

  6. gallant theres 2 new skins in fnaf new and imporved rockstar freddy and springtrap if you do a video on it please say Gamer told you in the vid by the love the vids thank you

  7. I’m friends with a lot of owners of Roblox and only five nights at Freddy’s and there’s gonna be a new lonely Freddy and one of them

  8. So now we know on what actually happened to Gallant Bonnie

  9. Gallant: For real, where is Bon?
    Darzeth: Hehe…Gallant didn’t even notice me

  10. fun fact: the pose button freezes your idle animation when ever it does a pose

  11. Hey gallant, can you play my fnaf rp game? FNaF: Fazbear’s RolePlay

  12. Him: d a b
    Me: that’s what you need to do when you get a face cam

  13. Why is there no minecraft fnaf video today

  14. I watch all of your videos all the time I subscribe to you

  15. I think the right foot is Bon's foot.

  16. i was gonna watch a video but i found it on my own


  18. I'm rly bad at obbys so I'll just do the cheating way😄😄😄

  19. hey gallant in the game Roblox Archived Nights FNAF Roleplay can u request them to add glitchtrap plz plz

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