How to Get All FNaF games free! (PC) Working 2019! *No Clickbait* -

How to Get All FNaF games free! (PC) Working 2019! *No Clickbait*

Gen 3 Rapture
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Also, before you rage in the comment section, please do understand that I need the money to buy these games for you, and also, the AdFly is not a virus. If it redirects you to a suspicious website, close it and click on this link again, it should lead you to Mega. And also, the notifications can be blocked later via Google Account Settings. You might want to check out a YouTube tutorial for that. Thanks.


  1. Hold on. is this safe?????? I'm wondering it seems weird


  3. i dont trust this bro, this is a whole entire virus

  4. Why is FNAF VR only 146b? The actual one is 11gb.

  5. this man is a legend, keep up the great work dude!

  6. i can find the description i have memorey loss help please

  7. when i try to download fnaf vr it says "The following components are required to start this program: Directx Runtime" pls tell me how to fix it

  8. Gave me a virus luckily I have internet protection do not recommend

  9. Bro u never showed us you just showed us game play 😑

  10. Is there any way to make the game 1920 by 1080 because whenever i launch mine it is on widescreen and lagging

  11. I'm wondering why it forces me to have full screen on fnaf 1 its pretty annoying.

  12. yo foo , for this being made like 4 years ago this is mad lit yo

  13. Yeah so I’m pretty sure it has viruses

  14. NICE thanks to this guy the games work fine i love it


    DO NOT CLICK ON THIS LINK AND DOWNLOAD IT. I know that this may be tempting, but it would be a huge mistake for you and your pc. this would be a mistake because if you google the name of the link (raboninco) it shows an advertising malware that can get installed onto your computer without you even knowing. Please don't click on something like this without doing a little bit of research on what it is about. You can easily get tricked into getting a virus on your computer in this way. If you think about searching for more videos like this, at least google the name of the link or do some research before giving in so easily. I hope this helped…

  16. is there a way to not use adfly and use something less sus?

  17. Wow, theres a lot of bots spamming positive comments

  18. thx it works and i died on fnaf 3 night 4 at 5am lmao

  19. Get This Man To 1 million subs πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

  20. hey so the games work fine but when i try to record them on my obs studio the resolution gets all whacky and the game gets put in the top left corner of the screen when its recorded. i have the original fnaf 2 from steam and it doesn't do this so i don't know why the others dont work

  21. γƒŸβ˜… π˜”π˜€π˜₯𝘰𝘯𝘒𝘭π˜₯𝘴𝘴 β˜…ε½‘ says:

    tysm! i cant believe it actually worked! i cannot thank you enough,i never had the money to buy the games but now i can play for free!i appreciate this sm,thank you!

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