How to beat FNAF's MAX Custom Night by doing NOTHING -

How to beat FNAF’s MAX Custom Night by doing NOTHING

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i made a lil thing. Also I recently learned that deserves credit as well

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  1. Could this work for all the nights or just this one?

  2. I wonder how Markiplier would feel about knowing this 🤔

  3. So you do have to do something nice clickbait bro

  4. What if you close the left door and do nothing?

  5. It’s amazing that the animatronics relie on camera states and literal frames in their logic

  6. Me on help wanted :
    Hears foxy 😮‍💨

  7. For foxy you just have to close the door when you hear footsteps noises

  8. Phone guy:now these jobs are not tat easy so you cant fall asleep and do nothing
    Player:you sure?

  9. So if i play at a higher frame rate foxy will be even more aggresive??

  10. "Bonnie, Chica and Freddy can not kill you if you never open cams so that checks out."
    While Freddy coming from the right side even if the camera isn't open:

  11. all the animatronics: "we should spare him, he already suffered at 2fps"

    foxy: 🦊👴🏻
    bonnie, chica, freddy: bloody hell i can't move

  12. Or you could use the cheats that are provided

  13. Or, hear me out, you can spend like 3 dollars on cheats and activate infinite power and close the doors

  14. How do i run my game with 2 fps?
    Im on mobile and idk how to run my game at 2 fps😢

  15. When i was a kid i always thought foxy only activated if you saw him running on the hallway camera, and i always wondered why YouTubers looked at the hallway camera at all

  16. Imagine playing with 1000 fps with foxy on 20 💀

  17. Me with my laptop always beating that game with 1fps no limmiters

  18. Spigg why did you shave 😢😢😢😢

  19. i completed all the nights it was ez🤷‍♂️

  20. Yh sometimes lag is your friend to protect u from foxy😂😂😂

  21. So, Freddy, Bonnie, and Chica won't move until you check the cameras, right? You didn't say anything about doors, right? You should be able to close the left door to keep Foxy out, RIGHT?

  22. Im imagining like someone with a fps unlocker playing at 600 fps without knowing this wondering why they kept instantly dying to foxy

  23. That's freakin awesome suggestion

  24. bonny, chica, and freddy: He's just standing there, MENISINGLY!

  25. You could do something easier. I remember when i was younger that you could beat the custom night just by shutting my lap top. I think it was the original fnaf. But it thjs was years ago so i could be young

  26. nah just close the doors and do nothing just wait thats how i won😀

  27. “HOW DO YOU GET THE GAME TO 2FPS?”: a frame limiter. It detects games and allows you to manually choose your max frame rate. In my case, I used rivatuner

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