How Many FNaF Games Are There Online and Where to Start
How Many FNaF Games Are There Online

How Many FNaF Games Are There Online and Where to Start

The first Five Nights at Freddy’s was released in 2014. Back then, no one expected much from this strange point-and-click thriller. The creator’s previous works were underwhelming at best, one being a major flop. But users quickly understood the potential behind this fun, exciting, and fresh product. Since then, Scott Cawthon has been working tirelessly to produce numerous sequels. The viral popularity of the original never ceased so the successors followed the formula closely. They all take place in isolated locations, including fast-food restaurants and horror attractions. The goal is to survive through the week by avoiding spooky animatronic animals after midnight. Watch camera feeds, and activate security systems without running out of power. Newcomers may wonder, how many FNaF games are there to play? This article will help the uninitiated navigate the franchise as it was intended.

Delightfully Scary

how many FNaF games are there to play

Before getting into the specifics, a general overview of the series is in order. What initially attracted the majority of players were the setting, the presentation, and the simplicity. The environments are poorly lit, gloomy, and chilling. The sound effects trick the brain into thinking there’s always something lurking in the shadows. However, the experience wouldn’t be complete without the element of humor. Unlike other representatives of the genre, this one is pretty self-aware by design. The managers communicating with the protagonist over the phone are blissfully unaware of the situation. Meanwhile, the poor character has to face unimaginable terrors. The main four numbered iterations have a lot in common. Despite the similarities, each adds special ingredients to the gameplay and lore.

  • Part 1 is set in a family pizzeria. Instead of hiring actors to wear costumes and entertain guests, the management builds autonomous robots. Their programming is too advanced and has a number of significant issues. After dark, they try to get into the safe room and attack the guard. Avoid them by anticipating their movements and closing electronic doors when necessary.
  • The second installment continues the story in a rebuilt version of the same restaurant. The mechanics are similar with only a few minor differences. This time, the entryways into the office cannot be easily blocked. Additional previously unseen antagonists also make an appearance.
  • The events of the third chapter occur months later. An entertainment company opened a Fazbear’s Fright amusement house inspired by the infamous chain. In this instance, there’s only one monster called Springtrap to worry about. The others return in the form of phantoms but cannot do any direct harm.
  • Finally, as a result of the media’s coverage, a little kid started suffering from delusions. Run back and forth from the door to the closet. Shine the flashlight into the darkness to chase the abominations away.

These episodes were produced in the span of just 2 years. After 2016, the universe has been expanding even further and reaching new heights. Enjoy FNAF 1 game here on

How Many FNaF Games Are There to Download Overall?

How Many FNaF Games Are There to Download Overall

The titles that carried the torch later on feature tons of extra content. Those who completed the base storyline and want more should definitely check them out. See Sister Location, Pizzeria Simulator, Ultimate Custom Night, Help Wanted, Special Delivery, and Security Breach. They introduced multiple innovations, including puzzles, augmented reality support, and tycoon aspects. There are also several spin-offs to consider, like Freddy in Space 2 and Fury’s Rage. They differ significantly from the rest but are worth a try for die-hard fans. Currently, there are 13 entries in the entire collection. It’s important to remember that the saga still has a future. At least two other names have been teased already, and more are probably in production.

Having received all the order-related answers, sit back, relax and enjoy the ride. Begin the playthrough knowing exactly how many FNaF games are there free of worries. The remaining facts and details will naturally fall into place. Take in the sinister atmosphere, study the rich lore and discover all the mysteries. Good luck on the 1st shift.

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