How I beat EVERY FNAF game in UNDER 12 HOURS -

How I beat EVERY FNAF game in UNDER 12 HOURS

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This is the last marathon for a very long time, so I REALLY wanted to get a good time.

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00:00 Intro/Help Wanted
22:24 fanf 1
28:05 foof 2
31:52 fnuf 3
36:40 loudnaf
41:42 pokefanf
47:52 SL
58:17 Pizza sim
1:04:46 UCN
1:15:56 SPACE2
1:22:10 Fury’s Rage
1:26:49 SBSBSB

Music in this video:
Ultimatum – AGST
Tearing it Up – Rolla Coasta
You know You Know – Forever Sunset
Charwee’s Day out – Bugsnax OST
Glitching through the Sky – William Benckert
High Score – Eight Bits
Distant – AGST
Press X Twice – Lexica
Soon – AGST
Tiger Tracks – Lexica
The Artificial Farmer – Rolla Coasta
Those darn Bungers – Bugsnax OST
Michael Wyckoff – Bone Theme


  1. The only thing that can put me off from doing this myself is the inclusion of sister location (I hate listening to people talk simulator.)

  2. spiff: bites the banana
    me: banana of 23???

  3. It would take you at most a year to beat AR because of the skins

  4. Yes tf2 got a new ubdate its gread and the hairy guy is saxton hayle and he was a character for a long time in comics and this kind of things and they made a jugernaut mode with him its great

  5. astralspiff reminds me a lot of insym(im not advertising) they both stream on twitch have a very consisten schedule play horror games and have trouble with twitch chat in vr

  6. 1:38 I…I thought Furys-rage was a fnaf porn game based on the picture…

  7. Didn't know if he knew this or wasn't doing it but if you Ctrl S in pizza sim salvage section before it starts, you can skip the salvage and still get all the money for it! 😂

  8. 2:13 The big guy is call Saxton hale, is in the new community made gamemode Versus Saxton Hale.
    A team of 20 player fight a single man: Hale, he is very strong, resistant and mobile.
    (Saxton Hale already existed but was not in the game, only in official tf2 video)

    2:21 the seal is name Silvia and she is in a new map: Selbyen.
    Selbyen is a community-created Player Destruction map, when you kill a ennemi he drop fish and you need to give it to Silvia to earn point.

    (I'm French, I did my best to explain these 2 characters)

  9. Never saw the side games before and Jesus the misogyny on display makes everything else make sense loo

  10. You do know you don't need Steam VR to play Help Wanted, right?

  11. I tried to download fnaf world but when ever I'd open it there would be a black screen with the top left corner missing can someone help me??

  12. Oh how fun the stream was….I was there and I LOVED IT

  13. I think you could optimize by playing fnaf 1, and 3 first night simultaneously

  14. 41:05 you are allowed to use your flashlight. If you see him immediatly close the door

  15. hahahahaaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahaha

  16. Will you be doing all mainline games (plus FNAF World) 100% next?

  17. fun fact: if u say SBSBSB over and over in a loop you'll hate on security breach *its fine if you don't understand the joke*

  18. Spiff may not be pregnant, but damn does he deliver with content.

  19. 1:29:40 for me, my controls for interact are quite simple. Does the game have leaning? No? Then interact is E.

  20. I like how you always try to entertain us whist focusing it’s just amazing(comment for courage)

  21. Skibidi toilet gets this insane number by kids under the age of 6. not trolling, rt they only talk about skibidi toilet all day

  22. Okay but how did I get a 41 minute time on my first speedrun ever and my first full play through of FNAF 3?

  23. I would I could jump to preserve stamina irl

  24. There are over 1000 different varieties of bananas growing around the world XD

  25. OK, so for your VR issues, when connected to PC, the tracking changes from Meta Standalone to Steam Standalone, which is buggy when sitting down as it’s looking for below you and has a TINY chance to do what it was doing for you in FNAF 2 and FNAF 4, plus VR tabbing out, try making oculus your main runtime, that fixed the issues for me, also yeah, blocking cursor input can help.

  26. Cant wait for 2027 when he beat all of fnaf in 2 seconds

  27. You think a deep-fried beetles bad I eat the dead carcass of an ant don't know why thought it would taste like chicken or beef tasted like nothing

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