HOW BAD THE *SPRINGLOCK FAILURE* REALLY WAS 😭🩸 #fivenightsatfreddys #fnaf #gaming #new #series -

HOW BAD THE *SPRINGLOCK FAILURE* REALLY WAS 😭🩸 #fivenightsatfreddys #fnaf #gaming #new #series

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  1. Wait there were children under there?😢

  2. The original audio for that vid was so disturbing to me 💀

  3. Nathanal Das alleinstehende Kind 🇩🇪 says:

    I love watching this

  4. Scary as Hell fr… But how tf did he grow new eyes??

  5. Nah I need therapy now that’s it that is it, because I kept watching this 5 tines and now I just paralyzed literally using a finger to type all this in

  6. wait… this calls for!! AN EXPLANATION!!!! YAY

  7. Also the thing crushing the back of his head should have dislocated and destroyed his lower jaw and also the robot eyeballs that came in and destroyed his original eyes were way to big which might have cracked his skull to make room for the eyes

  8. Most kid-friendly thing to happen in the entirety of FNAF

  9. if im right, this guy stuffed kids in suits..

  10. I am a big fnaf fan but this made my whole body hurt

  11. Fun fact: the springlock trap was actually set by henry emily (his partner) because henry emily found out that he killed the 5 children

  12. The bones broke because the endo skeleton replaced them but couldn't so broke then

  13. Well he deserved it he killed so many kids and stuffed them in the suits this is karma for what he’s done.

  14. bro that more like a an ancient punishment😨😖

  15. Micheal afton: dies in Springlock costume
    Crying kids: eh we dont give a fuck guys.

  16. william: crying
    the springlock: run that shit back one more time

  17. I want to see more pain and screaming and realistic video

  18. The insane part is that William Afton survived the spring locks activating

  19. Wait how was William able to cry when his eye got token out and replaced 😳😳🤯

  20. Y’all need Jesus. And a better recommendation

  21. The death was caused by loss of blood being squeezed by the suit making him day a painful death

  22. Btw you should add tw for blood and stuff or a warning

  23. One of the worse part about the springlock (william afton)
    Started to drown on his own blood because he is bleeding too much when his head got lock and his vocal got pierced

  24. Honestly I’m surprised he just Said

    I forced my self to stay alive like if his brain and thoughts were the only thing keeping him alive even if his physical body was kinda well torn apart

  25. It didn't replace his eyeballs. Lmfao
    The suit literally just locks him in place, not replace any part.

  26. ⚠️ SPOILER ⚠️

    For people who feel bad this guys name is William and he had three kids he owned a business at a pizza place his son died and a animatronic killed his daughter then he dressed up as Springtrap and proceeded to lure kids into the back of the pizza place and kill them for his enjoyment and put their dead bodies in the animatronics and their souls were alive and his body emerged with the suit and was now spring trap it proceeded to rip parts of his skin into pieces and his vocal cords were pierced and he killed 30 children and left his last kid he was part of the animatronic he deserved it DONT feel bad he cried when his eyes came out because the suit was his body when you see his neck and skin rip apart it was a part for the animatronic I don’t know what happned to his last child he was alive when his legs where skinned and broken he was now part of the animatronic. 😮

  27. Cousin, that spring lock suit causes more pain in there

  28. dayum bro that’s MUST’VE hurt..

  29. The kids just watching..(I’m never going to work at a place again and..WHY COULDNT HE DIE WHY)

  30. What the tag on the back or your shirt feels like 💀💀💀

  31. On of the kids: I think we killed him
    Cassidy & Charlie: MF HE KILLED HIM SE-

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