How Afton Survived FNAF 6 🔥 #shorts -

How Afton Survived FNAF 6 🔥 #shorts

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Everyone remembers Henry’s ICONIC speech at the end of FNAF 6, but a theory has arisen that speculates that Afton DIDN’T actually die in that fire! They reference the image of the doors he’s trapped behind and say they’re not the same as the others… but is that actually true?

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Writers: Matthew Patrick and Tom Robinson
Editors: Jerika (NekoOnigiri)
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

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  1. TOTPP #6: imma end this teory whole career 😈

  2. Sadly i think " burntrap " is the mimic

  3. My theory: glitchtrap glitched the security systems and opened the door

  4. This is the equivalent to: “somehow palpatine returned”

  5. Sorry, why are we adding motion blur to the stationary doors?

  6. So the metal doors were open and he escaped like that, easiest bit of fnaf lore sloves for a while

  7. Matpat theory making me questioning my life

  8. It’s the lighting it is the same door

  9. Afton: "*dies in a nuclear bomb*".
    Also afton :"*comes back completely fine*"

  10. No matter what i will never consider secruity breach to be canon

  11. Wasn't there a bunny animatronic that was taken out of the Show in security breach? Could that be the bunny? Idk man I'm just going based purely on what friends have said, I'm not that into fnaf lore anymore unfortunately, life got busy😀

  12. The doors on springtraps image are uneven and angled the metal ones on the other ones are perfectly straight in verticality.

  13. Ok so i got it he went back to the spring Bonnie body and we know it is damaged as the resone why he left it but had to come back

  14. Matpat with a 5 o’clock shadow is scarier than the entire fnaf series

  15. but the door is open still. this could mean he escaped because the door was open

  16. Its so simple. After each kill he gets an extra lifem

  17. I was honestly so annoyed when spring trap came back AGAIN. Like I was ready to move on and explore a new story

  18. why would they even out william in wooden doors
    he's the WORST person to be let out alive

  19. Molten Freddy survived too,but what about scrapbaby?

  20. His wife came back to get him on purpose to make her family alive agian aftons wife is the owner of security breach

  21. The fire probably melted the metal and he probably became alive again, yes that is possible

  22. What if he’s inside a charging station just a tought

  23. But if the Doors were actually like that that would Also mean that afton could have passed anyway because the Doors were too much separate and It looks Like an animatronic could pass through

  24. As if anything in this series would seem simple, I knew it smelled fishy

  25. My theory is that Afton is died in fire, BUT he got for his sins to hell (UCN) and somehow escaped it and became glitchttap after this he was in Security Breach arcades and made Vanessa kill rockstar Bonny for make burnttrap animatronic so he can have body. After this blob is killing burnttrap. If other part will come out I will watch full game and add its to my theory.

  26. Well you don't know that now in security breach afton is glitch trap and burntrap is just possessed by afton aka glitchtrao

  27. Well in the other shots we see the Doors closing Like piston Doors just Like in fnaf 1

    So this explains that afton's Doors were broken if the perspective fits of them being inwards , they were forcefully bent to not close properly

  28. I swear a nuke in the face couldn’t kill this guy

  29. Yeah no the doors are still wood, if they weren’t then why wouldn’t the creators make them look the same as the others? HMMMMM?

  30. Your wrong. That fire was the end. Security breach was a ending where that fire didn’t happen, you can go down to ways security breach or ultimate custom night

  31. The reason afton survived is that his concience was in all the circuit boards and stuff, and Vanny took those and put them into rockstar Bonnie's endo

  32. Or: They did this as an inexpensive way to make the doors look different.

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