How a GAME THEORY Livestream Changed FNAF Forever -

How a GAME THEORY Livestream Changed FNAF Forever

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Today we talk about one of the biggest FNAF collaborations ever and why it was (and still is) one of the most important events in FNAF history!


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  1. One person made a fake FNaF 4 idk if you mentioned that so srry if you did

  2. Wait September 18 That was my birthday day wow I'm really apart of the fnaf franchise

  3. i never like matt pat theorys videos
    some of them look like he pull out everyting out is ass and others from actual lore or game wise

  4. Perhaps everyone here can help change FNAF forever as well…

    While the FNAF franchise may have primarily released horror themed games and while security breach certainly can have horror elements in it: everyone already knows that at the very least the 4 glamrock animatronics are helpless victims who have been infected by a computer virus and are being controlled by the actual villains of the game; everyone already knows that the Pizzaplex is an amazingly cool place that should remain standing and could maybe even be a “sandbox” for the player to play in with the animatronics; and perhaps other players; etc. and if this DLC is what it appears to be (another example of horrible horrid negative distressing destructive bullshit based upon anger and fear) then now is the time to act and I implore anyone reading this to let Steelwool studios know that they have gone too far!..and need to add AT LEAST an actual happy ending in which the animatronics are saved and the Pizzaplex is left intact…I personally will not be buying the game until they do.

    In fact I have sent Steelwool studios an email asking them to make such an ending in which nothing horrible happens to any of the animatronics; the pizzaplex is left intact; and the player frees and saves all 4 of them instead: if anyone else would like to send them an email as well all the needs to do is go to the contact section of their website.

  5. No clue why im here I havent touched anything besides FNAF1 & 2, but here I am binge watching ur videos about shit I know nothing about hehe :3

  6. It's crazy how much FNAF 6 changes the context of "four games, one story"

  7. It’s a little sad how rejected the dream idea is, as it can be pretty good when it is used correctly.

  8. I had no idea Ryan was a fnaf YouTube!! I only knew of his league of legends content!! A fnaf YouTube turned league of legends streamer. That’s kinda nuts huh??

  9. The funny thing is I never watched any of these streams, I was watching Markiplier, matpat (even tho I never watched his streams) and the Ryan’s play and theorize abt fnaf

  10. i have spent no joke half of my life thinking about final and its lore and I've come to an conclusion if any of y'all have questions here I am I haven't had a single problem like them doing it

  11. I remember being out with my family at a restaurant on my phone watching this stream LOL. It truly was a memorable stream. Great vid!

  12. Wait, does that mean MatPat is the reason security breach happened?

  13. This suggestion is a double edge sword of fire

    But can you make a simple or (if you want too) a video about

    Why FNaF shouldn’t have lore

    For me personally Lore is good when done well, good, amazingly or if possible perfectly however I disagree with the lore of FNaF

    The lore of Fnaf 1 to 3 is always MY head canon ending

    Just a horror story about 5 Dead children wanting revenge on their murder and Purple just being a psychopath and nothing else

    I am “meh” levels of Okay with the FNaF lore currently but for me

    I think Fnaf shouldn’t have lore and just let us…the fans interpret it in good, reasonable and even simple ways

    Some people interpret Purple as a Father went mad and insane all over a death of his beloved young child from an accident

    Instead of killing His older son responsible for his young son’s death

    Took his vent and anger at 5 random children

    I just either simple lore (perfect lore if made right/correctly) or a horror game with little to no lore

    Idk I am talking shit out of my mouth at this rate and this comment might be lost in history or just you not caring but

    Hey it’s up to you and everyone

    WE ALL HAVE A BASIS as long it’s responsible and it doesn’t hurt anyone mentally , physically or emotionally (if that’s even poses for a fictional horror series lmao)


  15. Its a shame Mark wasn’t a part of this stream, he’s the

  16. 3:28 i didn't know that Razzbowski started his channel with hotline miami(AKA one of my favourite games of all time)

  17. i remember me and my siblings all watching the steeem and yelling across the house at each other like weirdos, instead of watchng the stream in te same room lol

  18. Love how today is september 18th and I just so happen to click on this video

  19. "In the fnaf 4 mini game why would tiny toy Chica be missing her beak?" I always just assumed that signified that whatever was happening was happening at night

  20. Smike looks like Aldi's brand Shia LeBeouf

  21. I think Dawko is like the Pewdiepie of FNAF, both in recognizability and fame status.

  22. The group: almost gets in too deep with fnaf

  23. the fact that this happened on my birthday

  24. You are մարդը սպանդի հետևում ( dont translate )

  25. Hitting us with the FNaF World music pulled my frickin’ nostalgia strings.

  26. Wild to see events i lived through and watched live discussed as history and even lost media in the case of the first stream

  27. This is one of the only times Scott gave us direct info on the lore or pieces of it like the mention of Toy Chica missing her beak being important, maybe it doesn’t matter now since dream theory is way out of the window.

  28. Believe it or not, I did need an introduction to dawko cause he was the only one I didn’t know

  29. This is such a nothing video lmao. You somehow turned "Scott updated his website a couple times and watched a livestream that literally everyone else was watching" into a 15 minute video. I like your videos but this one was lazy.

  30. I was never really into FNAF as a franchise or game at all back when it was big, and I really don't even know why I'm starting to get into it now. It seems really late but I certainly remember when it was big and can't help but feel like I missed out. I really hope another game like FNAF blows up in the future, horror games are always gonna be a big thing

  31. Honestly, fnaf world went so hard!!! Sad it fell off

  32. Nordvpn is cool n all but like didn't they get hacked two years ago 💀

  33. personally, I think one of the downfalls of fnaf, was that it never really ended. I fell out of the fnaf fandom after fnaf 6, I tried UCN for a while, but I never really cared about it much about completing it, or figuring out lore, A lot of the charm is gone, and most of the new youtube celebs covering fnaf are just screaming at the game for nno reason, like Dawko, he never grew up and switched to anything new, now he just blankly screams at fnaf fan games, and that's really all. Another factor I believe really killed fnaf, is actually the fan games themselves, in my opinion I really think fnaf needed to end before it became just another cash grab, which was becoming more and more obvious when fnaf: SL came out. It's so disappointing, even after scott's retirement, he's still getting new fnaf games released, now by an even more soulless AAA company.

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