Help Wanted: The Best and Worst FNAF Game -

Help Wanted: The Best and Worst FNAF Game

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This is an analysis of Five Nights at Freddy’s: Help Wanted and how it has an odd combination of highs and lows.

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0:00 – Intro
1:02 – The Problems with a VR Release: Mixed Gameplay
2:17 – The Problems with a VR Release: Imbalance in Horror
3:50 – Lore: The Good and The Bad
5:41 – The Pros and Cons of Secrets
7:48 – The Best Part of Help Wanted
9:23 – Closing Thoughts

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  1. I agree with everything you’ve said except for the flat mode stuff, I don’t think it’s fair to judge a vr game based on its flat mode adaption that’s like judging Dead By Daylight based on its Switch edition it’s not how it’s meant to be enjoyed but it’s available to make more money and to make the game more accessible

  2. Woah, it’s almost as if a game meant to play in vr isn’t that good when you don’t play it in vr!

  3. I didn't even know that help wanted was on somthing other than vr, why does it exist.

  4. in my opinion the lore should have ended after pizzaria sim as its the end of all the spirits, including afton. I really like help wanted but if it could have been a new chapter – with vanny as the main villian maybe – with no afton then it would have been better and not so god dam the same as the others.

  5. Just got it on a vr headset recently, I am struggling to get through it, I don't deal that well with horror, but I've spent probably half the time in the game just playing with the basketball at the prize counter.

  6. This was a perfectly reasonable take. Not sure where you're getting hate messages from, but fuck wherever that is.

  7. In my opinion. I love the way that you correctly articulated the highs and lows of help wanted. I agree with some of the aspects while disagree and others such as the animatronics looks. But like you said in the beginning it’s your opinion and I respect that. I would also like to share that in my opinion, I feel that The first five nights at Freddy’s game is the most realistic yet the most terrifying considering how well the story was tucked into the games mechanics. For example, when one of the posters from five nights at Freddy’s changes to a news report claiming that five kids were killed in the facility. Another example would be phone guys explanation why the animatronics became quirky at night. I feel like this game is very amazing but throughout the years it became more unnecessarily difficult and more Child like. The animatronic models became unrealistic, the environment became odd to say the least, and The overall feel of the rest of the games is somewhat unrealistic compared to the first game. However the other game mechanics are fun. For example, The decision to incorporate flashlights in the second game, The strange yet fun environmental changes in five nights at Freddy’s three, The unsettling yet well Done audio in the fun it’s a Freddys four and many more. All these Games are incredible; not only for it interesting concept but how it grew with a lot of people. This game was perfect in the eyes of little me but as I look back, I soon learned that these games are just that. Games. But it’s still fun 🙂

  8. The Game Should Of Never Been Ported
    It's Like Echo VR Being Ported
    It's A Flagship Title Being ported

  9. I think it would be a lot cooler if vanny was just inspired by Afton as opposed to controlled by willy afters

  10. In characters design (and if you play it in flat mode) I feel like security breach is better, but if you play it with a vr headset I feel like it’s more scary because it’s like your there and you can’t really close your eyes lol

  11. The game is good as it is, you're just spoiled and ended your fnaf era, you grew out of the old games that's why it doesn't scare you

  12. 4:57 oh hey that's exactly and the only reason why afton is in security breach

  13. I really thought he was being sarcastic when he was talking about the games ending. 😭

  14. It’s kinda funny that he was like fire doesn’t work get fucked is in security breach 😂😂 remember son “dying is gay”

  15. This whole video can be summarized to "VR good non vr bad". What a shocker, a VR game is only good in its intended way to play.

  16. I think you make some good points in this video, but it didn’t really feel necessary to be using the “flat mode” as apart of your main critique. The core game is VR, it was designed solely for VR, getting the true experience of the game is playing it in VR. The flat mode is nothing but a separate port for non VR users, so of course it’s gonna be worse. I think mentioning once or twice in the video that the flat mode takes away all the good parts is ok, but using it as part of the main argument is pretty unfair since the flat mode is basically the equivalent to playing the first FNAF on an iPad or iPhone, it’s obviously going to be a worse version of the game because it’s not what the game was intended to be played on. I just wanted to point that out since you were comparing the regular VR game and flat mode the way Minecraft players would compare Creative Mode and Survival mode. Aside from that though, I think all your other points are fair.

  17. im so glad someone realizes how scary fnaf hw can be in vr, everyone only played the phone version and are dogging on it, i cant get past night 1 on hw and yet fnaf 1 flat screen i can do perfectly fine

  18. I honestly just wish the original 3 (Mainly 1 and 2) had harder modes like 20/20/20/20 and stuff other wise it does become a bit easy when you already know how the game works from playing the originals and the shock factor is over not to say i think this is a problem with the game because in my opinion this is less like a game and more like a experience but personally would have liked some more challenges in it

  19. "Fire didn't work he always comes back get fucked" well that aged nicely

  20. "Fire didn't work, he always comes back, get fucked"

    Apollo once again giving the gift of clairvoyance to people in the worst way possible.

  21. In my opinion, I feel that afton story should have stopped after fnaf 6
    And instead of afton brainwashing in the code
    Vannesa should have wanted to carry on the legacy of afton instead of him controlling them
    It would've fit way better

  22. i enjoyed fnaf VR quite a lot, i don’t really focus on the lore or the other versions of the game all that much, so my opinion is wrong.

  23. I think that this is the scariest game only if you're in vr. I don't think that it has a better atmosphere than the 1st game, but it is more scary because you are actually inside of the environment, making it, for me, infinitely more scary

  24. I'm honestly just annoyed about the whole "its not good in non vr" like no way 🤯

  25. Vanny is interesting but boring at the same time. Like wow that’s a cool backstory but then she just becomes another killer in a rabbit suit.

    You want a new main antagonist? How about a super intelligent robot who keeps killing people for “remnant” to experience what it’s like having a soul. Maybe he’s able to use radio waves to control other animatronics and possibly machinery and one of his only weaknesses is the inability to control a possessed animatronic.

  26. i love the way it plays without vr. the controls are perfect and it still can give out the scary/anxiety feeling. i feel like the whole “not scary” isn’t a good statement because after a certain amount of time, none of the games become scary anymore cause you get so use to it ya know. also most of the levels in the game are easier in flat mode in case ppl are interested. but once again it’s my opinion 😁

  27. Just like star wars has a legends and Canon, FNAF needs a legends and Canon to simplify the lore because it's too complicated with sb and hw in the mix.

  28. It was so epic that Afton and all his evil creations went to hell. It felt so final when henry (cassette man) said "for most of you, I believe there is peace, and perhaps more, waiting for you. But for one of you [Afton], the darkest pit of hell has opened to swallow you whole. So don't keep the devil waiting, old friend." (Pizzeria simulator). That was like the most awesome end scene ever, it felt like you finally accomplished what you had meant to do. And then UCN came out, and showed us Afton's eternal torture at the hands of the vengeful spirit, and gave so much finality to the series. The lore in this game feels like they jammed it in there specifically so that they could have an excuse to make more games in the franchise. Let's be real, FNAF is great but we're all waiting for Matpat's lore interpretation as soon as a game comes out; no one would continue to play FNaF games with no story. I think they definitely could have done the lore better in this game, or just dropped the lore completely. The concept of this game was so good that it definitely could have not included any lore in it. If it did, they could use the lore time to clean up the pre-existing lore so that it didn't have so many contradictions and we actually had a final timeline, story, and ending. No one reads the last book in a series and then says "wow I wish they extended that further in a weird way that made no sense just so I would buy more books". That's ridiculous. It'd be like if JK Rowling kept making Harry Potter books where Voldemort comes back in every one. They pulled a Star Wars Sequel move here, and it was made even worse by the garbage that is security breach. This series was over. We finished it. The weird meta thing is too much. Afton should be GONE. FOREVER. TORMENTED IN HELL. I hate what they have done with the series.

  29. I think FNAF should just let afton die, we need a new major villain (maybe vanny)

  30. What an absolute weirdo, why mention 1000 times that this is an opinion and mentioning your fear of haters when the end result is most comments being positive/understanding of the ideas given in the video. No need to stress out and waste the time of the other 99% that just want to hear an opinion.

    Well, at least he accepted the existence of BurnTrap before we saw him…

  31. Personally, o think it’s okay for you to not like the game but to judge it off of the flat mode is unfair. The game was meant, and advertised to be a very game so vr game so it’s not fair to judge it off of it’s alternative mode

  32. I feel like you just read my mind. All of what you said in this video matches up with my thoughts on the game.

  33. I think the fnaf should ended in pizzeria simulator Scott is milking the cow till it dies.

  34. I completely agree with what you’ve said, this game was made for vr in mind, so of course everything will be at its best when in vr. But once it’s taken out of its comfort zone it’s just awkward.

  35. I was really controversial as well at this release

  36. Fazbear Entertainment made the games to cover up the Missing Children

  37. You can completey ignore the flat mode idk why you need to bring it up. It only exists for people who can’t afford VR

  38. Let’s get into the history of fnaf everything up ucn has been good as we hear willam scream from Mr hippo getting him some advice
    Now for this game it barely has much story but those tapes reveal somethings like some of the games existing in the fnaf world well it’s only certain games since this guy who isn’t Scott since Scott comfirmed this himself made the games around the rumors of fnaf So I guess this digital version of willam some how got in due to either using the code of scrap trap
    Or some hard drive that still had some remnt in it or it just had parts of his conscience in it so I guess it got into the game and took form as glitchtrap and he wants to leave through someone I guess he took over one person and they killed them self’s Vanessa seem to be a beta tester and she ended up paying the price by him talking over her and she became vanny and vanny was complete stupid and barely shows up in security breach even tho they showed her as if she was gonna be the next big villain also spring trap come back sooooo cool he always come back it’s a meme at this point pretty cool tho although either that blob killed him who I think is molten who survived the fire and used other parts to become this thing so I guess it changed nothing other than him killing certain animatronics willam is still in hell getting killed by animatronics while this digital clone just like well the soul of me is dead but the mind is still alive

  39. assuming it’s in vr, this is, NO COMPETITION, the best fnaf game in my opinion. i LOVE it

  40. Help Wanted is my favourite fnaf game purely for economical reasons. It's literally every game in one with an original overarching campaign to boot. Not necessarily a GOOD campaign, but hey. A bargain's a bargain.

  41. I don’t really disagree with any of the points, but I don’t think it’s fair to judge a VR game by its “only just sort of acceptable” non-VR mode – the game obviously wasn’t built with that mode in mind, it’s just there for anyone who really wants it

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