Help Wanted: The Best and Worst FNAF Game -

Help Wanted: The Best and Worst FNAF Game

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This is an analysis of Five Nights at Freddy’s: Help Wanted and how it has an odd combination of highs and lows.

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0:00 – Intro
1:02 – The Problems with a VR Release: Mixed Gameplay
2:17 – The Problems with a VR Release: Imbalance in Horror
3:50 – Lore: The Good and The Bad
5:41 – The Pros and Cons of Secrets
7:48 – The Best Part of Help Wanted
9:23 – Closing Thoughts

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  1. I wish this was FULL blown remakes of the original games. Like 1-5 fully remade in VR.

  2. i love help wanted, but its just not accurate to the original games!!!!

  3. Oh shitt, did I waste my money then? I have bought fnaf hw for my switch but I haven't played it yet, have I fucked up lol

  4. I am angry and have a thought to articulate. I had to pay my taxes recently, that really churns my butter

  5. I feel like fnaf does well in vr, I’ve seen it really scare people who aren’t afraid of flatscreen games

  6. The reveal that William afton survived being springlocked and then locked in a room for 30 years is one of the stupidest fucking things in the entire series

  7. I don’t like springtrap’s model in help wanted. I feel like the texture and minuscule detail of the eyes tending to be wider takes away from the eerie nature of springtrap. Granted, I haven’t played help wanted myself because I’m broke

  8. "fire didn't work, afton always comes back, get fucked" sounds way more badass than "afton transferred his consciousness into a freddy fazbear VR game as junk data and can possess anyone by merging with them"

  9. I completely agree with this video. He is definitely right that the VR version is the only good version. And I have to say, this is the scariest Fnaf game… in VR mode. It is also much harder in VR.

    Plus everyone can have an opinion

  10. Good opinion! I enjoy it! Its kinda the turning point that runs the sequels and future games into kids games

  11. if it didnt have the flat mode would it be better (still with the bad lore)?

  12. this video in a short discription : in vr its amazing the atmosphere is scary and everything else is scary since it puts you in the situation of the workers but on a normal pc no vr mode its not really scary

  13. From watching this video, it also looks like flat mode is just brighter than VR mode, which hurts the horror a lot.
    I'm also not as fond of the shots in the security cams as the originals – something about them misses something, like how Foxy is mostly hidden in darkness in the original, but not in the VR version.

  14. Best line of all fnaf content "Fire don't work, I always come back get fucked"

  15. I THINK: shut up nerd your opinion sucks

    Jk: I hate that you feel like you have to walk on eggshells ab your feelings in your content. That's sad, i'm sorry ):

    As someone who just got into VR & super into the lore as of SB's release: I LOVE the gameplay in Help Wanted! As for lore: whole video game thing in-universe is meh to me. Couldn't imagine playing this in flat mode ngl

  16. I had never bought any fnaf game before and i decided to buy help wanted because it has more content in a more affordable way and even thought i play it on flat mode i think it is terrifying to see the doors and vents so close to you

  17. As someone who’s played it in vr and on ps4… ps4 games were sometimes impossible while vr was hard but achievable… and scary

  18. I should point out, FNaF 3 was in like, 2030. The weird futuristic tech has always been present. They could’ve been better with glitchtrap and how he was there.

  19. I beat fnaf 1 in help wanted and help wanted only does that count as beating fnaf 1?

  20. I don't actually have VR yet, so I've only played it in flat mode. I still love it. The game feels so different compared to any of the others. There's nothing quite like watching bon bon or chicken pizza walking past your doors in the FNAF 1 recreation instead of just teleporting around. Nothing like watching all of the different animatronics show up at your door in FNAF 2 instead of teleporting around. Nothing like watching springyboi crawl towards you in the vent and realizing how fucked you are. Nothing like listening to funtime fredward and his little cockblockers in FNAF 4. Nothing like being grossed out by the sounds of nightmarionettes tentacle porn sounds and the giant cockroaches in hard mode chicken repair. Nothing quite like playing Bonnie's guitar. Nothing like getting constantly fucked by ennard because I somehow still don't understand him and seem to get my head stuck in the elevator shaft. Nothing like … FUCK OFF GLITCHTRAP, FUCK … OFF

  21. I feel pissed that they kick the dead horse of Afton still being alive in Help Wanted and Security Breach but when played as their supposed to they are both fun experiences

  22. It makes the fnaf games cheap because I got it for 14 dollars istead if paying a lot of money for all the games. I just bought the games that it didn't have.

  23. "Fire doesn't work, he always comes back, get fucked"
    Steel Wool watching this video: Write that down! WRITE THAT DOWN!!

  24. I had the exact same opinion! i wasn't expecting that.

  25. I love this channel no cap, and I agree with pretty much all your opinions in this video !!

  26. I haven't even watched the video beyond the disclaimer yet, but I already agree. The game has great moments where the VR is used in a clever way to heighten the anxiety or do something that wouldn't be possible otherwise, and some moments are obnoxious to get through or feel more RNG based than actual skill.

  27. Why is there a flat version and not an “Upgraded” version of the four games. I think it would do much better than a flat version of a VR game


  29. If you're playing in flat mode, you're doing it wrong.
    The rest of the minor flaws are blown away by the atmosphere, the gameplay and the amount of content. Nobody felt short-changed by this game. It delivered.
    … In total contrast to the dumpster fire that is Security Breach.

  30. I played fnaf help wanted in vr, but played is in quotes because I was so scared by what I could manage that I haven't been able to get past night two of fnaf 1 or 2 and bonnie in parts and service, and personally I just think it shouldn't have had a story, because aside from the story (aside from Vanny) it is terrifying (in vr) and amazingly done

  31. best game if played in VR imo worst game if in desktop mode. love your videos man

  32. In my opinion Fnaf should’ve ended with 6 or UCN, Help wanted should’ve just been a spin off that doesn’t add anything new lore wise.

  33. the one thing ill say about this game is that i could not, for the life of me, play it
    i could barely get past the title screen, even less playing a level

    just the fact that its VR made my brain go no

  34. Help wanted would’ve been so much better if it was just scott, would take longer to release by a lot but it would be a better game, my favorite is still going to forever be sister location though.

  35. Honestly, few things in video games anger me more than non-vr versions of VR games. Like, what was the point to begin with then?

  36. I agree, but for the lore part (I know it's stupid but this is FNAF what did you expect) the explanation and logic of a lot of the events that happen post UCN require an understanding of the books to figure out. Like how the circuit boards weren't a random occurrence, the remenant from William's rage at losing to Michal and Henry spread onto some circuit boards either in Fazbear Fright or Pizzaria Sim (we know it didn't completely burn down from SB) or that he put the boards there himself. Incredibly convoluted, but at least it kind of works.

  37. Now its ur favorite since Security Breach exists

  38. I really love the direction Help Wanted went gameplay wise, like grabbing the 3 FNAF games while turning 4 and Sister Location into mini games was a fun idea and worked great. My only negative would be the Plush Baby Minigame both the original and hard mode version, it feels really annoying and tough to beat that it kinda ruins your progress as the other games were hard but not that hard. Other than that minigame though it's a great time.

    Curse of Dreadbear DLC is also a welcome Halloween DLC which fits perfectly for this game too and adds in alot of cool and unique modes that the original game lacked, also i feel the DLC is much better in terms of atmosphere, modes, everything just works so nicely for it as they don't have to worry about canon at all and can just make a purely fun DLC which they did.

  39. Help wanted wasn’t the best or worst, it was the vertical asymptote that looped looped the series from great to horrible (fnaf security breach)

  40. My main issue with Glitchtrap is my main issue with Danganronpa 2’s story. If you know, you know.

  41. While I do agree that flat mode is underwhelming, I don't think it should factor heavily into discussion of the game seeing as the VR version was the intended experience. I wouldn't say a game had bad graphics just because it had a low graphics setting for players with weaker hardware. Still agree with you though, sick video

  42. Turn Vanny into a copycat killer and eliminate Glitchtrap, lore improves a lot

  43. I’ll just say that if William just survived the fire like some superhuman then it would make him a hundred times more horrifying than how he “dies” and comes back in fnaf

  44. I’ve never really understood the ending until it was explained in this video and holy crap does that make it so so much creepier- Afton dancing arounf the pizzeria in front of one of his victims? terrifying

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