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Grizzly’s: The Political FNAF Fan Game

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Grizzly’s is a FNAF fan game that has gotten quite a bit of attention because of its story’s focus on politics. This is my review and semi-analysis of the game.

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0:00 – Introduction
2:55 – Lore
7:12 – Horror & Cutscenes
9:49 – Atmosphere & Sounds
12:21 – Gameplay
14:30 – The Future of Grizzly’s

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  1. The fact that politics is a selling point for a game that barely has any gameplay is a show of how shallow the developer is. Entertainment as a whole has been infested with politics like termites, and uses the same horseshit justification of: "Oh it's to make the story better" meanwhile it's not subtle at ALL, and is only there to hide a shitty, uninspired product. Considering how simple the FNAF formula is, it shouldn't be THIS hard to make it engaging and change it up a bit. This is literally just thinly veiled soapbox preaching disguised as a FNAF fan game, if it wasn't so unashamed with how blatant it is with focusing on politics, it would be another shitty fan game to clog the internet.

    For the life of me I hate psuedo-intellectual dipshits that make this kind of artsy-fartsy political dogshit and half-ass the entire game part of a video game. Shit is EVERYWHERE.

  2. coward just get the tattoo it would be sick

  3. I opened the .exe file, and Furry President Donald Trump attacked me and I browned my pantaloons.

  4. "it takes guts to kill a man" could still be the girlfriend? you know like mankin n shit. woMAN. idk maybe?

  5. holy shit you played fnia your fucking based

  6. Existing is political these days. Kind of hard to avoid.

  7. well with a title like that I got to check this video out

  8. "Politics" has become such a nonsense word in the way people use it that it's difficult to parse what actually makes this so political in the first place. It took three minutes to get a hint of whether it meant "I saw a gay" or "the game is literally about legislation." I appreciate that you eventually clarified that it was probably the latter, but TBH for the number of times "politics" was said, there was room for a brief rundown of the ways in which politics played a role beyond "there is a government." Most dystopias have a government-adjacent plot by default.

  9. One fan game that I think would make a great addition to your list is Tealerland. It didn't get nearly the amount of attention it deserved (even with Markiplier playing it) and I honestly think it is currently the best and most unique fan games. It has incredible visuals, great gameplay, copious amounts of charm and an intriguing storyline tying it all together.

  10. I feel like this game would be way better if it wasn't a game, and was just one of those horror YouTube series that the cutscenes try so hard to be.
    It being a FNaF fangame just makes it even more cliché.

  11. Ngl i love grizzly's becuase of how funny it is and how it doesn't take it self seriously and its refreshing

  12. So apparently you think the game is overly political because it depicts a corrupt dictatorship as bad? Way to our your power level lmao

  13. If you think about it, the original FNAF is also pretty political. The profits-over-anything aspect of American capitalism and business is exaggerated basically to the point of hyperbole. I mean, all of the deaths that ARENT murders are caused by workplace safety negligence. Like with the spring-lock suits.

  14. I really like this critique of the game! It's honest and straightforward without walking on eggshells, but at the same time, you can tell the criticism is coming out of respect, and it never feels like you're trying to jab thr game. It takes guts to pull something like that off.

  15. This was a really shitty review, but I'll give you a like anyway because fuck security breach.

  16. Can someone explain to me what makes a game be a FNAF fan game rather than its own thing? I’ve been wondering and pondering for a while but in the end unless they directly relate to the lore of FNAF or are supposed to exist in the same universe as FNAF I don’t see how they are fan games. Doing something similar is not really making a fan concept but rather it is making your own thing. The same way FPS games are mostly similar and use the same guns or redesigns of those models, games that have a similar gameplay can’t really be called “fan games” as they don’t take place in the same story.

    Also I find Grizzly’s original model a bit scarier than the remake. Maybe when I see some camera angles of him I’ll like it better but for now he looks less scary.

  17. Just based on my complete first impression of this game derived solely from your critiques, it seems to me that this game wasn't entirely sure or clear on what it wanted to do, be, convey, etc. It seems like the developers tried too hard to accomplish too many niche yet unique aspects to the game at the same time, without much connection to one another or apparent relevance. I do hope they take this critique in stride and really hone the skills they clearly have!

  18. I think what would’ve been cool is that Grizzly’s is some campaign the current president is using to raise his popularity, as told by him and the government. But, the only reason they were really doing this was to test out new technology that can preserve life, and the president has been testing this on humans, causing the animatronics to be hostile. The only one that hasn’t been tested on is Grizzly himself, because that is the one that the president will use to preserve his life and forever run as president. Maybe John is forced to work here for testing purposes, but really is told that he’ll be rested of his murder charges if he simply works this shop for five nights

  19. So, I take it, if it takes place in a far-right future, it was probably written by a far-lefty who doesn't really understand what the right wing is, and the whole thing is kind of a mischaracterization/flanderization of the right wing?

  20. I wish you would have added samples of the audio and voice acting in the video to give more examples. Good video! Just a bit frustrating with no samples from the og sorse

  21. Obligatory "everything is political" out of the way, the game is not very subtle in the way it works the politics into the worldbuilding

  22. This could either be a masterpiece or a dumpsterfire.

  23. This review really lacks some examples to back up your criticism. If the menu track is a banger, it would've been neat to hear a snippet. If the game is too political, it would've been neat to explain what the politics are.

  24. 0:06…looks good…but wait…we’re is jolly’s 3 chapter 1 or 2?

  25. When you said, "this is a POLITICAL FNAF fangame," I half expected it to be shit talking Scott Cawthon.

  26. I've always felt that "went too far" is a bad criticism for anything. It fails to actually highlight the problem, and it predisposes people to be averse to creating or engaging with content that is perfectly fine — just because it crosses some subjective line of much-ness.

    I haven't played the game, so I can't make a confident statement on what the problem you were experiencing actually was, but from your video: it sounds like the political aspects of the game are unimaginably stilted and unintegrated. This is certainly a big problem, but it's not a natural result of a heavy focus on the topic. It's bad storytelling in general. Cutting back on storytelling, either in general or a specific story element, can certainly improve a product which has bad storytelling, but it's a method which produces an inferior result compared to actually working on storytelling skills.

  27. this truly is the metal gear solid of five nights at freddy’s.

  28. When I saw the title, I was like "did they bring up 9/11" I'm sorry for that mentality

  29. the words "political" and "FNAF" put together isnt something i thought i'd ever see

  30. "political" and "fnaf" are two words that seem to end up in the same sentence that shouldn't be in a sentence together, but here we are in 2022 with that being a surprisingly common occurance

  31. I wonder if the main character has Schizophrenia or these are some kind of night -terror.

  32. Was there a reason why Grizzly tried to kill you?

  33. In the original FNAF game you play as a wage slave to a corrupt company . In security breach they replaced all the human staff with robots and are extremely neglegent.

  34. … It's blatant, sure… But unsubtle ain't bad, I'm just weirded out why you think it's bad it's blatantly political.

    But like, what's the politics? I don't give two shits about G-men making animatronics murderers, I'm interested about the game's politics exactly, even if it's badly rehashing FNAF VHS analogue horror.

  35. It's remarkable that you managed to make a 16 minute video on a "political" game without once even hinting at what its politics are.
    Thus, this video seems kind of… empty.

  36. I genuinely think discussing this game without even mentioning that it's politics are clearly inspired by Qanon conspiracy theories is genuinely fucked up. This sort of shit deserves no quarter.

  37. I agree the menu music is really good at setting the atmosphere it adds a lot to the experience. The song is "Love Song For A Deadman" or The loading music for Tranzit on Black Ops 2

  38. you should do The Return to Freddy's 2 Winter Wonderland

  39. A lot of the time when guys say “there were too many politics” they mean “I was forced to see a woman or a gay,” but this game really DOES have too many politics!!

  40. i hate to say it but like "better than security breach" isn't exactly a high bar

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