GOOZY Thicc MODS! 1 Too Many Butts Stuck! Hilarious PC Update! (FGTeeV #5) -

GOOZY Thicc MODS! 1 Too Many Butts Stuck! Hilarious PC Update! (FGTeeV #5)

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This was a hilarious surprise to see Mods in our game. The dev’s helped keep it a secret so we could be surprised and yes, we were surprised! haha!! 50k likes for Mod Update?
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FGTeeV is a Gaming Channel that plays hilariously fun and scary games! Duddz is the main gamer and sometimes he brings his family in for a more dynamic gameplay! His family includes his wife “Moomy”, Chase, Mike, Lex & Shawn! Thanks for checking us out.


  1. Pls feegee, make a video playing piggy pls.

  2. Hi FGteeV why aren't You play roblox?

    Where is mike mummy lexi and chase?

  3. can you do hide and seek in piggy build mode if piggy finds you she or he kills you just make a random map

  4. Fiji: he's coming through the walls! Me: kind of remind me of bendy because of the particles around him

  5. I know what you talking about it is the Easter egg to get the golden cupcake (the #3 video

  6. can you play piggy in real life your vids are cool by the way

  7. The code on the thing for goozy was SZQGMU700 do it in all capd

  8. Can you play banana eat in roblox​ whide chase and shwon

  9. Fgeetv play piggy chapter 11 pls I will sub

  10. I have a goozy to and i love it 100000000000 percent

  11. He is talking about a doll Easter egg in goozy you need to find a doll in a room click it if one laugh you got to find it 10 times I think an did you do go to chase and Shawn room and go in the window where it got effects and go into it to get 7 cupcakes

  12. Fgteev you forgot piggy 🙁
    Pls play it you forgot chapter 10 and 11

  13. The hide and seek toy update is what he is talking about

  14. Hi today is my friends birthday can you say happy birthday to him please? 🥺

  15. Cool I had the game ever since came out big fan wow love yall

  16. i like all of it it so so so coooool i love the vido . from manea can you show you namer pleas I,v alway wanted to call you so pleas if you are a live so pleas Im a big big fan of you .

  17. You guys were talking about the easter egg goozy hunt and when you touched one of the stuffed animals and walked away they laughed and hide somwhere else

  18. hi fgteev pls can you give me rubux i use starcode fgteev and i join you're group

  19. I'm too speechless because I was silent laughing…

  20. You guys were talking about getting the golden secret cupcake

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