GMOD FNAF Horror Map w/ Yami Part 2: FOXY IS SCARY AS HELL!!! -

GMOD FNAF Horror Map w/ Yami Part 2: FOXY IS SCARY AS HELL!!!

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  1. Man watching theses gods play this as a kid and going back in 2021 omg its amazing thanks lord and yamma

  2. “haha rekt” is probably one of the funniest sayings ive heard from wade.

  3. Bonnie is like I am ready to do a bayonet charge and foxy is like do you mind if I can lead the charge bonnie of course foxy you can lead the charge foxy CHARGE GUYS ATTACK NOW RIGHT NOW

  4. I watched this 3 days afterward it came out so long ago, getting so many memories



  6. I’m in 2021 and I’m still amazed on how he hit the box and it i landed on the stack of tv

  7. I miss these kind of videos that I used to watch as this as a six year old I love you videos and always remember thank you so much for being part of my life

  8. What I thought he said “Bonnie my name s

  9. Oh gosh I know ya I been watch ya when I was little am now am 12

  10. Do you have a voice spelling on this doesn’t work tomorrow too much what I meant to say is I love horror games so much

  11. Came back for the nostalgia, used to watch lords fnaf videos alot when i was younger. Not disappointed.

  12. When I was younger this was the scariest thing for me but now as I watch it it’s so nostalgic

  13. Man I wish this guy kept his old intro cuz that's how I start my day but he changed it

  14. I forgot this existed, the nostalgia is crazy

  15. Watching this as a kid brings back so many good memories

  16. anyone here in 2021?
    i had such good memories watching this at the age of 8

  17. Girl a: can boy Scare?
    Girl b: i think not…..

  18. They come to life at night they will get you when you're a kid

  19. I genuinely forgot this existed.
    And now I’m sad.
    I’m going to binge watch marks entire FNAF series and this one as well.

  20. This vid gonna be six years old soon and this is the most nostalgia video that I remember. 2021??

  21. watching this as a kid it was amazing and seeing him now i miss what he does.

  22. Well I am very mad at him saying he hates bonnie I am Bonnie's most biggest fan of bonnie I got my full room of bonnie all of apart of my room so yes

  23. I watched this when i was 8-9 now im 10, i have just rememberd him

  24. I hoped it worked have a nice day srry if it didn’t work

  25. “My childhood… it seems so long… so long ago” – Burnett stone 2000

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