Game Theory: Why FNAF Will Never End -

Game Theory: Why FNAF Will Never End

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FNAF 4 has been pretty much the only thing you’ve been talking to me about online for the last eight WEEKS! Well the wait is over because the Five Nights at Freddy’s lore theory is HERE! ’83 vs ’87? We got it. What’s in the box? That’s covered too. So hold your plushie Fredbear toys tight because we’re diving deep into the ending of FNAF…and why it matters so much.

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  1. No but there only the yellow spring lock suits

  2. who else just watches 1 theory then just watches a bunch of others for hours

  3. Matpat is right, this is my third time watching the fnaf film theory series-

  4. Me who thinks that he was at the birthday party and saw the first murder at the birthday party and the restaurant brings back PTSD. The Freddy was the one delivering the cake, and was also the scariest character nearby when this happened.

  5. mat pat: the final fnaf theory
    the 45 other episodes: are you sure about that?

  6. I was right I had so many dreams that the puppet was in the box

  7. The title is the opposite of what it is literally

  8. "Crying child is the puppet!"
    laughs in Charlie

  9. Im re-watching this and I cant deal with how wrong this episode is.

  10. Did you people not know what Marinette means???????

  11. you made me lettrly look difrently at the game dude

  12. 00:26 proof it was mark's joke and not wade's lmao. It was me the whole time

  13. 2021: yeah well.. The creator of fnaf quit.

  14. "*This is golden freddy*"

    Me: *Bursts out laughing*

  15. Scott when reading the title of the video: Good Matt good! Now…DO IT

  16. I have literally not been able to stop rewatching mark play through the games so i could watch these theories, cuz i stopped watching when i got busy with school at the purple guy identity episode, and ive not been able to fully focus on homework like holy fugg

    Edit: i have adhd and I’m definitely hyperfocused on watching these through

  17. He's here, he's there, he's everywhere, who ya gonna call? Psychic friend Fredbear

  18. funny, I guess the completion principal is why I came back to finish this series

  19. When you realise how old the psychic friend fred bear intro is

    More than SIX YEARS

    …. Whoa 🤯

  20. This is where the legendary jingle was made.

  21. I wanna know how that request from Matpat to Mark would've gone down

  22. Lol i have watched the last video and know the story

  23. The FitnessGram PACER Test is a multistage aerobic capacity test that progressively gets more difficult as it continues

  24. *Fnaf will never end

    Scott’s retirement:
    Fnaf security breach being the last fnaf game:

  25. me here in 2020 laughs when mattpat said the crying child is puppet
    me: oh he is so wrong

  26. Does it have to be golden Freddy or the puppet I'm sure that there are a lot of "empty suits" Wich can be use to stuff children not just the animatronics maybe he's neither he just a empty golden Freddy suit there can't be just one golden Freddy right … Right?

  27. what about doing a theory
    about the last rule on
    the bottom rule that might
    be a theory for aswering

    but hey thats just a theory
    a game theory the for watching

    it will end like the start

    cx dsagx

  28. The puppet is Charlotte Henrys daughter and the crying child is fused with the older son of purple guy when he was in the hospital

  29. Withers golden Freddy is the the one purple guy should not have killed casidey

  30. Little did past matpat know was that two souls can haunt one suit

  31. I like how all of the top comments are from a year ago or earlier, but the video was made in the middle of 2015, or 5/6 years prior

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