Game Theory: We Need To Talk About FNAF -

Game Theory: We Need To Talk About FNAF

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We need to talk about the FNAF franchise. This is a franchise that has meant so much, not just to me and the channel but to the entire community that formed around it. There is a lot to cover and I hope you’ll take the time to watch to get my point of view on everything that has happened recently.

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Writer: Matthew Patrick
Editors: AbsolutePixel, Alex “Sedge” Sedgwick, and Forrest Lee
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman


  1. On to you fnaf is all a bad dream, Mr hippo when u get jump scared by him and he starts his speech he mentioned how it could be a dream but he didn't really know how he's got there

  2. Ok does anyone know for sure when the fnaf movie is coming out cause I really want to watch it also I started crying during this it really hit deep I love fnaf and I support Scott and now I don't know how I should feel about this

  3. I like to think of matpat as some kind of deity that people consult in times of need like you know someone has a matpat head bust in their bedroom

  4. As an LGBTQ+ member of the fandom, thank you for adressing this issue in the most reapectful way possible, and repeteadly stating that choosing not to support the franchise is a valid decision.

  5. Whens the next fnaf theory??? its been almost a month

  6. I don't like people saying that republicans are against civil rights because that's absolutely not true and people should have respected Scotts decisions instead of harassing him for being a human being

  7. Imagine he actually becomes the creator for fnaf lol

  8. I think it's fine that he used his money for his personal beliefs. This is America, imagine if someone took away not only your way of making money, but your passion because you donated to planned Parenthood or anything like that? Besides, he didn't even speak openly about them like JK Rowling, they were leaked, which shows that he might have known that his fans wouldn't like his beliefs, so he kept them a secret. All in all, you wouldn't ruin someone's life because they worked at burger king, and happened to have certain beliefs, and since he wasn't using his fame to push any politics, was he doing anything different than a regular citizen just donating some money somewhere?

  9. I hear that FNAF SB is cancelled. Is that true? If it is that's sad because a lot of people including myself was looking forward to SB. Pain, truly pain. Either way, thank you Scott. This was the bad ending.

  10. If got Scott gave the role to matpat, would he have to explain the entire lore?

  11. Lmao what a chad hell yeah scott rocks dude

  12. Politics has never made sense since the founding of America

  13. The whole thing is just matpat and Scott uno reversing each other

  14. I'd just like to point out that it differs with individuals but I believe the republican party as a whole is traditionally anti lgbtq+. So approximately half the country voted that way, intentionally or not. But nobody's sending all of them death threats or whatever. Also we have issues with the 2 party system and even just with voting for a person rather than for individual topics. Even if we had more parties, you are still unlikely to find a candidate who completely represents how you feel on everything. So you prioritize. Personally this past election was even crazier than usual cuz I ended up placing my votes entirely based off of how each candidate wanted to deal with the pandemic. Cuz I considered it to be an immediate emergency that needed to be handled right no matter what and any other issue could be fixed when this is over.

  15. as a bi trans man,i do not forgive Scott for what he did.And its my place not to and other people don't have to forgive him either,but if you sent Scott death threats and doxxed him you are a horrible and shitty person.He didn't deserve that and you put him and his family in danger

  16. "Wherever you draw the line is completely valid"

    "JK Rowling's 'problematic' viewpoints"

    I see a problem here.

    Turns out I don't agree with MatPat on almost anything. However, at least we can agree violence is always bad.

  17. Wow counting videos how low matt pat

  18. This is the first Gametheory video I've ever disliked. I've been with you since the 6th video bro what're you doing?

  19. I’m ashamed to be apart of this “oh you don’t have the same opinion as me? cAnCelEd! 😡” generation. Why can’t people just have their own thoughts, beliefs and ideals? The world would be a way better place if people could say something without having to worry about getting DEATH THREATS. Sad world we live in.

  20. Have anybody talked about him speaking to match his mouth starting at 8:06?

  21. I also have a feeling that Scott was looking out for his family, which is completely understandable. I am apart of the lgbtq+ community and I think Scott is doing the right thing going for what he thinks is right. Even if it went against the Lgbtq, he donated to something that he thought would help HIS life and HIS family. Im only guessing 🤔

  22. I clicked on a video and it was his ad and I didn’t realize

  23. Imagine hating on the rebublicans… Yeah Im disapointed

  24. Dont hate on scott, you make videos on his games alot just so you can judge him for being rebublican, WOW thats sad

  25. "there is never this one perfect candidate that truly represents me as the voter" well for me its donaldtrump

  26. Hey Matt! I have a theory, you know how purple guy is actually, purple? And how glitchtrap has purple hynotistic eyes? I think William Afton Is purple because he’s glitchtrap-
    I know this is just saying he’s glitchtrap and that’s what I think without the theory aswell- but it’s just a theory lol

  27. Bro y'all act like he donated thousands of dollars to K squared or somethin, the man just made some donoations to Republicans, who cares, grow up

  28. Hello! I am An Aussie, who is a part of the LGBTQ+ Community and FNAF community thank you Matpat this was very well said and it is how I feel Thank you <3

  29. Cancel culture shouldn’t be a thing because people make mistakes and have their own opinion on things we can’t change that so that’s why cancel culture shouldn’t be a thing

  30. I find it a bit aggravating that mat didn't really mention the fact he was doxxed and that his family got sent death threats, from people of the fnaf fanbase solely because of his opinion. I know he went over the doxxing and death threats but no one deserves to be harassed and wished death upon them because they have a differing opinion from someone

  31. Fun fact the pictures at the background of mat pat changes everytime he cuts the video

  32. YYYEEESSSSSSSSSSSS republican good for you Scott

  33. Why anybody cares about how Scott Cawthon spends money or who he supports? Even if he spends money to support Taliban, its his money to begin with. He gave you FnaF and you took it

  34. That is so sad I leave that for one month of which I regret but then there is almost chaos while I am God and Matt if you are reading this you have brought me through many cases and sparked my interest in fnaf so thank you is what I am saying

  35. I just hope whoever takes his place knows what their doing, and won't end the franchise on an unsatisfying note.

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