Game Theory: We Need To Talk About FNAF -

Game Theory: We Need To Talk About FNAF

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We need to talk about the FNAF franchise. This is a franchise that has meant so much, not just to me and the channel but to the entire community that formed around it. There is a lot to cover and I hope you’ll take the time to watch to get my point of view on everything that has happened recently.

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Writer: Matthew Patrick
Editors: AbsolutePixel, Alex “Sedge” Sedgwick, and Forrest Lee
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman


  1. Im sure that scott isnt anti-lgbtq. But who knows

  2. Vote Matpat for Fnaf movie for Purple Guy. Or the actor that played Ted Bundy

  3. deleted my previous comment because i no longer agree with it, but i'd still like for whoever gets ownership of the fnaf franchise to do a reboot of the lore (and updates to older games so they fit the new lore, or just new games entirely) so we can have a clear and less muddy timeline cause this current one is really messy and all over the place. i do think the current timeline should still have a proper ending to it considering how much time people have spent trying to solve it though.

  4. MatPat… I had been on the fence as Scott was a safe haven for me as well. His style of humor in FNaF was hilarious to me. I read what he said with the mindset of a person who grew up thinking they were straight(I’m not but I’m not saying my orientation) I saw both sides, but also hate the way the U.S Politics work as well. Scott did what I believe was a tough call. Since there are some crazy people out there(see the death threat stuff in this video) You were a safe zone to me during a crazy time period in my life. You taught me to always look into things. So when Scott posted about his retirement. I read it. Waited a while, and read it again. And I took it as a message from a saddened man with no perfect response. Scott did what he believed was best. And I respect him. Maybe not whom he supported. And for that… I ZETTA DONT CARE!!!! Scott is a great dude in my eyes who I respect his drive. So even if someone else reads this and sees me as wrong. That’s ok… but look at it like this. Scott’s human, imperfect, like everyone else. That’s just a comment. A REALLY FRIGGING LONG COMMENT!

  5. I got really mad when this happened. Scott shouldn’t have to go through this, and now he’s gone. Because retards don’t like it when their month is being threatened

  6. I still think that Scott doing what he did is ok. People are entitled to their own political views and such.

  7. are you going to make any more fnaf theories??? what will happen to scott's lore. it will not go on until he sends a 1000 page book about the lore to the buyers. #THANKSCOTT

  8. So… This… Is the end of fnaf game and theory cause of… A donation ?

  9. A fnaf character literally made me realize I'm trans-

  10. This is what happens when people believe the lies of media.

  11. Achievement Unlocked:Went Full Retard says:

    Meh,just seems to me that people are opinion phobic,just because you're anti something,doesn't mean that you can't support it ,or endorse people who do. You may not agree with it, but still support it because it's the right thing to do,and because not doing so infringes on the opportunities other people lose. In this case,Scott isn't even saying that he is anti LGBT,and the reasons he supported these political figures seemed pretty clear to me. People just want to rant and hate,not communicate and solve differences. I haven't even played the games and I was genuinely interested in the lore and the story,and,if the lore and story of the franchise drops in quality because of this, I would be really sad. But the worst thing is the death threats. As Matt said, death threats are a no. These people should be ashamed.

  12. We talk? ok is talk? how? i do good talk?

  13. humble brag but i have never put any money into scott carryon games/merch

  14. Bro theater wouldn't be good without lgbtq community members

  15. It’s all fun and games till matpat is actually the person he picks. If so than good luck (as in a good way)

  16. The amount of sheep in this world is terrifying. Think for yourself. Don’t let others think for you.

  17. so people are mad that this man has a different opinion than you. WOW. people of the internet really are soft now a days.

  18. i want to talk about the simalarities fnaf lore has to william afton.
    matpat: i solved fnaf!
    fnaf lore: in aftons voice i always come back!
    matpat: noooo
    matpat: wait
    matpat: in henrys voice: dear lore!, you are trapped in a lore-solving labrynth. a labyinth with no exits
    matpat: the community doesint have to solve you, lore, we can just quit you because of your creators donations.
    lore: noooooooooo goes to a burning room and dies of shamefulness

  19. guys this is getting seriouse its been a wile and no more fnaf vids

  20. Here’s the thing I don’t think Scott should have gotten that much hate just because of his political choices because in the end we all have our own decisions and if Scott was supporting the Democratic Party I wouldn’t be mad I’m only mad that just because of his fan base he has do and support their beliefs or none at all and that is against the law.

  21. Good job matpat I like how you covered the topic.

  22. How is springtrap moving if your playing as William afton

  23. For such a "progressive" era we're living in, I find it quite foolish that so many people refuse to look past a person's beliefs and views. Who cares what Scott supports and donates to. His personality hasn't changed. His sense of humour, his games and his achievements. It's so ironic that the kids claiming they are integrated and progressive are some of the most judgemental and picky of people in the world.

  24. This was. Deep. I wish other people would take time to do what Matt just did. Then the world would be so much better

  25. grunt Gaming (not dead in a cool way says:

    Scott was there for us he made thies games helped many youtuber's rize up made a lot of people get into scary stuff by this game and matpats rival anywas scott thank you 🙂

  26. I got an ad with you in it less than halfway through the video

  27. before this video, I literally had an ad with you in it

  28. I literally got a Ad with you guys in it ._.

  29. I saw an ad about Bigchange that Matpat was in after I clicked this video.

  30. Since when this dude got a smol matpatt running around

  31. Can’t call Scott a bad person just because he’s a christian

  32. Lol as I’m watching this I got an ad with matpat in it

  33. I think people are too quick to states that policies, politicians, or people that support certain politics are anti-(put what you want here). I think people categorize things as problematic or even evil way too fast. Sometimes people just disagree on how the best ways to handle issues are. Sometimes they aren't attaching your identity, they just don't agree or understand all the aspects of it. Sometimes that is wrong, but most the time its just a difference of perspective. Love you Mat, I think you handled it well, but I hate that everyone comes from the perspective of voting to the right is assumed bad unless it can be defended and shown to be otherwise. I've never seen a video saying, "Sure they voted for Biden, but don't assume they're evil. Lets take a look at more context to show they reluctantly voted Dem." But have seen a ton of the opposite and it just shows an extreme view of the other side as a baseline. Idk, I'm just trying to live life in this world kind and caring for people and doing my best to do what's right.

  34. In my opinion and According to some of the comments i have read, Scott is not in the wrong. Not even a little bit. While it may seem to be one way, just like his games Scott never gives you a straight answer. You don't know. And even if he told you why you wouldn't except it because humanity is pathetic and sad. You would rather have someone hung in the streets for an opinion or decision that doesn't match yours than hear what they have to say, which is exactly what the world is trying to do to you. It's only ok if the "minority" bullies the "majority" (those quotes are there because i think it is all so very stupid and not to dehumanize or make light of a dark situation) and this is the way it has been for years no matter if it's alphabet soup or BLM there will always be a pitiful conflict that is utterly meaningless. I just want to live and die but i cant because I have to be so versed in what everyone else is doing so i don't hurt anyone. I love every human being with a good heart but i don't think i can handle learning all of this new stuff. Like I said, i want to live and die. I don't care about what is in between and that's how I feel. Anyways i have school in the morning and it's almost midnight. I'll leave it to all of you who read this to fight me and if you ask nicely I'll talk with you to further expand my knowledge of a situation and to expand your knowledge of the art of being selfish because sometimes it is only about you. Good night everyone and hey, that's just a theory. A (this is a dead meme) theory. Aaaaand cut-

  35. Guy 1:Scott!
    Guy 2:I thought you retired!
    Guy 3:I thought you got stopped making games!
    Mr_Flame777: I thought you died

  36. Remember when being democratic or being a republican wasn’t a bad thing and it used to just be like “oh you are [said political party] cool.
    Sadly, had not been alive then, but honestly this is just sad at this point.

  37. Plot twist: Scott: it’s all wrong FNAF FANDOM: SUMMON GAME THEORY Game Theory: who needs my holy power

  38. Every single comment i see is like so long

  39. Oh please, like this is the first time something like this happened. When a gay person goes out and buys that hot new EA or Ubisoft game that has a lesbian as its main character and a trans as a supporting character, those $60 go to the company head who, as far as we know, pours all that money into his anti-LGBT movement. Scott Cawthon and FNAF are hardly the first example of this. The only difference is that this time, it's public.

  40. Even if he supported those candidates because he wanted the LGBT shut down, that's his political right. What gives others the right to cancel him for that?

  41. I'm gay and it's weird to me, I've loved this game since third grade so about 6 years and I loved it a lot. To be honest I don't really care for Scott as a person and I don't care if he doesn't like me, I just want to enjoy the games. I don't think I have too much knowledge on the situation or a lot of an opinion on this.

  42. Yo matt whatup with fnaf, it doesn't mean that fnaf is in pause, you should be too,i miss ur fnaf vids
    Pls make a fnaf video

  43. I'm am Trigender, and pan so yeah- This kinda did hurt me- I liked fnaf since the first game.

  44. "I feel as if after all of these years I would have earned the benefit of the doubt." Yeah…… Matpat may have just given that back to you in my eyes. Hella good points here. Stoked for security breach either way.

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