Game Theory: The Unsolved Lore of The Sims (Bella Goth Mystery) -

Game Theory: The Unsolved Lore of The Sims (Bella Goth Mystery)

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Can you believe I’ve never covered the Sims? Once I realized it, I knew I had to remedy that IMMEDIATELY! And what better way than to dive into the weird and wondrous LORE of the Sims universe? There is a surprising amount of lore to sift through, so today we are focusing on one of the biggest ongoing mysteries. The mystery of Bella Goth. Who is she? You are about to find out more than you could ever imagine.

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Writers: Matthew Patrick, Hannah Malek (HgMercury73) and Tom Robinson
Editors: Tyler Mascola and Jerika (NekoOnigiri)
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

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0:00 – The Game Theory Files
1:03 – Get a chance to meet me!
3:09 – Back to the Sims LORE!


  1. The man is the living embodiment of
    "I don't need sleep!, I need answers"
    Dr.Sheldon Cooper

  2. idk why but seeing real life matpat feels weird, its feels like his head is edited onto his body lol

  3. I'm so glad you covered it after Izzzyzzz video about sims 2 mysteries! I gotta say this cleans it up a lot and sates my appetite

  4. My favorite Game(not usually featured) on my Favorite Channel, on my Fxxking Birthday, this is very special, thanks Mat

  5. I really hope we get more Sims lore. With a 22 year history, you bet your patootie that there's a HECK of a lot of it!

  6. Or they could find a hidden pool. Sadly the ladder disappears

  7. Robert afton God of gods and video games says:

    Hey here is a game you should do some theroy back rooms the game or a film theroy the you tuber h2o cartoonz and fancy and why they do it


  9. Peppa I have a question what will happen if I survived it's at a hotel for 3 days no no food no water

  10. Bro why this is so deep omg… damn.. wow.. sheesh… sul-sul.. zag zag…

  11. Oi, there's a place for Sim City in today's world, it's just EA is awful, so Cities: Skylines has taken up that mantle instead.

  12. Make a lore video on dummies v noobs roblox

  13. This is the 666th episode of Game theory . It proves aliens are real . Conspiracies , conspiracies

  14. Thank you so much for this! Sims have an enormous, awesome lore, Strangetown especially. I would love a theory on the Curious-Smith families, Olive Specter, Nervous Subject or the Beakers 🥰

  15. When he said "without even a DagDag" I lost it 🤣😂🤣😂

  16. a bit weird/convenient that this whole theory got covered by Izzzyzzz 3 weeks ago.

  17. If it isn’t a big hassle to do
    Can you do just dance because it has lore

  18. I would be interested by a theory on slay the princess

  19. Actually, the Caliente sisters have been the prime suspects on all the boards I read since Sims 2 came out. XD None of this was news to me, but it was still highly entertaining and really well presented, so thank you. 🙂

  20. This honestly could be a series. There’s PLENTY of interesting lore in the sims lol

  21. Can you make a video on film theory about the alphabet lore.

  22. I mean, it's right in their surname:

  23. Who thinks he should do a vid on roblox doors?

  24. I am sad due to the fact that I could do everything to meet matpat and probably still not get to meet him

  25. If u play the sims psp you can find more info about bella in the beginning at the mechanic,she confirms she was abducted by aliens


  27. Wow so it’s this famous to make Matpat do the theory now.

  28. The Sims 4 Occult packs do come with some more lore (not counting ghosts, mermaids or aliens). The Sims 4 community is still trying to figure out the story behind famus occults like Greg or Vlad and their is coultless ways to uncover that lore both in and outside the game. Just an idea i think you guys could dive deep into. (Just need to buy DLC for 60$ in total!)

  29. Shoutout to @PLUMBELLA for covering the mystery 3 years ago

  30. 666 videos. You can’t upload anymore.

  31. You forgot the part about The Bella that disepeard in Pleasantview and the Bella in Strangetown looking different from one another.

  32. Day 3 of asking matpat to make a dead by daylight theory

  33. What if the Goths are just the Aftons in disguise??

  34. So i really love sims lore so I've watched a lot of videos and theories about it and i have some things to say. Your video is awesome as always but i believe you missed some things. First of all in strange town where you say you found is true in some way but not really. I believe the bella in strange town is a clone and not the original. If you go to pleasantview you'll find the broke family witch has a mother, a toddler and a teen. The mother is a widow her husband died a lil bit before you load them (i think) but if you go to strange town you'll find him there, so i believe he and bella are clones. And second, about the sims 3, it is true it takes place before sims 1 but the town you found Bella's grave actually takes place after sims 2. If you take closer look to the townies in that town you'll find the kids of some families from the sims 2, and this is also why i believe the book from alexander goth is actually written by him and not bella, but who knows maybe your theory is still correct 😁

  35. oh matpat silly matpat, theres more lore then just that


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