Game Theory: The FNAF 7 Oopsie! Scott's Problem With Fanart -

Game Theory: The FNAF 7 Oopsie! Scott’s Problem With Fanart

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Just a little while ago, Scott Cawthon resurfaced with a FNAF 7 teaser image that was quickly removed because – SHOCKER – it contained fan created models of the FNAF characters. If that sounds complicated, the short of it is that Scott (or rather his team) used fanart in their official teaser image. Those of us who have been on the internet for a little while know that is a big no-no. Yet if Scott owns the characters, but the fan artist owns the fanart, who has a right to the art? It’s the big copyright paradox! Today I aim to unravel that knot!

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  1. It’s not illegal for the average person to take a picture of the Eiffel Tower at night. That only applies to professional photographers and the like. They need to contact the Eiffel tower’s management to get authorization.

  2. how purple guy was arrested, not for mass child murder, but for printing posters including Chica before Fazbear Entertainment bought the rights to her character

  3. Me: checks youtube
    Matpat: uploads
    Me: time to listen to guy teaching me random things

  4. I got a game theory ad, and watched the whole thing assuming it was part of the episode

  5. &!&!&!&!&!&!&!&!&!&!&!&! &!&!&!&!&!&!&!&!&!&!&!&! &!&!&!&!&!&!&!&!&!&!&!&! &!&!&!&!&!&!&!&!&!&!&!&! &!&!&!&!&!&!&!&!&!&!&!&! &!&!&!&!&!&!&!&!&!&!&!&! &!&!&!&!&!&!&!&!&!&!&!&! &!&!&!&!&!&!&!&!&!&!&!&! &!&!&!&!&!&!&!&!&!&!&!&! &!&!&!&!&!&!&!&!&!&!&!&! &!&!&!&!&!&!&!&!&!&!&!&! &!&!&!&!&!&!&!&!&!&!&!&! &!&!&!&!&!&!&!&!&!&!&!&! &!&!&!&!&!&!&!&!&!&!&!&! &!&!&!&!&!&!&!&!&!&!&!&! &!&!&!&!&!&!&!&!&!&!&!&! &!&!&!&!&!&!&!&!&!&!&!&! &!&!&!&!&!&!&!&!&!&!&!&! &!&!&!&!&!&!&!&!&!&!&!&! &!&!&!&!&!&!&!&!&!&!&!&! &!&!&!&!&!&!&!&!&!&!&!&! &!&!&!&!&!&!&!&!&!&!&!&! &!&!&!&!&!&!&!&!&!&!&!&! &!&!&!&!&!&!&!&!&!&!&!&! &!&!&!&!&!&!&!&!&!&!&!&! &!&!&!&!&!&!&!&!&!&!&!&! &!&!&!&!&!&!&!&!&!&!&!&! &!&!&!&!&!&!&!&!&!&!&!&! &!&!&!&!&!&!&!&!&!&!&!&!

  6. The crying kid is the same as the person who made fnaf be because we see the nightmare's and he is the only on to see it. Also we see his room.

  7. i swear most of the fanarts are ridiculously gross

  8. 3:19 idk if anyone already noticed this but you can see a part of the handprint above Freddy's left eyebrow which was mentioned in one of the past fnaf video's

  9. You should make Patnews a separate Channel to talk about news updates regarding gaming!

  10. 14:58 Just imagine going to jail and someone asks why and you’re like “I made a picture of Obama”

  11. If scott would use my models then i would say that he can use them but he has to buy me the game

  12. hold on what if the fan artist was like "its ayt to use it but just credit me or smth"?

  13. Honestly I think it would have been kinda cool if Scott had changed the Spring Bonnie to an official Spring Trap, instead of Nightmarrione.

  14. I don’t know if you mentioned this in the video, but to add on if the paparazzi takes a picture of a celebrity even when it’s not wanted the celebrity isn’t allowed to post the picture of them self.

  15. Blizzard taking someone to court over lewd images, considering what their company is going through lolol. Stay classy blizzard.

  16. i’m watching all of these fnaf theories in order and it’s like watching a descent into madness

  17. In today's Game Theory episode
    Matpat teaches how Copyright works!

  18. Wasn’t this a fanf vid Bc most of it is talking about copyright

  19. About the fanart thing, legally Scott could have let the teaser up cuz he owns the characters but he took it down morally, because he supports his fans. Which I feel is such a cute thing to do ^-^

  20. Can you teach Calculus please? Your voice is very entertaining making something as boring as explaining copyright, interesting and fun

  21. I just realized the whole point of Patreon…

  22. If any one who made art work in this vid I want to say loved it all

  23. Wait, can there be a copy right on my face?

  24. the pew- cough cough i mean pat news intro cracks me up everytime

  25. 8:53 la prison, close enough

    PS: not meant to be a hate comment, just wanted to share some knowledge

  26. FNaF: The Mistake should just be the title of every critic video

  27. ø,¸¸,ø¤º° ♥ ___ℤ𝔼ℝ𝔸𝕆ℝ𝔸 ♥ °º¤ø,¸¸,ø says:

    I could probably tell them apart but not at first glance, i'd need both the original and the fanmade version side by side so i could halfass pick out the differences, The funtime foxy on the left is a lighter, less red pink than the original funtime foxy, The original funtime foxy's eyes are more yellow and the fanmade version's are a bit more orange, and the pink on the original funtime foxy's chest lines up with the pink on his lower torso bit and the fanmade funtime foxy's pink on his chest stops.

  28. ø,¸¸,ø¤º° ♥ ___ℤ𝔼ℝ𝔸𝕆ℝ𝔸 ♥ °º¤ø,¸¸,ø says:

    ignore this 10:55

  29. ah, 2019. we had no motherf*cking idea what was coming for us.

  30. I may have missed it, but how do rule 34 artists actually factor into this? I thought rule 34 was protected under parody law (specifically, its referenced as "porn parody images". Or is that just specific to parodies in the same media, meaning parody images of images, and parody movies of movies, etc?)

  31. You guys are missing something i just noticed, happiest day minigame, the masked match the magical melody characters better!? are we missing something?

  32. Genuenly confused, where is the difference between the funtime foxy fan model? Only thing i can spot is that the middle pink piece is shorter compared to the original and that the colors are overall slightly duller, but thats about it, especialy since the face was so obscured anyway
    Like I doubt that anyone would have been able to see that its not based on a scott official

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