Game Theory: Is Nintendo The New MARVEL? (Nintendo Cinematic Universe) -

Game Theory: Is Nintendo The New MARVEL? (Nintendo Cinematic Universe)

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Theorists, Nintendo is getting into the movie business. No, I don’t mean the old live action Mario movie, I mean the NEW Mario movie and MORE! See, Nintendo recently acquired Dynamo Pictures, an animation studio. I think Nintendo is gearing up to take on the big leagues like Disney. Maybe, just maybe, they even plan to go head to head against Marvel. Let’s discuss!

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Writers: Matthew Patrick, Bob Chipman and Tom Robinson
Editors: Alex “Sedge” Sedgwick and JayskiBean
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

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  1. You should do a minecraft theory on the new mob "allay" they can hold 1 item thats will allow them to keep collecting the item and they move within a 16 block radius. Also the noises they make is like the nexs or things the evoker summons. Ghosts of the dead I suppose. They sound the same except they allay sounds happy and it giggle cheerfully. I think it would be a wonderful theory!

  2. It would be interesting if Matpat did a video on oxygen not included ads/Animated Shorts by: Klei Entertainment

  3. I would wanna watch a Animal Crossing Movie

  4. Multiverse owns Cartoon Network and Warner bros owns it All. There’s a lot of
    Video game movies out and ones that got turned into a game. But it’s really trash
    Except all the super hero’s movies

  5. sooo, if games are getting their own movies… would that mean i can see a kid icarus: uprising movie at some point? 😀

  6. I genuinely hope this happens I remember playing subspace emissary and thinking that this was epic and now everyone is talking about this and it would be so cool to see this happen

  7. Dude if they can pump out a TV show that is on the scale of GoT that would net them so much money that it's literally going to dominate Disney and Netflix

  8. If you want a game to milk lore out of it check out Fran bow

  9. Hi Matpat I would like to let you know that you are on my YouTuber list so congratulations to you and your team you guys have truly mean a lot to me I love your theories so much that it brings it tear to my eye so congratulations

  10. Oh and also other YouTubers are on my YouTuber list so if you want to please make a theory about it I would love to hear your theories about why I'm doing this but that's something you will have to find out Detective Matpat

  11. Hi again Mr Detective here's a little song for you oh red wolf is checking his list checking it twice to see who's on his list this year is it you or is it him or her whoever is on this YouTuber list the detective must find out. Oh and one more thing find my list check Amino on a community called Harvest December you shall find it there

  12. Okay, but a live-action Metroid horror movie is actually something I would watch.

  13. You should see all the videos of Mr. freeman

  14. You should see all the videos of Mr. freeman

  15. You should see all the videos of Mr. freeman

  16. You should see all the videos of Mr. freeman

  17. You should see all the videos of Mr. freeman

  18. You should see all the videos of Mr. freeman

  19. You should see all the videos of Mr. freeman

  20. You should see all the videos of Mr. freeman

  21. Imagine Dead hands evil link from Twilight princess dark Link and a bunch of other creepy characters imagine how would they look like with CGI all day shoots about to get creepy

  22. 3:31 I still hate you for that Disney buying Nintendo theory by the way. The thought of the Mouse owning Mario is just to terrifying to consider. Reminds me too much of when Microsoft attempted to buy Nintendo as a studio for games on the original Xbox. Nintendo, of course, laughed directly in their faces, but it still scares me that Microsoft thought they were in a position to absorb Nintendo at all.

  23. You should do a theory on Township Love playing the game and fishdom they’re both PlayRex games Love your videos and keep theorising!!!!👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

  24. This is the 669th video…….

    Heh 69……

  25. MatPat, YOU'RE NOT DONE WITH POWERWASHER SIMULATOR THEORY! On the Ferris Wheel task, the Volcano is actively erupting, AND the Mayor is very suspicious, rumor's of him going around that he is taking cats, you NEED to look into this game more… I hope you read this… I really do, there is a lot more going on in this game

  26. The NCU needs to be the true killer of the video game movie curse.

  27. Day 1 of asking Matt Pat to make "Space Theory" as a Fourth and final channel to complete the Circle that all his channel profile pics make

  28. "Madness is doing the same thing and expecting something else to happen". That proves Nintendo is MAD, because they are guaranteed to fail.

  29. What if Nintendo Pictures had some chibi series with animal crossing? Like Chibi Tiny Tales

  30. A Smash Bros. Avengers film would be 🤯
    I hope they would consult Sakurai on such a thing, but if it at least happened soon enough that he could see it.
    Be a Stan Lee sort of figure, although i guess miyamoto is more akin to lee

  31. Animal crossings getting a new reboot of its movie if Nintendo remember it's first animals crossing anime moive.

  32. I’ve watched the super Mario movie trailer so many times I forgot what Mario looks like in the games💀

  33. Ok well how about that movie that was made to promote Mario bros 3?
    Never saw anyone talking about that.

  34. YO, Matpat, can you do a theory on the power star archives. It would be very cool to see if you can dissect the growing lore

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