Game Theory: Follow the EYES! | FNAF Sister Location -

Game Theory: Follow the EYES! | FNAF Sister Location

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I Am One of THEM! Truer words were never spoken. But this is no metaphor, this is straight up fact! Since FNAF Sister Location’s release, people have been asking a lot of questions about what it all means. How does Sister Location fit with the rest of the FNAF Universe? And, who are you playing as? After weeks of piecing these puzzles together… I have the answer!

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  1. Obviously what William means actually by “I am one of them” is that he’s saying that the animatronics won’t know that it’s actually him when he has the springbonnie suit on, when wearing it, he is one of them

  2. 12:29
    I know this video is old and this theory has been made obsolete but back when it first came out this always bothered me. Springtrap's design in FNaF 3 CLEARLY shows his body has decayed away. He has no skin, and the only muscle left is on his skull under the mask and wrapped around the endoskeleton. Plus, he was trapped in that room after the suit failed for at least a decade, there is no way he's surviving that. PLUS, it's clearly shown that in William's rush to get into the suit during that minigame, he doesn't take the endoskeleton out, and the spring locks force the robotic pieces into his body. That's why Springtrap has a metal endoskeleton in FNaF 3. The spring-lock failure in that minigame would've completely destroyed his body. Sure, in the continuity of the books he may have survived this, but not the games. It's impossible. This theory always bothered me because Mat completely ignored these things.

  3. Wait, hold on I’m watching this a second time and in the beginning mat says, that Afton is the creator of baby cuz it was for his daughter , and near the end he says Henry created baby and not afton cuz baby doesn’t recognize him

    So which one is it mat, I caught ya. Now what would make since is if you said that afton originally created baby, and after he disappeared and arrested and turned into a former version of himself, and then that would be a reason why baby doesn’t recognize him.

  4. MatPat: “My entire theory is based of off who we play as it’s essential to the theory and we can’t answer ANY questions without it…. It’s William”
    The entire FNaF fandom: when they ask you how you are and you say that you’re fine but you’re not really fine

  5. I have a animatronic which was so damaged I can not even tell what it was. It was like only the skin was torn off. The machinery is in perfect condition, strangely. When I go in the basement it occasionally turns on the basement and sings a creepy song. The song has no real lyrics just random nothingness. The reason it turns on is due to the fact it is motion activated. The structure of it is a thin body with massive wires that somehow grow. It looks a lot like night marionette. It has become so big it the basement. When it turns on, it just waves the wires around at high speeds. Somehow it occasionally directs all cords to you and holds on for about 10 seconds. I just do not know how I don’t get electrocuted by it. It’s so strange that I think it may be haunted and I am not generally superstitious about these things. I hope one of you actually believes my story because it is 100% real.

  6. I feel like ballora isn't talked about enough she is such an interesting character

  7. matpat reminds me of the gunters from ready player one except instead of James Holliday its Scott Cawthron/FNAF

  8. if william afton is "eggs benedict" then why does auto correct have a sticker/piece of tape that says "mike"?

  9. 9:31 i see them more of a color yellow with a mix of green

  10. Matpat: "we play as william afton….."
    Micheal: Why are we still here, just to suffer?

  11. In the intro when it pauses at because I, I thought it was going to say "I always come back"

  12. Mattpatt: "we play as William afton" The lines at the end of the game: "And then they thought I was you"

  13. hi im on my grandmas computer and i love fnaf because it scares me but i love scary stuff and i even had a dream where me and fnaf became friends 🙂 lol and i love the game theorys channel with fnaf videos


  15. William: yes Matpat you play as me in fnaf 5

    Michael: dad you stole my job

  16. if matpat was a detective he'd solve every case no doubt about it

  17. Me:*watches theory*
    MatPat: uses an normal song
    Also me: realizes that the song was the background music at tower of misery
    ALSO me:*chokes on air*

  18. ⡯⡯⡾⠝⠘⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⢊⠘⡮⣣⠪





















  19. Matpat: We play as William Afton
    Michael: They didn't recognize me at first but then, they thought I was you

  20. Actually fun fact a person can be born with purple eyes but there are dark purple there are never right or at least as far as I know since I only meant one person who have natural purple eyes.

  21. Louie-Nida Bakasyunan Farm and Resort says:

    What about fnaf 6/pizza simulater? Scraptrap is william afton.

  22. The intro is scary. To lose your body to a malicious entity is my worst nightmare.

  23. Dude after watching this 5 years after matpat made this video, there was a lot we got wrong back then!

  24. 'We play as William afton'
    Michael: they thought I was you..

  25. 5:03 i think this:we in all games(not in fnaf 4)playing which Michael Afton (Williams older son)whos change name and in Siter Location I have a proof:on keyboard which litle leters is writen ,,Mike,,

  26. Emily his last name is Emily

  27. So Afton just got all his skin back? I swear he lost it all and was reduced to bone and organs in fnaf 3

  28. I’m chillin rewatching matpat having a mental breakdown every episode

  29. “We play as William Afton!”
    Micheal: “Who am I?! Chopped liver?!”

  30. Umm you are playing as Micheal not wiliam here is my proof "father it me Micheal I found them they where right where you said they would be" is that not enough evidence that it is Micheal william aftons son and no William afton aka in this time springtrap?

  31. I actually read the full silver eyes

  32. does anyone know the name of the song that plays during the intro monologue.


  34. bruh… purple eyes do exist and are very rare. so this flesh suit robot will gain somewhat jealousy from other people.

  35. Ah, I remember matryoshka theory. Afton's daughter is in baby is in ennard is in afton is in springtrap. That was fun.

  36. When I had captions on for the beginning of the video it said "Spoopy Matpat (AKA MadPat)" that's so random 😆

  37. I know this theory is old, but I like how the William in the novels is very clearly an alive dude with scars from a sprinlock failure, but MatPat says the in game William could be the same way, even though he is VERY CLEARLY seen as a corpse inside the suit in fnaf 3, before this video even came out. Sometimes he really likes to grasp at straws for these theories lol

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