Game Theory: FNAF, Your Pain Fuels Us -

Game Theory: FNAF, Your Pain Fuels Us

The Game Theorists
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Last FNAF episode we started talking about all of the things introduced in the newest installments of the Fazbear Frights book series. Today we are going all in on Five Nights At Freddy’s newest killer. The creepy figure that has been lurking in the background of these scary stories. The Stitchwraith! What, or who, is this mysterious killer? Well, put on your animatronic suit Theorists! We are going deep into the lore today!

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Writers: Matthew Patrick
Editors: Alex “Sedge” Sedgwick, Forrest Lee, Tyler Mascola, and Dan “Cybert” Seibert
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman



  1. in the grave area there is a grave far below the tree

  2. Can we talk about how his timeline for these books made so much sense I could and immediately understand.

  3. 11 am: Jumpscare
    Me: Wow. I was 0.0001% scared. Congrats

  4. Why??????????. All the lore tho, just tell us!!! I LITERALLY CANT HOLD IT IN, I NEED TO KNOW

  5. If anger/agony really is power, then may as well call me a god

  6. I'm sorry but I'm a bit confused, is remnant metal with souls inside of it?

  7. After seeing the sponsor ar the end i just cant wait until he sees the Brazil one, cuz like, it has everything, from the anime to the Canada stuff, everything is there

  8. I think the Stitchwraith killed Phineas “accidentally” and fused with his soul, that’s the reason why he keeps collecting parts of different animatronics and things related to them because he wants to keep experimenting.

  9. Ennard:has his blue eye.Me:wait that’s illegal

  10. bled into it- has a new meaning to me hold up

  11. asking for a friend: do you know why, or at least have a theory of, the toy animatronics from fnaf 2 were hostile?


    Current: idk


    Matpat now:forgets about it

  14. Is it me or is baby insanely smart compared to some of the others

  15. I'm pretty sure Henry made that robot so we can go out the way he loved making robots One hell of a life if you ask me

  16. I just watching the video with all the intention of sleeping later:

    minute 15:33 : salutations

  17. Danganronpa lore? Timeline? Fake or real? I wish MatPat would put a theory on it..

  18. what if he wants body parts for hes creator

  19. Catching up on old theories and yes, oh my god!! I've always wanted more to happen with the silver-eyed endoskeleton from the first book!! I knew there would be something more to it, it must have more importance! 😀

  20. This explains the toy animatronics who weren't supposed walk around at night but because of the dead children killed in that location the toy animations (including bb) because they were tied down be the agony and horror that happened around them.This may explain the rockstars and Glamrock because Freddy flashers in general has agony tied to the franchise and the murdered children

  21. But MatPat, what about Yenndo from Sister Location? Yenndo seems to vaguely fill the description of the endoskeleton. And has nor been talked about

  22. I can tell you the story he is not any animatronic like ennard it’s actually two kids here’s what happened anyway so Jake is a kid in the Stitchwraith and Andrew is the other kid Jake is chill Andrew is mad because of Micheal Afton he made him rot into a black pit but anyway Jake has cancer his mom is dead he has a carer he has a dad he’s in the army but he’s his friend in the closet Simon he’s putting a voice on but his dad died the carer tried to tell him Simon couldn’t come she bought the hospital because Jake was really sick and he was gone from his bed they thought the died but here’s the big part Simon that is a made up character by his dad but Simon was saying thoughts if Jake could go outside so Jake was happy so the Carer made a really big doll which Jake stuck to himself the thing on his mouth is pizza sauce there was a lot of stuff there so the thing moved a docter took him and made him stuck to the endo skeleton inside him but another kid was there that was Andrew and they cannot get out of the body well Jake can but Andrew can’t Jake is getting parts of fazbear frights animatronics that have anger in them so Andrew can get out this is half a summary.

  23. "Jesus, I hate myself but not that much."

  24. The jumpscare got me while I was drinking some Pepsi and now my clothes are stained

  25. Random theory: The remnant metal gives life right? And it was in the scooper which is used on Mike Afton. Well maybe after Ennard is rejected from Mike’s body, that’s why Mike somehow lives on?

  26. Fetch is my fav book character because of how cute he is lol

  27. I got it! He’s starting a cult. No I’m kidding but honestly. See the connection with all these stories. Agony. What does the animatronics and dead children feed off of? What is the thing that makes them powerful? Agony. Hints why Cassidy/vengeful spirit has the power to send someone to help and hold them in their own death making them suffer. I think the stitch wraith is getting the things that represent/ hold peoples agony to feed off of it to grown stronger. And do what? Idk that’s for you to decide 😂

  28. 4:46 you can tell I thought long and hard about this but think about it. “Haunted could mean showing signs of torment or mental anguish.” Andrew which we now know also haunts the stitch wraith only knows he was tortured and this scientists wants agony. I think the scientist killed Andrew for his tests. Mental anguish means and I quote “a relatively high degree of mental pain and suffering one party inflicts upon another.” This could mean anxiety, vexation, embarrassment, and more. Andrew which I believe was killed by the scientists and they are now trying to find out what the scientists was trying to do with human emotions or…use the agony as energy. Everything goes back to agony. The whole reason why fnaf started was because William felt agony and decided to go on a fun killing joy ride. I think the stitch wraith is trying to use the agony almost like energy. Like that’s what they need to be more powerful. It’s almost like a toy. In order for the toy to keep powering it needs energy which comes from the batteries. Batteries equals more energy and being able to keep moving. Almost like how the animatronics , dead children, William, and etc. are with remanent AKA agony

  29. Agony is probably why Aston survives in the bonny suit, imagine how much of it would be in a suit used to kill Kids, and where a guy is almost killed by the springlocks

  30. What if the endo-skeleton in fnaf 2 ,that rarely shows up ,is the stitch wraith

  31. Crazy idea: but what if Glamrock Freddy somehow got infused with another emotion, the opposite of Agony hence him overriding the programming or glitch that infected the other Glamrock animatronics. -And his willingness to help Gregory. From the trailer it looked like he was glitching out, perhaps him overriding Vanny or Glitchtrap. Just an idea or perhaps…a theory?

  32. matpat why did keep a fnaf ad in the starting of the video

  33. y'all I got an dad for the original FNAF game right before this video 🙂

  34. I got a freaking FNAF mobile ad while watching this.

  35. Me looking at the name: you didnt know that? The amount of pain you are in when you die near an animatronic is the speed in which you can possess it 🙂

  36. No, the Stitchwraith can’t be the endoskeleton that Henry used to off himself, because in The Fourth Closet, that animatronic is in the closet at the end, the one Charlie used to off herself and Elizabeth.

  37. No, the Stitchwraith can’t be the endoskeleton that Henry used to off himself, because in The Fourth Closet, that animatronic is in the closet at the end, the one Charlie used to off herself and Elizabeth.

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