Game Theory: FNAF, The Theory That Changed EVERYTHING!! (FNAF 6 Ultimate Custom Night) -

Game Theory: FNAF, The Theory That Changed EVERYTHING!! (FNAF 6 Ultimate Custom Night)

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FNAF 6, What was in the BOX? ►
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In the last Theory I told you how FNAF and Scott had be STUMPED. Except, I can’t give up. I’ve invested so much into this franchise. There are clues littered EVERYWHERE in the games and the books. So many that even now, we know MORE! Today Loyal Theorists, we start to piece together the full story!

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  1. whos foxy bro then man no evens but your therys are just leding to more questons.

  2. no senc i mean then im out im out nop mick not cc aka cris aka even aka cring child

  3. Intro some one walking and them he open a door sees matpat beating his head on the table

  4. Am I blind or is that phone blue

    I am kinda blind so actually curious

  5. Now figure out everything that happens to the older brother ☺️

  6. Every time I watch game theory I get an ad with mat pat and don’t even realize that it’s an ad

  7. I have a animatronic which was so damaged I can not even tell what it was. It was like only the skin was torn off. The machinery is in perfect condition, strangely. When I go in the basement it occasionally turns on the basement and sings a creepy song. The song has no real lyrics just random nothingness. The reason it turns on is due to the fact it is motion activated. The structure of it is a thin body with massive wires that somehow grow. It looks a lot like night marionette. It has become so big it the basement. When it turns on, it just waves the wires around at high speeds. Somehow it occasionally directs all cords to you and holds on for about 10 seconds. I just do not know how I don’t get electrocuted by it. It’s so strange that I think it may be haunted and I am not generally superstitious about these things. I hope one of you actually believes my story because it is 100% real.

  8. I Love these videos. The intros are scary but I have loved fnaf since I heard of it.

  9. Or William after actually really just grabbed his body and actually just I don't know put remnant in there
    Maybe his head is probably part robot

  10. Ah yes old mat pat before he changed his perspective and found c.c.'s form of writing

  11. “Micheal Afton was the crying child”

    And little did he know, the Crying Child wasn’t Micheal

  12. Your theories are messed up of Michael Afton he's not the crying child look what the older son is watching it looks so similar to the one in Sister location and how can he even be a security guard if he's a kid Michael Afton died 2023 Michael Afton is the brother of the crying child and the one with the foxy mask come on man think how could he ever touch remnant William Afton and Michael Afton well he's using probably he's mother's surname Mike Smitcht and it was in the 80's Michael was probably in his 20's or half 20's or 30's he can't be the crying child what about the security breach and your timelines of your newer ones don't make sense

  13. Matpat:
    "mike is the bite vitctim"

    few theories later

    Also matpat:
    "no, no crying child is the bite vicyime


  15. I don’t think anyone would consider it cannon because it’s in FNAF world, but I like how everyone is wondering what mangles gender is and in FNAF world while your loading the description for phantom mangle is, “because HE needed to be weirder.

  16. Mike:says that orange guy is william afton
    Afew theories later:orange guy is henry

  17. Oki so if mike is Chris then who caused the bite cuz if mike is Chris then who’s name is foxy mask kid

  18. It's a bit wrong sorry matpat because michael afton is the crying child's brother or Evan Christopher afton but he met the nightmares before and he's the one who has the foxy,mask at the birthday ….

  19. You know what’s funny. I started watching the theory series and when he was talking about Mike I thought it was the crying child because I didn’t really understand. Then I started watching more and then I was starting to think that Mike was the older brother until I watch this and I’m like whaaaaaaaaaa

  20. What if Mike is the older brother and the part was indeed for him and not the crying child. Why would the older brother invite all of HIS friends to his little brothers party at a pizzaria? They were all wearing masks because he was the birthday boy having a party at the new pizza place in town with all of his friends. Just a thought

  21. 4:32 it can also be the older brother cuz he vould have got traumatized about the bite he saw.

  22. Crying Child name is Evan on michal michal is fox boy

  23. A question
    Is your fnaf playlist in order cause am literally going insane with the theories!!

  24. Minecraft theories: Oh this makes sense
    Fnaf theories: GOD WHAAAAAAAAT

  25. 10:43

    forget the theory, that was the cleanest transision i have EVER seen

  26. I think that the older brother of the crying child ended up being a skin suit for his brother meaning William took the skin off of Foxybro mask and put it on Crying child because dead skin won’t grow or develop it will rot and Micheal is an adult with skin on his endoskeleton. Meaning Ennard could just wrap himself around Micheals endoskeleton. When he climbed inside of his stomach. Also I think it is a possibility that mike and Chris may be two separate people on the same high tech program. Cause when Micheal goes home with his popcorn in the cut scene in SL he forgot about the nightmares or Crying child was with them so they were distracted by crying child and not Micheal because nightmare or Nightmare fredbear who typically come from the halls could have found Micheal but they didn’t.

  27. Comparing this to other theories from the FNAF playlist the thing that holds this whole thing together that is a hard thing to disprove is the fact Mike knows nightmare fredbear

  28. After thinking about it, I know why Mike sees Nightmare Fredbear…
    Sense Mike is the one who killed his brother by putting him in the mouth of the golden animatronic, that gives Mike nightmares. That everyone explains why there is a mouth on the stomach on Nightmare Fredbear, the crying child (Even?) Dies in the mouth.

    Edit: i can even explain the the same font on Gabriel and Jeremy…
    It's just a reverence to the shadow animations in Fnaf 2. Sense shadow Freddy and Shadow Freddy have that ability that no one else has, that is why they have the same font.

    Those are my theories, thank you for reading 😎

  29. I’m re watching this and just wondering has any one looked at the book under a blacklight for invisible inc

  30. 11:31 Kinda looks like he’s climbing down a giant p####
    Was that intentional or not?

  31. Matpat in this episode:michael is the bite victim
    Matpat now:cassidy and crying child are in golden freddy and michael is not the bite victim

  32. I found out that fnaf 4 and sister locations events happen at the same time because of the guy sitting in the chair in midnight motorist and because of Chris still being alive at this point

  33. Withered Chica's claim in her voiceline in ultimate custom night to being the "first" and we thought Susie was the first to be killed yet it's the puppet who saved the souls of those children so Charlie was the first to die no? So she was the first in what?

  34. Just realized that Michael-Afton-as-robot is literally the plot of Astroboy

  35. Wait, is that a person on 6:54? I thought it was a pillar or support beam “whatever/who cares” but that’s obviously a person!

  36. Hear me out though.. Michael n stuff is hinted in your theory that he is a robot- yet how tf would his body decay if he was the sister location protag? If.. ya know.. robot?

  37. the slightly more yellow color on the "i will put you back together" is the color to the mustard man (william in midnight motorist) AND THATS WILLIAM TALKING TO THE BITE VICTIM WHEN THEY ARE IN HOSPITAL thats justa theory though A GAME THEORY

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