Game Theory: FNAF, The Secret Crimes of 1985 -

Game Theory: FNAF, The Secret Crimes of 1985

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With the release of the new Five Nights At Freddy’s book series Fazbear Frights, the first 3 stories of which have been released, we have been introduced a monumental piece of information. The first pizzeria and, with it, the first round of doomed kids – the attack BEFORE the bite of 1987. What does this mean for the timeline and lore? Watch and find out!

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Writers: Matthew Patrick
Editors: Tyler Mascola, Danial “BanditRants” Keristoufi, Alex “Sedge” Sedgwick, and Dan “Cybert” Seibert
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  1. Hi my name's baby and I'm Kim Kardashian's personal plastic surgeon

  2. When you described Oswald I was like Hey that's me…….. Wait skin suit

  3. You can make a new channel: History theory📓

  4. I'm always confused on how many kids were acually killed. Could it be that Afton killed the OG six children who posesses the OG animatronics in the late 70s or early 80s and then killed a second set of children in 85 that posesses the toy animatronics or don't posess anything at all

  5. 2020 Matpat: 5 new books in a year?!

    2021 Matpat: hey look! The 11th book is coming out!

    2050 grandpat: oh boy! Looks like the 500th book and 100th game is coming out. Gotta make a theory.

  6. I have a theory how the 6th kid is there we know that the purple guy left the scene after killing Charlie but he might have brought Charlie inside after killing her and put her with the other 5 victims

  7. before it was realize Michael and the crying child are different people

  8. Ahh mat pat so young so young so naive

  9. Wait if Michael was put "together" then why does blood show on the screen when you get scooped maybe your a different mike

  10. When scott made FNAF games – Alright so it was very hard and took 35 days, but guys, we finally figured it out
    Now that scott is gone – Glances at game It's so obvious that this person is ACTUALLY AFTON, this person is ACTUALLY A BAD GUY and THIS person is irrelevant

  11. 15:53 don't the kids seem like a hint? not for the theory, but their positions. boy, boy, then girl, then bot again. like the gravestones in fnaf6 ending?

  12. Congrats to MatPat for being cast for Phone Guy! Looking forward to it!

  13. Remember when we were amazed by 5 total books? How many are we at now? *Checks notes.* 12? 12 I think.

  14. "remember when I said that there's a new game coming out in 2020 ?"

    Me: *laughs in 2021*

  15. well actually the "missing children" werent imedatly hidden in the animatronics in the games during the minigames you can see them being dead around the area.

  16. Well I'm not sleeping tonight 😃

  17. When ur name is elleana but people call u elleanor.. This triggered me lol

  18. i hate that ive watched these so much i know all the lore off the top of my head.

  19. “There’s that new 80’s inspired game coming out later this year
    ~MatPat 2020

  20. After watching this theory so many times, I still don't know who Ozzy at the beginning is a reverence too.
    Does anyone else know?

  21. Could you imagine if someone actually did get it right but saw everyone else's theories and second guessed themselves

  22. for all those who love surreal horror stories i have come to recommend the 'Magnus Archives' a podcast with over 200 episodes with new ones each week. not paid to say this just something i genuinely enjoy and im sure you will as well. (i listen on apple podcasts but i believe it is on spotify as well but im not sure)

  23. Who’s gonna tell MatPat to update the book number— there’s now 8✨

  24. So this video was the first time in the 5 years of watching FnaF content that I realized that Fazbear AND Fredbear were different things.
    Seriously, Cawthon?

  25. I keep on forgetting that these are theories instead of actual things that was to be in the game

  26. We have game, film and food theory.
    We need Book theory

  27. And the Logo will be full. Book theory's logo should be orange.

  28. pov: its 2015-2016.
    "what's in the box?"
    me:idk ask that guy
    matpat: *heavy breathing*
    "matpat? What's in the box?"
    *matpat left chat*

  29. Well the teeth demon is in spring Bonnie itp witch means into the pit spring Bonnie

  30. Okay wait here’s a thought in a future games theory episode we talk about how golden Freddy is most likely possessed by at least two souls so what if that last child isn’t the puppet but the other half of golden Freddy

  31. It's so adorable seeing past matt talking about/reacting to a "brand new book series", he has no idea how integral to the channel they become

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