Game Theory: FNAF, The SECRET Afton (FNAF Security Breach) -

Game Theory: FNAF, The SECRET Afton (FNAF Security Breach)

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Theorists, FNAF is my bread and butter. It has taken over my life and my brain. So when I say I think Gregory is a robot, I’m not kidding around. Today, I’m doubling down on my last theory. PLUS we are diving even deeper into the lore hidden in Five Nights At Freddy’s: Security Breach!

Greg Port by Takato Matsuki
Glamrock Freddy Port by Dr.PickleCheese

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0:00 – No, Greg COULD really be a robot.
11:25 – Vanessa is Baby… maybe?
18:38 – Special Thanks to Displate!

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Writers: Matthew Patrick and Tom Robinson
Editors: Tyler Mascola, Pedro Freitas, and Dan “Cybert” Seibert
Assistant Editor: Caitie Turner (Caiterpillart)
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman


  1. The intro is a dad joke in itself

  2. all i see is a empty room to joy just a empty tomb

  3. What if Elizabeth used a illusion disc I know she could be ghost but it’s a theory I think

  4. Ok so I have a theory on how Vanessa is baby/Elizabeth so what if Elizabeth never died like her father.what if she just got scooped up into baby but she didn't die like she was just controling baby like how Gregory controls Freddy when he's in that kinda makes sense bc Elizabeth can't quite control baby bc it's baby's programming maybe baby was dismantled that's why her eye colors changed and then later on she found a way to escape baby that's why when baby's mask was in the blob the eyes were unlit and then Elizabeth got older and she changed her name to start a new life that's why she's going to therapy and that's why she likes flowers and don't like basements

  5. so we can say that glam freddy, vanny and greg are the robots of the afton children

  6. I really want the end of this game and book series to just be Scott and MatPat making a final-final-final 10 hour video about the lore

  7. i think william just regreatet his kids, like the other dads did in the old stories

  8. dum idea but what if 46 is casity i know its probly not but what if

  9. What if Vanessa is also an animatronic like Gregory, like Bill or someone else made a replacement for Elizabeth and changed the name but kept the interests like the flowers, but then something happened with the animatronic and Elizabeth’s soul went into it?

  10. Why Gregory having bandages is that broken damages

  11. The creators gonna say: well you see Vanessa was dead but no one knew so Elisabeth went in her body bla bla green bla bla bla.

  12. Wake me at your grandchild transferred into a robot fascinating tell me more Matt Pat and give me much Philly yeah boy

  13. THEORY: if Eleanor at the end of the book to be beautiful as she shift to Sarah maybe she'd was able to dye her hair or took someone else eyes remember you said Elizabeth is a copycat not a killer like her father and maybe that's a way she knew how to sew the vanny suit

  14. Imagine a game developer can't think of an idea for their next game, then watches one on these videos that's about their game- and just makes that the new story for the next game ; – ;

  15. If gregory is a robot, then vanessa could hypothetically be a robot too. But there's just not enough evidence to support that… right?

  16. I think the purple shirt is the lighting, because glamrock Freddy’s head has a bit of purple. Otherwise I think it’s correct.

  17. This theory adds up because in "The twisted ones" at the end we see Charlie age. But she was dead before because William.A murdered Charlie In "The blob" her eyes don't light up, just like babies. showing that she may have escaped. We also see nightmares in "Twisted ones". If the nightmares are there, why are they not hunting Chris? Easy He is Gregory. (idk if this helped)

  18. The ice in Vanessas hand is like when elizabeth died from baby

  19. There's so much malding over the memes in this video

  20. "Gregory, I know why you are not in the customer database… I remember you from the…" bite of 83?

  21. But sorry, if Scott decided not to use them, it's because he decided that Gregory is an abimatronic, not a human, and therefore discarded them.

  22. what about that Elisabeth afton was reincarnated because of the soul robot idea is in the games how about also reincarnation, and her otherwise not being, like her being an afton, what if that she was just born back into the afton family and what it if that father was also named William.

  23. I think Vanessa might be one of the robot versions of Elizabeth

  24. I have explanation how Vanessa could be Elizabeth and Gregory be CH:

  25. Huh. I’m starting to believe in VanBeth and GregBot. I already believe in GlamMike. Though I think GregBot is a bit too much, it would be cool if it was true.

  26. Go to 17:09 and mixed it with fnaf3 burned end where michel said i put her back together. I think Michael put Elizabeths soul inside a robot body

  27. A.. The author clearly did not pay attention to the 6th part of the fnaf, the meaning of which was that all souls were freed in the fire. Yes, the only exception was William, who was kept between hell (fnaf 7) and life

  28. All I see is a empty room no more joy an empty tomp got me scared ngl

  29. your friendly neiborhood skellypal fresh says:

    Wario is 10 feet is my 2 dumbest video
    Sans is ness: m I a joke to you?

  30. So, if Gregory is the C.C then couldn't that possibly be his name back from the 1983, before that big ol' chomp?

  31. Mat knows There’s no point in arguing with stupidity Lol

  32. it's not just fnaf eitfher, all of the Red Ribbon androids from Dragon Ball can bleed. Hell Krillin's Maron is half android

  33. CAN WE PLEASE GET A NAME FOR THE CRYING CHILD?! EVEN IF IT IS COMPLETELY FAKE?! Maybe TCC? Please can we name him. PS can I adopt him?

  34. what if the stars are representative of the kids? like 3 stars means 3 kids saved and then 2 and then 1, depending on the ending

  35. The Everyday Mark (Mark That Shark!) says:

    FORTNITE SUCKS!!!!!!!! !!!!!

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