Game Theory: FNAF, The FINAL Theory! (Five Nights at Freddy’s) - pt 2 -

Game Theory: FNAF, The FINAL Theory! (Five Nights at Freddy’s) – pt 2

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Here it is…the end of an era. Three years and almost twenty theories, but I think I have it. I think I’ve SOLVED FNAF. When you look at the timeline of events, all the major questions of the franchise start to make sense — Who is inside Springtrap? Was FNAF 4 in 1983 or 1987? Where is Chica in Sister Location? What’s the deal with Balloon Boy? So I went back and mapped out EVERY event to create the FINAL FNAF theory…answering all the lingering questions from the series and setting things up for Scott to eventually release FNAF 6. We all know it’s coming so why resist?

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  1. game theory: this the end

    security breach: im bout to end this man's whole careef

  2. I love looking back on this because he thought he was finally done but he wasn’t

  3. I have a proof on why ballora isn't Clara listen
    1.she only appear on sister location so it wouldn't have sense make a so important character like Clara afton control ballora.
    2.if she is the mom of baby why she doesn't separate from ennard to follow baby?
    3.the unic proof we have for show that ballora is Mr afton is her song, but for the rest she is only a normal funtime animatronics that wants to exit from the location like the others!!!
    4.why baby doesn't care if ballora? She cares and wants to help his father in fnaf 6,but when ballora get scooped she is not interested.
    5.we didn't never even met her in minigames, we don't have CANON proofs of her death, and even of her name!!!.

    Conclusion:ballora is a advanced animatronics that wants to exit from the sister location with the others killing Micheal. While Clare afton can be someone else.
    You can even make some interest theory on who she could be in the story🙂🙂🙂
    I personally think that she is the creator of the toys animatronics(In her room there's a prototype of mangle on the floor) but please stop thinking that this specific theory is true!!!

  4. Funtime freddy being German would be SO FUNNY

  5. how come golden Freddy doesn't have five fingers?

  6. MattPatt: “my final theory”
    Me: “why does this playlist say 19/51?”

  7. MatPat: Here it is, The final theory!. 3 years later: welp.

  8. You know, after all these years, they should really change these "the finale" episode's thumbnail and title

  9. In the first game’s custom night put 1 9 8 7 and golden Freddy jump scares you

  10. I wish I never saw the first 28 seconds of this video

  11. “Most Americans are more afraid than clowns then global warming”

    Wait so am I American

  12. I imagine if I still spent time going over to and sleeping over in my grandmother’s house the grandfather clock sound would be a lot creepier as it used to wake me up occasionally in the morning

  13. I actually thought you actually do the voice of Funtime Freddy but using nephew voice effects to make some changes to your voice to make it sound like Funtime Freddy's wow I can't believe you just found an actual voice acted that could mimic Funtime Freddy

  14. when you olmost die on the pls say this this is the only thing thst we say death is not to day satan

  15. Matpat: The Final Theory!

    A few years later: time traveling ball pit-

  16. “ThE fInAl FNAF tHeOrY”
    Oh PLEASE 🙄

  17. “And the spirits are all at peace”
    I CANT- 😭🤚

  18. "nearly 20 theories"

    matt: currently on pain, 50 theories, and stil doesn´t know whats in the box

  19. I realize that golden freddy's voice is slightly gibberish and I saw some one decode it

  20. Is this why Chica wears a bib? Because she's the newest member? But says she's been there since the beginning and has seen it all? I just want a straight up story of it all that's true. God please.

  21. You "last FNAF theory" me three years later…you were saying

  22. You:eyxgdhwjdjeufhef)fhdhfhfhfdjdjr($$(#)&)3:’s

  23. This theory series is the best in your channel. Its insane how long this has lasted.

  24. loved the gaijin goomba cameo in this episode!

  25. 16:18

    Scott admitted that was a error, he intended for michaels voice to get quieter.

  26. "this is my FINAL FNaF theory"

    scrap trap: laughs

  27. Why does the pizzeria simulator teaser have a pansexual Freddy

  28. dudududu
    matpat light up evry image of fnaf you might see some stuff your not allowed to see

  29. This would have honestly been the most satisfying and concrete ending this game could have had.

  30. I feel many people miss that the original intention of "tampering with the animatronics" just means you changed their settings on your custom night

  31. "The Final Theory"

    Time Traveling Ballpits: Evil Laughter

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