Game Theory: FNAF, The FINAL Theory! (Five Nights at Freddy’s) - pt 1 -

Game Theory: FNAF, The FINAL Theory! (Five Nights at Freddy’s) – pt 1

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I’ve spent years tormenting myself over the tiniest details of FNAF. Trying to piece together the ultimate FNAF theory. Losing countless sleepless nights to animatronics pacing my dreams. But I’ve finally done it! Scott Cawthon, I’ve solved your series. I have found the final pieces to this animatronic jigsaw puzzle. Loyal Theorists, I give you the FINAL ULTIMATE FNAF THEORY!

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  1. You can feel him slowly being desensitized to all of this as he becomes more exasperated and it's hilarious

  2. Matt: The finale theory!
    Me seeing that it's the 18/51 in this playlist: Ah yes

  3. i love how the SLAUGHTER THE RAINBOW rainbow looks a bit like the bi flag

  4. The audio from Bendy in the beginning tho 😂

  5. “200th”
    i thought he was gonna say 200th fnaf episode lmao

  6. Love the intro because of the letters revealing themselves

  7. Wait but belora was created and possibly possessed before aftons daughter died

  8. title: "The Final Theory"
    playlist: 18/51

  9. I personally would’ve loved the other version of the script

  10. Stop doing this to yourself Matt, Stop Saying it’s the end you’ll keep getting Your Hopes up.

  11. MatPat – The final FNAF theory.
    The fans – laughs in 18/51

  12. im starting to think that the scariest part of fnaf isnt the jumpscares its the lore
    me: your wrong the scaariest part of fnaf is….. the fan

  13. 9:14 ok hear me out. Susie is the owner of mangle (the dog) and when afton makes mangle (the animatronic) he gives it to Elizabeth as a twisted gift as a weird test of sorts

  14. Matpat went on enimeim mode in the end-

  15. note that 1983 was 1 year before 1984

    literally 1984

  16. 4:44 no u are going off topic here we dont wanna know abt the fast and furious lore this is the fnaf lore come on mate

  17. 9:09 why…wh…why do…. Does the…bed look like that…get out of my head i beg u plz this is a nightmare

  18. Where does the happiest day minigame fit into the timeline? Is it after the first game or at the end of the third?

  19. Title: The Final Theory
    laughs in playlist 18/51

  20. "final"
    well, this playlist still has about 30+ videos left
    so i doubt that

  21. It’s a shame game theory has more episodes then AVGN.

  22. the fact that 4 years ago you thought this was "the final theory"

    hi 🙂

  23. I swear every third fnaf video mat makes is said to be his "final fnaf video", read the room Matthew, you are trapped in a deathnote type gambit/chess game with scott and you will be in some capacity until the end of time

  24. There is a game theory add just made my day

  25. I HAVE A FNAF FOUR THEORY. the slightly yellow text font was William. He collects remnant to make crying child live forever. That's why he made sister location. And why in FNAF 6 it has r for Remnant. I'm don son

  26. No one:
    Literally no one:
    Matpat: She done got SCOOOPED!

  27. clickbait, made multiple theories AFTER final theory, smh my head

  28. WILLIAM AFTONS DAUGHTER- no name- (it's actually Elizabeth Afton but I'm sure he'll figure it out 6:14

  29. Amazing BG music. Anyone have the name or is it costing?

  30. MatPat:This is my final fnaf theory!
    Scott: Matt Pat , this is the 12th time this week you've shown you're final FNaF theory in class.

  31. Speed up nightmare fredbears voice listen

  32. To fly away in the song could reference her being an angel and flying away, or that she just imagines doing it

  33. 'The Final Theory'
    Playlist I'm watching: 19/50 are you sure about that😀

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