Game Theory: FNAF, The FINAL Theory! (Five Nights at Freddy’s) - pt 1 -

Game Theory: FNAF, The FINAL Theory! (Five Nights at Freddy’s) – pt 1

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I’ve spent years tormenting myself over the tiniest details of FNAF. Trying to piece together the ultimate FNAF theory. Losing countless sleepless nights to animatronics pacing my dreams. But I’ve finally done it! Scott Cawthon, I’ve solved your series. I have found the final pieces to this animatronic jigsaw puzzle. Loyal Theorists, I give you the FINAL ULTIMATE FNAF THEORY!

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  1. You know I never knew what it said in the beginning and then I watch it again and ohhhhhh my god. "You can even cheat death itself!"

  2. I looked at this and legit said “THE F I N A L THEORY 💀💀💀”

  3. “Because it’s solving fnaf with one final mega theory”
    Goodness 🤦

  4. I Love this series. The best on game theory

  5. Pov: you’re re-watching the fnaf series

  6. yeaaa about the "final FNAF theory" … that didnt work out

  7. Who's gonna tell past matpat that this is not the final theory

  8. matpat: look what i have!
    guy: ok
    matpat: FNAF: THE FINAL THEORY!!!!!!!!
    guy: again?
    matpat: what do you mean? it's brand new?
    guy: suspires

  9. “The Final Theory”

    So… Who’s gonna tell 2017 Matt that this isn’t the last theory?

  10. Mat never name one of your videos final fnaf theory again

  11. Mat: it’s actually a story about a family!
    Me: it took you three years to figure that out-
    Also me: LMAO

    So, after Elizabeth (the daughter) dies and possesses Baby, Baby's eyes become green, which was Elizabeth's eye color. Baby had blue eyes before, but after possession, she had green eyes.
    Could this mean this happened with all the other possessed animatronics? Because why would ONLY Baby have color changing eyes, or is it exclusive to the Funtime animatronics? If the latter, then would their eye colors also change if possessed? Or are all the other eye colors changed after possession too…?

  13. ya'll okay how funny would it have been for Scott to stop creating FNaF for a while and Matpat is like "oh thank god, no more, guys, this is my last FNaF theory." and the very day he posts the video, Scott posts a trailer to a new game.

  14. MatPat: “How does Mrs Afton die? What’s her name?”
    Me: Haha yes Gachatuber go brrr

  15. “The Final Theory”

    3 years ago was a much simpler time

  16. Slaughter the rainbow is now one of my favourite quotes.

  17. The girl is Elizabeth and the little boy is called chris the older brotherr is Michael

  18. " A perfectly normal family of 5 "
    Huh…u don't say

  19. I’m only 1:25 in and it is wild up to this point lol , feels super fast paced comepared to normal

  20. matpat: the final fnaf theory

    me rewatching the series for the 7th time: in your dreams matpat, in your dreams

    Scott: both of you are wrong, *releases Fnaf Ar, new books,Freddy in space and security breach* HA

    me and matpat:…

  21. "taste the rainbow, now slaughter the rainbow!" lol that was the funniest part of this whole video

  22. Just a pencil and a dream can cheat death itself.

  23. matpat: the FINAL theory
    my pov: 19/52
    me: i don’t think so bro

  24. It fees so weird looking back since I can still remember the daysI looked on YouTube and saw these thumbnails and got excited every time

  25. Final Theory
    Me: Laughs in Security Breach

  26. Afton and Henry setting in a Relatible tree S A F want to be more than mortal and to open a portal to bring back those they lost but at a great cost

  27. Bo I think she survived she just left because of his reasons for Killing

  28. Why does purple guy never seam to age

  29. Anyone else see five more finale theories in the recommended section

  30. Sorry for making this a two-parter, but the final script was 12 pages by the time I covered everything. THERE WAS A LOT!
    Don't worry though, I think it'll all be worth it 😉

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