Game Theory: FNAF, The Final Security Breach Mystery SOLVED! -

Game Theory: FNAF, The Final Security Breach Mystery SOLVED!

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Look out Theorists! The Blob is coming! Well, it’s been here and you’ve been asking me to talk about it. FNAF has many mysteries, one of the strangest of which is the Blob. What is it? What does it want? Today we are going to dissect the secrets of what may be Five Nights At Freddy’s strangest monster yet. Let’s go!

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Writers: Matthew Patrick and Tom Robinson
Editors: Pedro Freitas, Alex “Sedge” Sedgwick, Tyler Mascola
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

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  1. You know, that Agony theory could also work to explain Yokai.

  2. You did not fish the whole game you forgot about foxy where is glamor foxy Roxy is not foxy where is foxy Roxy is a girl foxy is a boy so how do you know which one is there there's a little whole place for foxy and Roxanne has her own place circle definitely has to be some kind of wear ending about foxy

  3. favorite quotes from this episode "soon my precious soon" also "Freddy spaghetti"

  4. The e do skeleton in the blob is the endo skeleton in Fnaf 5

  5. It’s molten freddy know as ennard the blob he took and the animontronic s that were in the glass and in the remains of Fnaf 6.

  6. Where is William Afton is he supposed to be dead

  7. Scot says the contents of the box are all the pieces put together. Remember when psychic friend fredbear said he would put Evan back together?

  8. I tought the blob was molten freddy wich is funtime freddy

  9. He’s trying to someone or lease Matt pat says that the game is dead. I will just sit down with my cuppa coffee and wait and suddenly we all realize it’s not dead.

  10. The blob just seems like some kind of mutated molten freddy

  11. Why is the one animatronic skeleton not stitchwraith?

  12. Maybe Golden Freddy's Endoskeleton was took out to leave him to rot but then the Blob took it and went away.

  13. If the Blob is taking Afton, It's literally trying to get his agony.

  14. The new girl's name is actually "Cassie" if you watch it's trailer!
    (Like if true dislike if not)

  15. That why in the movie the eyes were red…..

  16. I think it's the black cloth thing which is dumpster Diving to find body parts to make him self
    whole or the mixtures of all characters in sister location 😅

  17. i like he mentions mangle first 4;27 lol also do a video on mangle i wanna learn about him

  18. He tack the levoer uf it and mad him muti frety

  19. In fnaf6 he survived the fier and he tock

  20. Haha. What about eclipse?
    What about the new trailer?
    Game theory… ITS NÕ[ ÕVÈ=

  21. 9:00 did he seriously didnt immediatly thought about ennard?

  22. That is actually Funtime foxy cause mangle has only one eye lit but in the blob it had two eyes lit and Funtime foxy always has two eyes lit

  23. Agony might actually be the reason why they have red eyes in the new movie?

  24. The puppet is missing the tears because her soul got released

  25. Well maybe it's bc of they got rotten the masks. And they didn't want it so they threw it down to the bottom where fnaf 1 is. And it could be he collected them?

  26. The puppet mask with no tears was from the Fnaf 3rd

  27. I have a theory,what if lefty was built not to trap the puppet but to protect it since Henry built it and Charlotte is possessing the puppet

  28. Matpat you need to read this for your theories about the blob. Look at the tentacles of the blob and then look at what ennard looks like he is made of. Does it or does it not look like ennard and the blob look like they are of the same origin. I theorize that ennard and the blob are one and the same. Please consider this theory and if you do decide to show this idea I would like a shoutout

  29. I believe the blob is Every other animatronic except baby from the Ennard. Then using the stitch wraith, it made its way to the new pizzaplex, and stole animatronic parts from the “museum” in the pizzaplex.

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