Game Theory: FNAF, The Faceless Puppet Master -

Game Theory: FNAF, The Faceless Puppet Master

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In my previous FNAF episode that dived into the new Fazbear Frights book series, I said I was going to come back to one of the characters for a closer look. Today is that day! I am taking a hard look at the boy in the time traveling ball pit, Oswald. You see, I think we may have found the person making these FNAF games. No, I don’t mean Scott and the games in our world, I mean the in cannon creator of the FNAF games that was mentioned in FNAF VR. Why Oswald? Watch to find out!

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Writers: Matthew Patrick
Editors: Alex “Sedge” Sedgwick, Tyler Mascola, and Dan “Cybert” Seibert
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  1. Matt pat was on an add and I thought I was watching one of his videos 💀

  2. The "But that's just a theory a Game theory thanks for watching" never gets old

  3. Matpat next time you jumpscare us SAY A WARNING!!!

  4. Matpat now: so security breach and all that stuff is almost here

    Matts great great great great great great grandchildren in 3021: HELLO INTERNET, ok so a new game is coming out, its FNaF 1,120 my friend's, and the 849th book called "great grandfather matpat" SHOCKING RIGHT?, so you remember the 1,119th revival of William afton? WELL HES TOES WERE THE KEY TO THE HIDDEN LORE ALL ALONG SHOCKING RIGHT?

  5. I straight up got an ad from matpat on bigchamg

  6. The games are now canon in their own lore?!?!?

  7. Theory: Oswald developed the games and they were accurate, and the story is hidden because if it wasn't he would be fired by Fazbear Entertainment. The company just told everyone, including Vanny that the stories were complete lies to make others think they are brand safe.

  8. matpat: Makes a theory on how scott breathing shaped the killings in the first place

    Everyone else: You did, you crazy son of a gun you did it.

  9. If all of the FNAF games where a game then how come the characters could see enard

  10. Food Theory: remember that one episode for cannibalism week about MnMs well what is a regular MnMs inside

  11. Cmon i'm tryna watch your videos in peace and you pull up with a jumpscare on me lol

  12. 9:08
    I just realized that the tiny smile on his face is in fact his nose—
    .. over a year and a half later..

  13. here me out Scott said dabbing chica is the center of FNAF what if dabbing chica is what’s in the box ;-;

  14. Its a shame that springtrap could be non canon

  15. Does Oswald have a nose on his face or is that a small weirdly high smile? I only just realized that it's probably a nose but I can't stop seeing the lil smile that's way too high on his face

  16. 8:35 am i the only one that thinks the nose of oswald is a lil smile?

  17. matpat: *makes a theory*
    scott: and i took that personally-

  18. You could say that here the “Master of the puppets”

  19. I cant remember why I put this in my music playlist but Im glad I did

  20. It's a surprise tool that will help us later

  21. The more u say oswald… the more i think about oswald tha lucky rabbit….
    (Old cartoon)

  22. Anyone else see Oswald's nose as a small smile? I can't unsee it lmfao

  23. To all those who are watching through the playlist: you have now entered the fazbear frights era. Prepare for things to get weird.

  24. Did anyone else hear the little tune that plays when you're loading into the eshop on a 3ds/2ds during the video? I'm pretty sure I'm wrong but I'm just curious.

  25. One good heavy metal band says that you should obey your master. Your master of puppets

  26. Scout: says something
    Matpat: it's game theory time

  27. fnaf 1 is set in a reopening of the ORGINAL restraunt

  28. I hate you hey siri i hate you so much i want to use i do when my games the woman michael na i love i hate your facts your facts are👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

  29. What if Oswald is either Henry or William? Considering he made Bonnie,chica and the star Freddie he designed them so what if he was one of the owners

  30. Question is the puppet a puppet or controls puppets 🤔

  31. The real monster is anyone who draws like that.

  32. I know all of this is just a theory, but Glitchtrap is my new sleep paralysis demon. No joke, these videos are giving me nightmares. I still want to watch all of them, though.

  33. wrong wrong wrong i confirmed that scott cawthon is not baseing it on matpat

  34. Scott:

    Write that down!

  35. I know its not super important but why does afton wanna kill kids anyway? With the original siiiiiiiiixxxx? Victims?

  36. Bruh idek what the story is anymore, I kinda miss the days when it was just a dude in a costume killing kids and stuffing them In suits, now there is time travel, game development as a cover up, idek anymore

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