Game Theory: FNAF, The Clue that SOLVES Five Nights at Freddy's! -

Game Theory: FNAF, The Clue that SOLVES Five Nights at Freddy’s!

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With the FNAF Halloween update finished and Scott moving on to the Five Nights at Freddy’s novel and the upcoming FNAF World, it’s time we look back and finally put to rest the original FNAF tetrology. We have all the pieces…but what are we missing? Scott Cawthon have us theorists some clues to go off of during our Five Nights at Freddy’s livestream, which led to new revelations and me to discover the clue that breaks the entire FNAF series wide open! Prepare to have your mind blown!

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  1. I actually have theory that Michael afton ( foxy bro ) are the night guards ( fritz smith) ( mike Schmidt ) ( the guy in the white mask the fnaf6 night guard ) all the animatronics try to kill you because we look like William but in reality we work to fix Williams mistakes

  2. This is a possible scenario that fills in many gaps within fnaf

  3. I remember being so hyped for this video while i was in a hotel room after a trip at the age of 10 or somthing. The story has become even more complicated by now and i cant wait for the security breach!


  5. me watching this vid
    mat: no fnaf 5!
    video 9 of 51
    press x to doubt

  6. Willam afton is the purple guy little does mattpat know the hell he will go through

  7. remember when scott was some mysterious guy no one actually knew

  8. today we end the horror.
    today. we solve fnaf
    smile and wave guys.. smile and wave

  9. This probably could be true, if it weren’t for the rest of the nonsense that continued after

  10. "Today is the day we finally solve Fnaf" your about 5 years to early

  11. When the dream theory was actually real on fnaf 4:

  12. matpat I think your really smart and and you and teams devotion to this is incredible. for that I trust that you do your reserch so I competly 100% believe this wonderful FNAF theory

  13. MatPat: from now far is the last game in the series

    Fnaf five teasers: Ha ha ha you fool

  14. No fnaf 5 roomers

    You should be saying no fnaf 10 roomers

  15. I'm still convinced this is exactly what the story was supposed to be, until Scott got cold feet on the "coma theory".

  16. Oko Łowcy Mnichów Pan Wiszącej Wieży says:

    For me this is the point were the first FNAF story ends and the second one begins. The dream theory was definitely correct and every piece of canon since then is building a different story, loosely based on the child's dream

  17. I think it’s time we accept Scott has no idea what the story is and is just throwing stuff at the wall

  18. Why would the child dream of talking to a phone guy

  19. Yo yo yo it’s skipbitybopbeeboobabop12 says:

    “Today we solve fnaf!”

    Laughs while watching a fnaf theory on security breach

  20. The Girl From The Garden Why Do I See Golden Freddy Plush?!?!

  21. Always figured fnaf 1 animatronics are foam suit while 2 and 6 are plastic

  22. I liked the "the other games were actually games in the lore as well that are based on real events" thing in vr because it both allows us to ignore some extremely misfitting information from the earlier games while keeping the lore we have assablished so far

  23. There's a FNAF 5 and 6 and 7 and almost and 8

  24. just a dream argument doe have one weakness details ask anyone if they have had a detailed dream with diffrent chapters organized no bc it doesnt happn a dream is almost always just a mess i can tell u i dream alot and i have had three or four dreams with 1 or two minor details

  25. Yes also it sounds like the Taco Bell sound

  26. I forgot that he did a stream with Raz, Baz, Ryan, and Dawko

  27. My Biggest Question Is:
    Who Or What Are The Withereds?

    Me: laughing in security breach 😃

  29. Haha game theory I agree with her you'll never solve FNAF!!! Hahaha

  30. if I was in a dreaming about fnaf I would be gotta go fast out of that pizza place

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