Game Theory: FNAF, The Answer was RIGHT IN FRONT OF US (Five Nights at Freddys Sister Location) -

Game Theory: FNAF, The Answer was RIGHT IN FRONT OF US (Five Nights at Freddys Sister Location)

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The release of The Twisted Ones may have been followed by the Cancellation of FNAF 6, but we can still use this book to get to the bottom of things! While Scott says the books are a separate canon, it’s hard to deny that the books and games only seem more & more connected as they come out. And The Twisted Ones is no exception. In this episode, I will Reveal who created the animatronics in Sister Location and how these twisted robots can Control Your Mind!

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  1. What kind of idiot builds animatronics for the sole purpose of killing children, yet calls them Funtime Animatronics?

  2. I'm gonna take a wild guess and say that Henry built the Glamrock animatronics!

  3. 17:15 not dreams, illusion's. the nightmare animatronics ARE the twisted ones.

  4. I could be dumb but in the credits they role in the video the bottom is Ness is this as Vanessa in the new game or am I missing a joke?

  5. Soooo did crying child died by the bite or by the heart attack?
    I mean he is suppose to be a kid which is geting atacked by huge animatronics with sharp teeth and for him they are pretty much real and not from behind a laptop screen or anything
    Also does that mean we should play mor horror games and watch more horror movies

  6. “Why fnaf 6 was cancelled”
    Me in 2021: lmao that’s funny

  7. Why i dont have those lines in the books?! I dont even remember reading some of them!? This doesn't make sence!

  8. ok so if henry was ashamed of making baby then doesn't that mean he is ashamed of making robo charlies??

  9. Henry after fnaf 6: i always come back

    William: wAt dA fU–

  10. ALL animatronics were built by William Afton

    Henry's last name is Emily and he has a daughter named Charlotte/Charlie Emily who was stuffed into the Puppet/Marionette animatronic

    Is G. Afton supposed to be Girl Afton? If so her name is Elizabeth

    The "Phantoms" from FNaF 2 are actually Shadow Versions of Spring Bonnie/Springtrap and Fredbear/ Golden Freddy possessed by Christopher Afton/C.C./Evan who used the possess Golden Freddy with Cassidy Brooks until Chris' soul was transfered to Shadow Freddy. And you know how William's story goes.

  11. That under the sea reference seems like it about to come true with the bunny fish 💀

  12. 'old up, I found a Micky, pause video and skin to 2:25, still don't know how to stamp :/

  13. Matpat: Says roll credits.
    YouTube: Nice place to add a double unskippable ad!

  14. Did anyone see the sand is ness reference in the part where he rolls fake credits?

  15. Are we just gonna ignore the fact that there's a face their 11:55

  16. It’s been YEARS, and I’m still re watching these because of the entertainment and trying to figure it all out over and over again haha

  17. I think balloon boy has been referred to 3 times now….he really doesnt get mentioned

  18. I’m pretty sure the discs are called “Illusion Discs”

  19. "Looks like I had more staying power than you, Scotty C!" hits so much more differently now

  20. 14:52 roll the credits but freddy and springtrap names cast waaaaaat

  21. If u look at the red dot in the middle of the illusion at 15:31 for a few seconds closely and look at something else the object might look… *wierd*. This happened to me

  22. Title: The Answer was RIGHT IN FRONT OF US-
    Add: NETFLIX

  23. പ്രേട്ടി സുരേഷ് ഇത് ഈസ്‌ അ ഇല്ലൗസോക്കുന് ഡിസ്ക് കംഫേർമിട്ട് ബൈ സ്കോട്ട.

  24. “You never know when a corpse may wander out of the shadows wearing a rabbit suit.”

    I think I just found my favorite quote of all time.

  25. Y’all remember the spring locks in night 4?
    The disc is what u use to wind it, so what if… the minireenas… were hallucinations

  26. The beat the beginning with gooo9ōōōōōōooooooooöööööööooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo0oooooo9oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooööö0oooooooooood

  27. The fazbear frights series is probably located in 2021- the first book, last chapter, Count the ways. Funtime Freddy is old and rusty;] And there are plushtrap toys in the second:D

  28. Is it weird that I want to read the books now? Sounds like a trip🤣

  29. i get it now, the reason we are seeing those animotronicss as hallucinations is because Michael is scared of them, which also backs up how you play as him in fnaf 3

  30. Yes the movie was totally canceled hehe

  31. Your not watching in full screen if u see this comment

  32. I’m watching this on the in order playlist on SHUFFLE!!!

  33. Can we just appreciate the sound effect/music for the clopping of horse hooves music at 3:10? Like, genuinely- Immense kudos to the sound work of the editors. Seriously, nice work!

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