Game Theory: FNAF STUMPED Me... Again! -

Game Theory: FNAF STUMPED Me… Again!

The Game Theorists
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There has been a lot going on surrounding this episode. I am sorry to anyone who was contacted because of this. For all of my thoughts on this and ARGs overall, please watch this video. ►

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Theorists, I’ve been catching up on my reading and you know what that means. That’s right, it’s time to talk about the FNAF book series, Fazbear Frights. Has FNAF truly jumped the shark this time? Let’s break down the clues and find out!

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Glamrock Freddy Port by Dr.PickleCheese

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  1. I have a theory for the first fazbear fright book into the pit Oswalds mom is blonde and has it in a pony tail often and she is at work almost all day and night so could she actually be vannessa

  2. Hi, just thought that I might put it out there that there is a place called cash valley in Utah, although there is not much else that relates here because it’s miles on miles away from cedar city. Don’t think this has any connection, just thought I’d put it out there

  3. Nooooo
    I live in Utah and was just down visiting the national parks this last weekend. If I knew about this, I could've driven through and had a look around (respectfully of course)

  4. You should have a separate channel for this and then just move these vids to there

  5. All of your merch is just infinitely better than any other Youtube merch. You can instantly tell how much more effort is put into these than most merch. Keep up the amazing work!

  6. Does anyone else think that Scott is Matt's Moriarty?

  7. ✈️✈️✈️✈️✈️🇷🇴🇷🇴🇷🇴🇷🇴😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  8. This is the very controversial video huh. I wonder if this secret hunt led anywhere

  9. I think singer moot means "bees toom" because moot backwards is toom and singer and bees

  10. I think the riddles mean go to Hawaii find flowers and a bee hive next to lights put your hand inside of the light and you'll find the last riddle and when you solve it you'll get some more lore to the game

  11. MatPat: Nearly four months without a single FNAF theory…
    Us: Let’s fix that with a controlled shock.

  12. As Scott said, "Sometimes there isnt enough room for lore, just a story."

  13. But that’s just a theory, a book theory

  14. boss they did it more book sires have more

  15. Imagine if it all leads to a FNAF Pizzeria somewhere in the middle of nowhere.

  16. Man, imagine being in a FNAF support group and everyone is confused cause they have similar stories but all slightly different enough to be worrying

  17. Two mikes is enough in into the pit there is kid named mike in the first story also in the first story there’s is a girl named Gabriel Scott is reusing names

  18. yo why did the puppet jumpscare scare me🤣💀💀💀💀💀

  19. i do have the coloring book i feel so seen

  20. I imagine the shark that ate Matt in the intro would let matt out holding a computer and wearing his working clothes with eye bags and e saying “here we go again”

  21. Mute is close to the word Moon moot is close to the word Moon what off it's theory about Moon drop

  22. I'm don't know a lot about FNAF and this is a long shot but what if the books are all after Mandy's blog

  23. you know as I was watching the Mandy scene and how she ended up finding out that fanf related to real life I had a theory that our deaf relates to real life to.Is this Scott’s way of confessing to murder?

  24. Ok I am not kidding I see someone in my house I am hone alone…

    I might be losing my mind


  25. this book is basically mocking the theorists lol

  26. WOW the coloring book released on my b-day!

  27. tbh I came back to this video because the thumbnail was different lol


  29. MAndy
    Coincidence? I think not!

  30. I'm sorry to ruin this for your break but umm there a fnaf moving coming soon

  31. I feel like Ollie when he's older he will still be making the fnaf theorys @The Game Theorists

  32. Here my short theory:
    It’s about nightguard bots
    I think they are a nightguard to check if the murderer bots is trying to get outside

  33. Hey are we not going to talk about the fact that the key was hidden away under a old pool like they did not want us to see just more then the shark they must be hiding more from us

  34. IF Scott makes something irl,he should make it near oglinzi Romania,i will be ready to help

  35. Some tidbits from the Reddit as of writing:
    -the Android version of the mobile port was updated a week before the book release, and someone has already put the files on the Reddit and found an image of a brown wall: no such brown wall/building exists in the game
    -New Harmony has a post office on a corner, it’s a 15 minute drive from Cedar City, is speculated to be where Charlie went to school, and is north of Hurricane City, which is where Silver Eyes took place
    -most of the FNAF games have likely taken place in Utah due to the location of the lawsuits
    -the ARG may have been cut because of the pandemic

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