Game Theory: FNAF Sister Location DECODED! (FNAF 5) -

Game Theory: FNAF Sister Location DECODED! (FNAF 5)

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Since the day FNAF Sister Location was announced, you’ve asked for theories about it! At first I didn’t think there could be anything to say before the game actually came out, but I did my homework, dug into everything we know about the game…and found a few surprises. The result is today’s theory, where I make my predictions for the latest iteration of FNAF…months before it even comes out! Am I right? Only time will tell…

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  1. Everything MatPat got wrong:
    Ennard isn't the Puppet, it's the fusion between all four animatronics.
    Foxy's reflection is probably Baby.
    The movie didn't come closer in 2016.
    The desk guy isn't dead in the games until FNAF 6.
    Pigtail girl isn't The Crying Child's sister.

  2. Me: chilling in 2021 oh yes the Afton siblings

  3. Didn't phone guy in one of the first 2 games say something about a sister location.

  4. I got a game theory ad on this game theory video

  5. i know im late but what if crying kids dad is afton. and he puts pigtail girl into the baby animatronic and whenever she would break afton would say "i'll put you back together" and that would also explain the whole bite thing. because if he was aftons kid, he would go to work with him sometimes and maybe he saw something like that purple guy scene with the worker and the freddy suit and that scared him. but hey, thats just a theory.

  6. *me thinking we all knew that henry’s daughter is named Charlotte*
    Me: *pauses*
    Also me: WHAT?!

  7. The fact that i noticed the "every body" first than the usual Everybody

    Im such a genius

  8. So,your not pointing out the JJ BB or DD doll in the office/the shock and light place

  9. I know what he means by there's I know what he means by there's a pc of me and every body

  10. I heard distribution center and it I made me think of fazbear frights book 5

  11. 15:50 That's because it's Elizabeth who is the crying child's sister. William designed it to look like her for her birthday but then someone (no spoilers) sabotaged it and Circus Baby killed Elizabeth.

  12. I love how when chica is missing, its mentioned, but when bonnie was missing for fnaf 3 nobody cared ( Springtrap doesn't feel like bonnie to me ) even in security breach, he's gone, bonnie is like, a very odd character.

  13. So the book is like dc elseworlds but for fnaf


    me: laughs in you're wrong

  15. Circus baby is Elizabeth and yea she’s the sister of chris the crying child…

  16. This whole series is like a really long Ace Attorney case

  17. “His first victim is Henry’s son Sammy”

    Charlie: ok so I’m just left alone here

  18. Psychic friend Fred bear he’s here he’s there he’s everywhere who you gotta call psychic friend bear bada ba ba bA BA!

  19. 11:09 “with the fnaf movie coming ever closer”😂😂😂 it’s 2021 and It’s still not out not even a trailer

  20. I feel so old and I'm barely an adult why fnaf.. why?

  21. Wait sister location came out 5 years ago? How has it been this long. I have seen everything. “Everything that’s happened. Everything that will happen. Yet what the he🏒🏒 is this”

  22. I so happy I'm right and he wrong and I just found fnaf a year ago. It's toy foxy that becomes mangle

  23. Are we just going to skim past the fact that Scott copyrighted the name Baby?

  24. Oh god what's next? Crying child get's a STAND and kills afton with construction equipment?

  25. THEORY: Matpat jumped into the ballpit in 2020 and reappeared in this video

  26. The pigtails girl is the ccs sister, and baby was made specifically for her. Plus when she dies, baby kills her, and she possesses her.

  27. i rewatch matpats fnaf series multiple times every month, its actually sad how addicted i am

  28. Dude I can’t believe some people haven’t heard-
    So basically the Fnaf movie script was finished in 2019 or 2020 and Scott didn’t like the script so they canceled it
    And the old show the banana splits was made into a movie, So the banana splits took over the Fnaf movie. Your welcome 🙂

  29. "this is the puppet"
    no sir. we still have a long way to go.

  30. MatPat in 2016: This is our fifth animatronic!

    Me: Oh, really…. (looks at the ending for SL) How's it goin', Mike?

  31. I have a hard time believing that ballora was booked for children's parties. Just look at here.

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