Game Theory FNAF Mysteries SOLVED Pt 2 (SECOND HALF) -

Game Theory FNAF Mysteries SOLVED Pt 2 (SECOND HALF)

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So as you can tell, FNAF didn’t come out yesterday. The problem is that the day of the upload, I got a copyright strike on the channel. It’s all being worked out, but the thing is, when there’s a strike on the channel, you can no longer upload videos longer than 15 minutes, which complicates things since the final episode is 18 minutes.

But thank you for your patience. I know you guys have been eager for both this theory and its conclusion, and I’ve been trying my best to get it to you as fast as possible. Hopefully, it was worth the wait [theorist fist] 🙂

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  1. I love how even in fnaf 3 golden freddy’s head has two lights showing that Matt was right about golden freddy having two souls inside him

  2. Why would phone guy admit to there being murders in the restaurant is he did them and he didn't want anybody to find out 😃

  3. Gacha life youtubers: William was "controlled" by glitchtrap, who is vincent! And Clara possesses ballora! Mike × ennard! Elizabeth is older than "chris"!
    Canon: William IS glitchtrap, ms. Afton does NOT possess ballora, Mike × ennard is incest, and Elizabeth was around 5 when she died!

  4. "How do you guys feel about a Fnaf movie?"
    Me: It's been 6 years…..

  5. The fact that Matt patt was actually a convincing 6 year old at the end because of the fact new things were coming out

  6. Even back then, it still would of been impossible for phone guy to be purple guy, back in fanf 1 night 4 phone call, he died, and we know he got caught by the animatronics because of the golden Freddy jump scare, but the later on, he dies in the golden Bonnie suit in a completely different location. It’s not impossible, even for back then

  7. Wrong his name is William afton just purple guy

  8. imagine if mat pat said “william afton” is the purple guy

  9. I really like trying to forget what I know about this series and follow matpats thought process. Really interesting stuff.

  10. A big respect for purple guy who was a employee for years just to kill kids


    me: laughs in knowing William is purple guy

  12. Hahaha oh poor innocent MatPat, he really thought it was over😹

  13. Have you ever realized that the banging in door kind of sounds like purple guy walking on the night 5 minigame?

  14. Lol there was still things wrong with what he said

    If phone guy from part 1 is spring trap, how is it then we see his death from part 1 and a different one from part 3. And plus if part one is after math of number 3 then how is phone guy there if he was spring trap?

    This was all before he found out what a William Afton was.

  15. I know he seems like purple guys with one guy but he's really William Afton

  16. the fnaf 2 was first becouse it was in year 1987 but the fnaf 1 was after the withered animatronics in fnaf 2 are the same as in fnaf 1 but in fnaf 1 they are not broken becouse they where fixed and yes in fnaf 2 they were broken becouse some error

  17. Phone guy? seriously? That's it! My knee, your ear, RIGHT NOW!

  18. Little issue I have with this one though. You said that the purple guy is the phone guy, but then you say he hunkered down in the suit waiting to be let out by the phone guy? I've seen the later episodes so I know you cover this talking about how there are multiple purple guys and getting into the Aftons, but in the moment this seems like a self-fulfilling prophecy of someone getting stuck in a suit only to be found and let out by themself?

  19. I approve of this being the complete and final theory of fnaf that makes sense before things went to soul alchemy

  20. Phone guy/William afton theory: I used to rule the world

  21. me waiting for baby mat pat too include “father it’s me micheal”

  22. Poor phone guy accused of being a serial killer😭

  23. heheheheheh oh boy, past matpat, you have no idea

  24. Me watching in 2021: bro it’s William afton… oh yeah this is an old video

  25. So I was watching one of your old fnaf videos and I thought about something with if the banging on phone guy door was not the suit's coming to kill him what if the banging was the cops coming to put hem in jail for the murder he did

  26. Im cringing so hard at the old theories lmao.

  27. I come from the future of 2021 Purple guy is not the phone guy!

  28. One issue with the fnaf 3 theory: IT TAKES PLACE IN 2030 not in the 1900s but actuallyin the 2000s

  29. Mhmm. Mmmhm. Yes. Six years ago. Aged game theory fnaf cheese. My favorite.


  31. These videos are so good. I Love them. They are a part of me. I first watched this in 7th Grade, now 4 years later, I will watch this Wonderful theory series again

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