Game Theory FNAF Mysteries SOLVED Pt 2 (FIRST HALF) -

Game Theory FNAF Mysteries SOLVED Pt 2 (FIRST HALF)

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So as you can tell, FNAF didn’t come out yesterday. The problem is that the day of the upload, I got a copyright strike on the channel. It’s all being worked out, but the thing is, when there’s a strike on the channel, you can no longer upload videos longer than 15 minutes, which complicates things since the final episode is 18 minutes.

But thank you for your patience. I know you guys have been eager for both this theory and its conclusion, and I’ve been trying my best to get it to you as fast as possible. Hopefully, it was worth the wait [theorist fist] 🙂

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  1. It’s funny watching all of these back and laughing at the theories that we have now thrown out the window, who would have thought we’d be talking about time traveling ball pits and possession

  2. i really loved phone guy, he was vv comforting. I never skipped his call/tape things, it was nice hearing his voice yk?? It made me less scared, especially as a scared little 7 y/o

  3. At some point during all these theories, you gotta hand it to Scott. He’s either a master storyteller or extremely lucky.

  4. 23,774 comments…..and I bet you I'm the first/only one who notices you're using FIRE N ICE soundtrack as the background music in the beginning of the vid (also commonly known as SOLOMON'S KEY 2).
    Now…. how many others are going to know or notice something like that, huh? Yeah. I bet you I'm the only one (until I've pointed it out just now, that is). Surely that makes me special in some regard?

    Oh…and nice theory, as always.

  5. I might be failing math but I’m not failing fnaf lore

  6. God, it's so amazing g to go back in time and see what we all thought was happening in these damn games!

  7. I can remember all these theories, but my brain dies during class, cause that makes sense

  8. MatPat: aLl QueStiOnS ansWerEd

  9. I don't think he heard about the Afton family fandom

  10. "you should have gone for the head"
    mangle: gladly

  11. Fact: in Brazil, summer is in november and december. And winter is in july and august.

  12. Everyone who disliked this video, in genuinely curious why. Leave your answer in the comments

  13. Purple guy is still stuffing the bodies into the suits
    The puppet is stuffing the souls into the suits

  14. Phone guy: Hello Hello hello hello you never checked the suits I'm coming for you

  15. 'The End, take a bow, it's finally over'
    Laughs in 'from the future

  16. I was watching at 6:51 when I hatched a foxy in coin master.

  17. Yup that's it. No more like our story. That's it

  18. I love seeing how many times Matt thinks he’s right and it’s over and then new games and books and stuff with new lore and 50 vids later we still aren’t done

  19. MatPat: talking about all questions being answered

    Me: Laughs in future

  20. And he thought it would be this easy. As if.

  21. "when the games weren't so complicated. when the biggest mysteries were a crashing game bear and the words it's me"
    oh, oh mat. you're not ready for the rest

  22. is me or does most people like fnaf but don’t have any books or merch?

  23. I'm rewatching the fnaf eps at 1am in a thunderstorm yay I'm not going to sleep

  24. it is not mangle its either golden Freddy or Fred bear

  25. The bite victim is Chris afton are you stupid Mattpat: HOW DO YOU KNOW THAT me: cus I'm from the future. Mattpat:ok Scot: you are smart

  26. watching these old videos are much better than trying to get the lore keeper ending and can’t beat the fruity maze 😔✋🏻

  27. I believe all the writing and storytelling is straight from Scott, like nothing from life necessarily instigates him writing more but I believe that he uses these theories to think of new and more complicated ways to tell that story

  28. " boy did those sequels make things complicated"
    Laughs in 2021

  29. Mangle could not have caused the bite of 87. There was no springlock failure. But it can't be purple guy's death. They never found his body so they had no reason to close the restaurant.

  30. Trying to watch these in order is like putting the time line together

  31. Mattpad, it’s been so long but I just realized- you’re wrong in one not so important thing… In Africa, there’s Angola. By November, it IS summer. Just saying 👍

  32. Possessed killing puppet looking into your eyes finding out who you are
    Matpat: so as you can see in the background

  33. matpat: mangel was the cause of the bite
    FNaF 4: im about to end this mans whole career

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