Game Theory FNAF Mysteries SOLVED Pt 2 (FIRST HALF) -

Game Theory FNAF Mysteries SOLVED Pt 2 (FIRST HALF)

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So as you can tell, FNAF didn’t come out yesterday. The problem is that the day of the upload, I got a copyright strike on the channel. It’s all being worked out, but the thing is, when there’s a strike on the channel, you can no longer upload videos longer than 15 minutes, which complicates things since the final episode is 18 minutes.

But thank you for your patience. I know you guys have been eager for both this theory and its conclusion, and I’ve been trying my best to get it to you as fast as possible. Hopefully, it was worth the wait [theorist fist] 🙂

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  1. 1 and a half more months of summer with children and the one becoming the purple guy is me

  2. springtrap returns in FNAF 7

  3. Ah yes feels good to finish the whole timeline of Five Night's Of Fredd-…

    sees 4/51 playlist


  4. Mike Smith fans : meh Jeremy fans: he is great

  5. "the ending of the game"

    I don't know about that

  6. Dude this makes no sense, in a previous theory you said it was a nightmare . I’m confused

  7. 「 Iᴛᴢ Pᴜᴘᴘᴘʏ Uɴɪ 」 says:

    This was 6 years ago… I feel so old.

  8. Well the bite of 87 is caused by mangle not fredbear fredbear's bite was back in 83 because the killer lost his kids so he killed the kids to feel better about himself.

  9. Uh… I think it’s Summer in the Southern Hemispheres in November tho? I might be wrong since I’m at the equator but lol

  10. If you found this, it means you are also rewatching all of game theory’s fnaf episodes, good luck on your journey.

  11. What was the whole thing about the copyright strike? what happened?

  12. Matpat pls read this comment. I’m watching your videos because I’m bored 😐 but your videos are the best

  13. Me re-watching the series like: oh MatPat, it’s just the beginning

  14. The first game was a simpler time? Whoof!!! Literally everything before sister location was simpler nowadays

  15. Imagine sometime in the future when there is an actual timeline.. like: (date) : (someone) dies
    (date) : animatronic malfunctions

  16. I like how FNAF started because some guy thought one of Scott's game characters was creepy.

  17. It’s funny that I can laugh at the fact that he said mangle during the bite 😂

  18. I don’t know why people don’t talk about the phone calls taking place in summer and the actual game taking place in november

  19. lets all just sigh in relief that Scott made this into a game instead of in real life

  20. “The first game was simple. The next to made things WAY more complicated.” Lol those were probably the simplest out of all of it

  21. Matpat: Game changing? Shows image of Notch
    Me: True.

  22. Because this video and the second half of part 2 were uploaded the same day, YouTube puts part 2 before part 1 in a list… which just made me realize fnaf 2 coming before FNaF 1 is a parallel…

  23. There is no place in the world we’re November is summer
    Ever been to australia

  24. I need to hear more about sammy it is said there is not much known about him which makes it even more interesting I want to know because if sammy is a character there is no 5 missing children. There no henry sad over his daughter because what about his son. Idk maybe William abducted sammy is he a cannon character? Idk that's why I wanna know more on this person

  25. Back when we knew nothing a simpler,yet complicated time

  26. I think that purple guy is William afton matpat

  27. SEVERAL years later, we still don’t know why we can’t see into the Kitchen

  28. mangle was the one who bite the frontal lobe!

    me: ahahaha NOPE

  29. Uh– I was watching this and I somehow got a add with Mat! And that's not all.. AND WITH STEPHANIE

  30. You are right matpat purple guy died but if you dont know purple guy died 1992 fnaf 1 where you play was at 1993 so that's why they don't show the saferoom

  31. 6 years ago Matpat is in for the biggest surprise of his life talking about how complicated the game is with three games…..

  32. They could have used D/M/Y in the paycheque, so it could be summer in the southern hemisphere

  33. ur forgetin the fact there has been 1 other secret resteraunt sister location in fnaf 3 phone guy states the spring lock fails were in sister location da da daaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  34. sir the purple guy is william afton mat: who is the purple guy

  35. matpat: mangle was the one who bit that kid’s frontal lobe!
    fnaf 4: oh my sweet child.

  36. Wait, in my country november it's a summer month…. IN A LOT OF COUNTRIES NOVEMBER IT'S A SUMMER MONTH

    I guess he was talking about the USA, but… Who cares? This was 6 years ago

  37. when he said mangal caused bite of 87 i was like dis idiot but then i realized it wasnt revealed yet in his time

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