Game Theory: FNAF Just Got A Reboot... (FNAF VR Help Wanted) -

Game Theory: FNAF Just Got A Reboot… (FNAF VR Help Wanted)

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FNAF is back… but not in the way you may be thinking. Oh, we are getting a new game alright. Scott has started teasing FNAF AR and it made me realize something. We’ve been fooled! I was trying to slot in FNAF VR into the timeline as we knew it but, in fact, this is a brand new timeline – the REAL timeline! You see, everything before FNAF VR has been a TRICK! Scott has been lying to us the whole time! 

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Writers: Matthew Patrick
Editors: Tyler Mascola, Dan “Cybert” Seibert, and BanditRants  
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  1. 17:33

    But at that damn rate why not just.make a new game about that???

  2. I've got a mini theory. So one thing that is in most of the main games is audio tapes and what if William Afton made Old Man Consequences and just recorded himself and made it loop so when the player did that it could be a way to lead Cassidy away so he could try to work on a way to escape through technology and so FNAF VR. Also another piece of evidence to prove this is the fact the only character to be virtual or just on a screen that William could create to give him time to escape is Old Man Consequences who could maybe try and trap Cassidy or even put him into the fnaf world game so he could escape from hell

  3. Did I just watch a 7 minute pre intro scene that’s a mini theory??

  4. I Do like Chica in her school uniform. I wish she wore long latex gloves.

  5. Little do you know it's literally going to happen once MatPat solved all the mysteries and Scott has finally ended his FNAF story. Right after this pandemic there'd be like 50 Freddy's roaming around the streets XD

  6. this just brings chuck e cheese to a whole other level

  7. it would make a lot of senesce if Vanny helped made fnaf vr you know to release glitchtrap,… maybe?

  8. Is anybody going to point the fact that the intro player 7 minutes and 22 minutes into the video

  9. Meh I’ll do the ending thing, my favorite animatronic is Ballora. It’s probably because I’ve always loved my mother and she’s known as a motherly figure, I love her design, and when I was younger I was made fun of for doing ballet so I just kinda latched onto her

  10. Scott: did funni easteregg

  11. Why isn't the player of the game Mike? Why would we assume old man consequences be talking to Golden Freddy when GF is one of William's demons?

    Also the 'games' that were meant to make light of bad events were probably the main parts of the game. All the secret parts were probably implied to be snuck in to tell the truth of what happened so the Fazbear enterprisers who hired that game developer could only know of the base games they were hiring him to make, the games that implied the animatronics came to life on their own with faulty programming or whatever and caused the issues that led to the rumors and the closures. The actual truth was 'hidden' inside those games that would in that world make the company seem bad and inept (which could in turn be attributed and blamed on the franchisers) but not personally responsible for the child murders and paranormal issues that actually caused the problems.

    Those 'hidden meanings' would probably bypass the notice of QA testers or Fazbear employees to the players who buy the game who, in this world like we see in the books as those dozens of characters who have heard of Freddy Fazbear and associated brands, would have read news articles and heard rumors that intrigued them into buying these games and found these surface games a distasteful explanation for urban legends with the truth hidden deeper inside.

    We also see more game developers for Fazbear like that awful m-preg chapter of the book that MatPat hates talking about– he doesn't go much into how those game developers seemed to be making games for Fazbear.

  12. Ayyyy this just confirms one of the theories me and my gf had! The fact that UCN is the nightmaring/hell state for William Afton and FNaF World is the Heaven of all of the other innocent souls. Since these two games are connected it makes even more sense that one is Heaven and the other is "Hell". Damn, hell yes!

  13. Lemme give a tip: If FNAF world would be canon the true ending of FNAF 3 would be too.

  14. Listening to William screaming in hell is insanely creepy to me. Imagine being stuck somewhere horrible, screaming for help that will never come. It freaks me out.

  15. Them: talking about he's theory
    Me: look there's a meme

  16. Okay but like what if the actual normal games are the fake games and the real story, the things that actually happened are the 8 bit mini games?

  17. I love this style of theory videos! where mat is just sitting down and talking to us, it's just nice to listen too.

  18. i kinda not like reboots. for majority reboots are bad and only for money

  19. I am just rewatching this video (paused at 7:20) and i am like: "worlds connected? just try to connect all the possible dots of the CoD Zombies story from CoD World at War to CoD Black Ops 4 the "Aether Storyline" just thinking about that makes my head ache…

  20. fnaf but matpat made the tapes:
    tape 1: 5 children into 5 animatronics
    tape 5: 5 children made into 5 animatronics and one child stuck in a animatronic
    tape 10: sister location is literally a sisters location
    tape 32: the past tapes were all lies

  21. Can you make a walter filles théorie pls

  22. It’s weird…if UCN is about William suffering from his own inventions….does that mean William invented Old Man Consequences?

  23. Wait is old man consequences the old man that we see in "later that night" the mini game from midnight motorist?

  24. When you realize that the intro was 7 minutes 😹😹😹

  25. By far the best opening to a Game Theory video.

  26. Actually in old man consequences easter egg william wasn't screamig for help he was screaming "I HATE" over and over

  27. Scott: breathes
    Mat: "its the missing piece! All part of the lore!"
    Scott:"…sure, why not."

  28. Theres another set of eyes, small, but even I recognised it, my friend.

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