Game Theory: FNAF, I SOLVED Ruin! (Security Breach) -

Game Theory: FNAF, I SOLVED Ruin! (Security Breach)

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Loyal Theorists, today I’m tackling one of the most recent FNAF BOMBSHELLS. The recent reveals of The Mimic, The Storyteller, and GGY have set the FNAF community ablaze. What does all this mean? You mean MatPat was RIGHT when he kept saying that the books were important? How does this all tie into Ruin and the larger FNAF story? Well, I’m here to answer all of those questions for you friends. So sit down in front of the HUGE white tiger animatronic… because it’s time for a STORY!

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  1. GAME THEORY: The big words at the start of every FNaF book sometimes have letters next to them… could it mean something?

  2. Matt, i think scott is just writing the story around what you say…

  3. Is Mimic in SB Ruin actually Charlie?

  4. might means nothing but cassie's nails are painted green. about the green/purple theory

  5. 'I must say, you must have lost your Mind in Joy when the Ruin surfaced" πŸ‘

  6. I appreciate your channel and theories

  7. I think the fact that the books are so lore-relevant has caused even the wiki to see it as 100% canon, which we know their not. But the wiki is doing that, and that's causing a problem, just as Matpat says.

  8. the girl from ruins said her dads favorate was bony maby she ment golden bony. and her dad being an inventor. the vany theaory is true

  9. Honestly, it kind of makes more sense that Henry was the one bought out by Afton instead of the other way around from a story tropes perspective. Henry is the inventor whose ideas are larger than his budget allows, and Afton is the rich guy that has a lot of twisted morals and nobody to tell him "no" because he's too rich to argue against.

  10. I wonder if there's a 3rd hidden robot kid the Charlie Mimic is possessing.

  11. But during the therapy takes you can hear tapping like. Two taps for yes and one for no. Am I the only one who noticed that?πŸ˜…

  12. He just keeps getting closer to the truth

  13. Anyone rewatching fnaf theories after the goodbye video?

  14. Also for canonicity of the books, I’d like to point that candy cadets stories are all similar to actual events but just slightly off.

  15. This is sheer excellence. I recently encountered similar material, and it was nothing short of amazing. "Game Theory and the Pursuit of Algorithmic Fairness" by Jack Frostwell

  16. I swear matpat can find the lore of fatherless kid

  17. What If Mike/Michael is Glamrock freddy and The ending where he burns down everything was just to finish his job?

  18. The year of fnaf will probably extend into 2024.

  19. Putting lore in a book for a game franchise is such a bad idea. Not all gamers love to read πŸ˜…

  20. I think that the text written was from Charlie to Gregory. Charlie gave breath with "give life gift mini game." Also, would make sense if she was the one that mended the animatronics after Afton dismantles them

  21. 15:29 I'm bout to prove that one false if yknow whag i mean ☠️☠️☠️

  22. theory 1: multiverse? not the best
    Theory 2: is someone publishing the books with the names changnd trying to put the story out? the person changes the names in the book maybe to not be found? dunno just a theory

  23. My pet you and me always be 5 nights at Freddy's

  24. Noβ€”no- it’s: β€œDodge, Duck, Dip, Dive and Dodge”

  25. I just realized fnaf is gen z's/gen alpha's goosebumps

  26. Lol I love the fact her name is Charlie because someone I know have that name and could see them do this if there died like that lol. πŸ˜‚

  27. Matpat is an idiot. But thats what i like about him❀

  28. Theory: where’s chicas cupcak?

  29. The mouth of F.N.A.F. content, the whole year dose not belong to F.N.A.F..

  30. 6:39 now for a second I had the thought afton hit Charlie with a car

  31. I was wearing a mask this whole video but I wasn't the vanny mask

  32. Ahhh fnaf; the franchise with potential the single least successful pizzariea spinoff.

  33. β€œCassie.. I didn’t send you a message. I’m not at the pizzaplex.”
    β€œWhat do you mean you didn’t send a message?- whatever. I’m in the elevator now.”
    β€œβ€¦I’m so sorry about this Cassie.”

  34. remember this is just condolences there's also 50/50 stacks in the theory you like or not a

  35. 18:51 also, probably a coincidence, but Glamrock Freddy is the only one not wearing green and/or purple

  36. theory: matpat is patient 46 and his therapists exploded from the stress of trying to comprehend fnaf lore

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