Game Theory: FNAF, Golden Freddy... NOT What We Thought! -

Game Theory: FNAF, Golden Freddy… NOT What We Thought!

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There’s a new FNAF book, which means it’s time for Game Theory to re-dip it’s toes into Book Theory! The books, as we’ve discussed, may be a separate timeline but what we learn in them provide us with clues to the main Five Nights At Freddy’s lore. Today we are taking a closer look at Golden Freddy and seeing if the new evidence shows that we were WRONG about our conclusion on his secret identity. Get your exotic butters ready Theorists and let’s get into it!

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Writer: Matthew Patrick
Editors: Alex “Sedge” Sedgwick, Forrest Lee, Tyler Mascola, and Dan “Cybert” Seibert
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman



  1. I think the body is Cassidy, and the hair turned curly from the matted blood and years of not brushing.

  2. Then who or what is in funtime freedy in sister location

  3. The face of cassidy gives me nightmares and im not joking i couldnt sleep for days

  4. Real quick if you pause the video and go to 7:34, you can see that the page Ellas on is page 153 which is close to 1:35. Idk I just thought that was cool 🙂

  5. Dumb, dumb thought, but worthy of consideration nonetheless; what if Cassidy was someone william got accidentally killed? And what if from there his habits grew more and more strong?

    Like chica says she was the first and saw everything in ucn, but what if she was saying she was the first iteration of chica, OR, that she was the first one that afton killed without remorse?

    It would also make sense as to the promise of "i will put you back together" for the crying child, since if we guess that psychic friend fredbear is some sort of lonely Freddy or nanny doll, it would make some degree of sense for afton to use it to comfort the child, or that the child would otherwise imagine their voices being similar to some level, which is why afton is portrayed as yellow in midnight motorist, beyond the whole literally purple guy thing.

    Just a showerthought

  6. I just realized that the minireenas in the popcorn Easter egg finally has a purpose(for those who don't know sometimes In the ending where ennard comes to your house a minireenas head will be in your popcorn) is now to represent minireenas climbing into you through your mouth, it's the only explanation for the Easter egg

  7. Ella looks like those dolls from sister location

  8. I cant belive I'm commenting this but I've been a fan of fnaf since 2016 but I've never had a good enough reason to get the games until covid since then I've collected fnaf 1 till 5 and fnaf world and UCN I just wanted to thank you for being a big part of my life

  9. Lol. In the intro they said: "Theres room for one more!" And then like 5 casually tried to get in his mouth

  10. The black haired person in the suit was the crying child

  11. I know this is late but a side theory I have relates back to candy cadet and everything being stitched together. since Kelsey is proof that many people have died to golden Freddy the souls may have been fused into the soul of the one William should not have killed

  12. This guy is a real biggg reader, and he mostly knows everything about fnaf

  13. Ennard is apart of every
    Animatronic Charlie is Henry’s child Henry also made animatronics
    Charlie also got eaten by one of the animatronic (called puppet) cause willam (Henry’s friend) k!lled Charlie if your wondering “how did she die” willam also helped or should I say also made animatronics and he made circus baby one night his daughter stepped close to the animatronic it gave her a ice cream and it sucked her in she was reported missing so now there is 4 missing kids fritz was a kid he went to Freddy fazbear one time with his friend suzie and Jeremy they meet willam in a suit (not animatronic) he told them to come to the back room with him
    And before you know it they were dead puppet saw them (Charlie) and gave them animatronic suits fritz was foxy suzie was chica and Jeremy was Freddy so there’s 1 more child missing kassidy or cassidy was stuck
    In the Same animatronic as Charlie kassidy or Cassidy wanted revenge so
    She took control she called all of the animatronics cause they were also mad so on a night while willam was working in Freddy fazbears they trapped him in springtrap they didn’t mean to cause they didn’t know that the animatronic suit was a k!lling Machine so willam died Henry k!lled himself of Charlie and Cassidy or
    Kassidys death but hey that’s just a theory

  14. Just random question.
    Is Cassidy a girl or a boy?
    I think they’re a boy
    (Maybe Matpat talked about their gender but just question)


  16. I'm late here but, i think the under construction site place had the underground place or whatever you call it, since most or some places has basements or underground's, it's my theory.

  17. I wonder if kelsey could be an illusion the perfect illusion if you will, almost like an angler fishes light and golden Freddy is the Jaws that await the prey

  18. the stitchray is ennard after michael vomited the sl gang ennard became the stitchray

  19. I am name Richard.. yes that was me that divorced Delilah.. I realised I’m gay 😂

  20. I would honestly love a book theory channel

  21. hows cassidy golden freddy i thought chris is golden freddy becuase he got bite by fred bear am i

  22. You’d think people would stop supporting fazzbears by now with how many moiders happen in the books😂

  23. I had to rewind. I thought that Richard adopted her and then she married her father that adopted her. Lol I get it now.

  24. So. perhaps Since they talked about a small child could fit in there, maybe when Cassidy was VERY YOUNG she was, murdered and well. maybe that was kelsy who killed her since he was a spirit.. and cassidy as a spirit had to change so that people would not notice her as a spirit. that also means she was a ghost so that kelsy chould be in hersuit because her skin didnt exactly exist.. thats my theroy

  25. Huh, I thought those brown things were wires.

  26. why is the only story in Fazbear Frights that has a good ending is Into the pit and out of stock?…

  27. :oooooooo IS THAT TTHE BITE OF 87!?

  28. Hey mat pat idk if you would put this in a vid but the rockstar, withered and origami Bonnie might be the same robot because listen to there death audio cues in ultimate custom night

  29. Something interesting… Dreams are thought to be your brain processing what you saw/experienced that day/past week. If Stanley was dreaming of the robots, he must've seen them, right? He must've seen Freddy, Foxy, Ballora, and Ennard… Interesting

  30. Stanley blew up, and ”Stanly Was Happy”

  31. Hey, my name is Ella, I dont think I'm a doll though?

  32. ❤︎ℤ𝕒𝕣 𝕤𝕥𝕒𝕣❤︎ says:

    I have that doll as a funko pop

  33. The way I see the story with stanley: he is hired to “night guard” circus baby’s like Michael afton did in sister location. One of the few “unaccounted for” animatronics on their fates are the Minireenas. This story is likely what happens to them. They enter stanley, and much like the core Funtimes with Michael, use him as a means of escape into the greater world.

  34. I forgot about this series shortly before sister location, I came back and can't !
    make any sense of it at all

  35. I remember a time when FNAF was just a scary indie game with very little lore. I miss the simple days

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