Game Theory: FNAF, Golden Freddy... NOT What We Thought! -

Game Theory: FNAF, Golden Freddy… NOT What We Thought!

The Game Theorists
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There’s a new FNAF book, which means it’s time for Game Theory to re-dip it’s toes into Book Theory! The books, as we’ve discussed, may be a separate timeline but what we learn in them provide us with clues to the main Five Nights At Freddy’s lore. Today we are taking a closer look at Golden Freddy and seeing if the new evidence shows that we were WRONG about our conclusion on his secret identity. Get your exotic butters ready Theorists and let’s get into it!

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Writer: Matthew Patrick
Editors: Alex “Sedge” Sedgwick, Forrest Lee, Tyler Mascola, and Dan “Cybert” Seibert
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman



  1. Theory the new kid is William afton he always come back

  2. 12:11 does anyone notice the letters rtvxdvejkmx on the letters? rtvxd on the right side of N, V and ejk on the bottom side of N, m on the right side of k, and x on the bottom of k.

  3. That intro is my worst nightmare something so tiny and kind turned so horrific, like a bunch of cockroaches crawling into your mouth

  4. If I watch too much of these I WILL NOT be able to sleep.

  5. Matpat when the books started: this is awful and I hated every page
    Matpat in 2021: these are the best books ever and Scott is great

  6. i always end up crying out of fear at these therorys

  7. I mean it could be the same vent. the vent could have been repurposed in an attempt to save cost, or it may have not been installed yet and when they found they had an excess of them, they may have shipped it to another project. It's not beyond the realms of possibility.

  8. "Ennard is a dentist and Ballora is his dental assistant"


  9. Man remember when there were only 5 Fazbear Fright books. Guys rem. Remember when there were less than half of the current books and we thought that was the end. Remember how simple everything was guy do you re

  10. Your wrong the crying child was scared because his sister elisibeth was stuffed in circus baby ‘s suit from her scooper that was the day that circus baby’s pizza world opened and it was before fredbears family diner closed and before the bite of 83

  11. I Watched sum videos from the future lol, i think the scuttling, and slithering could have been the remnant. Since it's a liquid-Soul-Metal combo not unlike fazgoo and the sound of its footsteps in the LuckyBOY story I'm sure they wouldn't need an Illusion disk to mimic simple sounds. Much like how BB can only make simple words

  12. Weird idea (if I'm wrong, it's okay) : could the body in the sister location's vent be Charlotte
    Maybe that's where her body was hidden somehow and that's why she drew Delilah to a vent to die
    A similar place to hers
    There was this thing you said, about Henry breaking a window in her own house
    I guess it was mustard man
    Now let's just assume that was William
    After he killed Charlotte, he brought the body to his partner's house
    Door was closed because no one was home
    Both Henry and Charlotte were at the party
    So he broke the window
    Did a job of hiding it there
    Just to frame Henry
    Idk I'm just saying
    Is it possible?
    Could it be?

  13. I think Kelsey in the New Kid is like an amalgamation between CC and Cassidy in the games, and Jake & Andrew in Fazbear Frights.

  14. I have such a short attention spam that I can’t even pass half of my class without getting distracted but I calmly sit here listening to Matt talk about robots that eat children and time traveling ball pits

  15. 6:01
    "The average time for team theory: 3:00AM"

    Me who goes to bed at 2:30AM: seems legit

  16. I think it isn't Cassidy cause why would Cassidy kill random kids hmm he isn't here for kids he is here for purple guy

  17. Matpat please warn people before you jumpscare us please

  18. The Vengeful spirit and Cassidy is one person

  19. you know, there are 2 outcomes from consuming fnaf content
    1. youre desensitized to jumpscares
    2. youre more sensitive to jumpscares

  20. Omg. I started listening to Stanleys story yesterday, and I got an awful pain in my throat (ofc its the flu season and i had to go to the doctor for bloodwork already. (I had a school reunion and both friends i was with are also sick in bed, no COVID for both of them so i have my hopes up) but man was it extra scary to listen too. (They have all Brooks on spotify)

  21. Idk MatPat, if I saw any product (IF I was in this universe) that has a Fazbear Entertainment imprint I'd better just toss that thing in the trash, whether it looks like my potential kid or not😅

  22. Couldn't be the blonde big brother from the previous story?

  23. Lol i tried to say hello internet welcome to game theory but then he said book theory 😂😂😂😂

  24. Wait did he hint to the next channel book theory

  25. Pretty nice video of five nights and freddiews.

  26. 11:51 – there's even more to that. In Sister Location night 4 we woke up in a springlock suit and have to wind up the springlocks, while we see minireenas CRAWLING INTO US .

  27. that man speaking: A funny story, a dead body was found in this vent, not that funny

  28. kelsey: i'm golden freddy
    cassidy:i'm golden freddy
    chris: are you sure about that?

  29. So is Book theory canon now?

  30. Mick: Exists in Fnaf
    My brain: Autoplays BFG Division with Doomguy watching Afton's soul getting dragged down to his eternal torture room by animatronics while demon guts get exploded, frozen, burned, and ripped.

  31. isnt there like 3 people sharing golden freddy? that would be disaster lol

  32. Game Theory has one more slot in their symbol to fill. It has to be Book Theory.

  33. The new song of head there Delilah hey there Delilah please don’t put me in the trashcan I’m going to kill you now

  34. me through so much of this goddamn video; HEY THERE DELILAH WHAT'S IT LIKE IN NEW YORK CI-

  35. Game Theory: There's a game theory and a film theory. What comes next?
    Me: Book theory?
    Game Theory: You idiot, the next one is obviously going to be food theory.

  36. Aren’t stitch wraith and ensnared o. In the same

  37. I have the original twisted ones book and i am a child i saw it on utube my brother kept saying nonono but i bought it on the book fair and my brother finished it in like 2 weeks
    i didnt even finish half yet

  38. I don't know how relatable this could be but can this story be connected to Afton family and actually this be the mother of Afton's or Emily's and the way she died and became Ballora since the death is connected to sister location?

  39. you don't have to say kelesy will die

  40. Slithering and scuttling in bathroom walls, foreshadowing the animatronic at end of fazebear and friends episode 1?

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