Game Theory: FNAF, Golden Freddy NEVER Existed! -

Game Theory: FNAF, Golden Freddy NEVER Existed!

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Theorists, FNAF has gone and made its lore even more complicated. Well, sort of. You see, in true Five Nights at Freddy’s fashion, things are not how they seem. In fact, much of the lore may be a LIE to keep us from the truth! Today we are turning back the clock to the first four games and proving that everything about them is a TRICK!

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Writers: Matthew Patrick and Tom Robinson
Editors: Tyler Mascola, JayskiBean, Pedro Freitas, Warak and Jerika (NekoOnigiri)
Assistant Editor: Caitie Turner (Caiterpillart)
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  1. What about Charlie hugging golden Freddy in the graphic novel or the actual books

  2. I think you’re right about the Bendy Crossover because Henry is in Bendy and fnaf

  3. Am i the only one who thinks the story is just a way to tell that what the first 4 games have have inconsistencies?
    Like, just a way to say that they might not be accurate, but they did happened

  4. Ok now I feel that we are just starting to overcomplicate and overthink everything.

  5. Gregory is Patient 46 and I know that you know that now, but just giving an answer to your old self. c:

  6. mat is so far gone into insanity that hes gaslit himself into thinking it never happened

  7. If golden Freddy didn’t exist then how does Fredbear exist?

  8. Wow this theory is bad, MatPat has really gone off the deep end.

  9. Paused the video at 0:56 with the initial thought of “what is he on”

    Edit 1: 8:59 i think that the “games” are referring to the 8-bit atari games we play. As for the main game i think THAT is what is really happening. ‘Michael’ being in the security room is real

    Edit 2 (Last one): 22:47
    Still dont believe this one. i think the games refer to the atari games still

  10. I have a theory: Matpat is being controlled by the glitchtrap virus and is being forced to tell us that the OG games never happened so Afton can continue his evil misdeeds

  11. If someone was hired to make the games, then maybe someone was hired to write the books, and thats why the books work in a different timeline but still has so many parallels or something lmao

  12. Man I miss the first FNAF theory when it was just an allegory of the Burger King murders.

  13. Im just going to pretend that I didn't watch this video so then I don't second guess the whole story of FNAF 😰😁

  14. Here's a BIG HUGE theory…..crying child…..
    Is Cassidy, that's his name, Cassidy, Cassidy is the crying child's name, don't believe me? Look at the realistic photo of Cassidy, he has stipes on his shirt and looks like crying child

  15. Matpat:I hope nothing bad happens to you golden Freddy William:drives in matpat:what do you want? William:I always come back (takes golden Freddy plush) matpat:nooooooo!!!! (Sad music playing)

  16. William:any last words before you die? Golden Freddy:can i at least say goodbye to cassidy? William:who's cassidy Cassidy:attacks William William:AHHH A VENGEFUL SPIRIT

  17. MATPAT must’ve been going insane writing this script

  18. The paper shredder sounds like golden Freddy’s scream.

  19. The fact i clicked subscirbe the same moment rhe button got smashed

  20. William:any last word before you die? Matpat:can I atleast say goodbye to cassideez?William:who's cassideez?Matpat:cassideez nutz in your face William:haha funny joke cassideez:attacks William with deez nutz William:AHHHHH

  21. I'm going to be honest, I took the line from tape girl completely the opposite that you did. To me, it's not that the indie games aren't real, it's that they were directly on the nose so that they could be made fun of and they could desensitize the public to the murders

  22. its because scott himself is an unreliable narrator who keeps changing the story

  23. I think Matt pat has actually become insane like not joking think he might have gone insane but he’s just trynna hide watching his videos scares me as I just feel like his brain can’t handle all of these things


  25. I thought the books aren't canon? Scott said so himself, the books are a reimagined version. With the majority of this theory heavily relying on the books, how do we know this is solid? So in the books, Golden Freddy might not be real, but why does that mean he isn't real in the games? And why does that stop the original murders from happening in the game versions? Idk if I misses the memo about this FNAF book or what, but to me it seems that while a lot of this is plausible and honestly makes a lot of sense, the only proof is help wanted. Which, could mean anything.

  26. Welcome To Fantasy If he doesn't know why should I says:

    Didn't Matpat say that the mini games you play are what that game developer makes? Sometimes I think Matpat forgets his own theories. No hate love ya Matpat <3

  27. FNAF lore is strange but it isn’t real!?!?!?!?!?!?😮😅😢

  28. What if fnaf vr isnt cannon, what if the first 4 games aren't games they are the real story and the games that steve made aren't even shown they're just an interpretation? what if fnaf vr lies to say that everything was a lie because you're the custtomer and they don't want you to leave

  29. The retro cd 15 voice sounds like a YouTuber named chary

  30. 11:15 I only know what "Illsuion Disks" are because of those FNaF gacha videos from 2020-2021…

  31. Golden Freddy Is real then why is Freddy a thing

  32. Security breach has items from Fnaf before help wanted and after help wanted

  33. MatPat could be a 5 star detective honestly

  34. So… TLDR Scott has tinnitus? Also, there is at least a poster for Fredbear's Family Diner in Security Breach showing a yellow cartoon bear. I guess that doesn't fully confirm Golden Freddy still exists in the new games' canon, but does confirm that Fredbear, like in the first 5 games' canon, was originally a yellow bear. So the first mascot suit or bot was PROBABLY that yellow bear. So Golden Freddy is PROBABLY still canon.

  35. Macaroni with the chiken strips 1638 says:

    What wa sthe disc for?

  36. I have a theory it kinda dumb but I'm just going to say my peace you have some thing that seem correct to me like the game dev I believe that this stuff actually happend with golden Freddy and the rest of the gang but since they wanted him to get rid of all the memories for the place to make it look innocent they had him make the games as horror to make it seem like a joke but on reality there was no security guard and Micheal like you said probably destroyed all the locations but fnaf 3 changes with now the perspective of Micheal and I do believe the theory that vanny is using illusion disk to make one think she's a animintronic or to distort the animatronics from seeing her so they can't get in the way since they have this facial recognition and when Freddy passed out on stage when he saw something on stage that's was either vannesa or Gregory and now you are right about the one about the crying child having dream but he's in a coma during the whole fnaf 4 thing he's just put ming up trauma from the tourtues of his brother and that when we see when all the plushie leave that golden Freddy Plush says I'm going to put you back together and which starts this whole killing and maybe William got locked up and a new owner not Henry wanted the game dev to cover it up to make sure that it doesn't go broke but that just my theory

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