Game Theory: FNAF, Four Games. One Story. And FNAF Theory Talkback! -

Game Theory: FNAF, Four Games. One Story. And FNAF Theory Talkback!

The Game Theorists
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Video STARTS at 0:27. It’s the first LIVE episode of Game Theory, where we outline the FINAL timeline for Five Nights at Freddy’s and then join up with Dawko, Razzbowski, Smike, and 8-Bit Gaming to put a close on the last year of FNAF.

A VERY VERY special thanks to all the other FNAF theorists. Please, support them and check out their theories:
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  1. Puppet: Im a girl matpat

    Matpat:dream theory doesnt make sense with him

    Puppet: im killing you

  2. Scott watching this be like

    PFFFF these dum dums. They will never see this coming.
    creates fnaf 5

  3. 16:22 where I left off at I’ll be deleting this soon when I finish it
    1:00:26 Where im at again I’ll delete it once I finish the rest of the stream

  4. Game theory about the puppet the puppet didn't say I will put you back together William Afton said that

  5. Im more of a time line theorist because where would he get the animatronics from if it was a dream and now as in 2021 nightmare had a brain in the game and the books mentioned that they had tested organs and body parts with the animatronics and I think the illusion discs aswell

  6. Matpat: This will be my last FNAF theory.
    Everyone in 2021: Whos gonna tell him

  7. I clicked the video and said "this is gonna be a long one!"

  8. So your JEALOUS of my BAD/HORRIBLE memory thats a bad idea

  9. Thank god you've gotten better at audio mastering.

  10. Boom this is latest comment on this video and have a good day

  11. what happens when you die? like an alternate univierse dose it close and never open back but or make new robots dose the purple guy die? dose pink guy come and strike? what do you think

  12. If it is a dream the puppet would be the crying child but more angry and agitated maybe dead and filled with rage

  13. i have another part of the dream theory: in the beginning of the cutscenes each cutscene the crying child lays down and most likely goes to bed and the night starts so its all a dream

  14. why does Steph kinda look like MatPat?

  15. 5 years ago, and this is recommended to me in August of 2021. YouTube, are you good?

  16. Matpat dont go insane dont be William afton and stuff kids in animatronics and killing


  17. Wait then if purple guy is phone guy and he recorded the messages before he died how is he back to dismantle the robots? Even tho he got killed?

  18. Wait then if purple guy is phone guy and he recorded the messages before he died how is he back to dismantle the robots? Even tho he got killed?

  19. TGT תןת (the n and I and n was another way to spelL TGT

  20. WHOAH WHOAH SLOW DOWN ON THE SPECIAL EFFECTS ON THE INTRO I almost got a seizure and I’m not even Epileptic

  21. My cat Abigail likes you Matpat 🙂
    she keeps on jumping on the phone. She is 1 month old.

  22. matpat says fnaf 4 and its 2015 and fnaf one is in 2014 so is fnaf 4 the second game…?

  23. …2 hours, do I really want to sign myself up for this?

    Yes, absolutely. Affirmative

  24. It’s not true because The puppet was not possess in this part

  25. remember when we thought this was the last video

  26. But the kid dies in 1983 so he couldn't know the minimum wage of 1993 as he didn't live that long also the other kids couldn't tell him either as well they are kids so he couldn't be dreaming because he's dead

  27. its 2021 i know thw whole story but didnt saw the starting one so he gets so much wrong at start

  28. The Thumbnail literally screams

  29. Wait till matpat 2021 looks at his old theories

  30. Hey you should listen to some fnaf fan songs

  31. What if it's all just stuck in a dead man's mind

  32. Idk about y’all, but I’m a big fan of the Puppet is God theory

  33. first of it dosent make enemy sense for fnaf 3 to not be fnaf 4 because that ends the final story line so that just confuses me

  34. That intro that was the weirdest FNAF intro I've ever seen seriously what was he even going on I'm also kind of laughing during this

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