Game Theory: FNAF, BURN Them All (Ultimate Timeline) -

Game Theory: FNAF, BURN Them All (Ultimate Timeline)

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Loyal Theorists, today we return with part 3 of our FNAF Ultimate Timeline! After covering the rise of William Afton and his descent into madness a few weeks ago today we’re moving forward a bit in the timeline, talking about Sister Location to FNAF 6. There is SO much happening in this “Modern Era” of FNAF and I can’t wait to share it all with you! So bust out the EXOTIC Butters and settle in!
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  1. I think the date from the first game is simply because Scott didn’t know the universe that he was crafting yet.

  2. How are the police letting so many fazbear restaurants opening with all that backstory

  3. liz and Evan were basically double the trouble of Aston trying to recreate liz and Evan.

  4. im one of the main characters 😍

  5. "it didn't make sense!😧 seriously. it didn't make sense😐" is so funny

  6. Bro I just noticed that if the bite of 1983 didn’t happen there wouldn’t be any animatronics except for Fredbear and spring Bonnie

  7. If Mike changed his name to apply to new jobs, how do we know his name is Mike? Couldn’t that just be another fake name?

  8. The amount of work that went into this is insane, thank you for doing this.

  9. also, I've never played five nights at freddys

  10. Finally! He would be able to forgive himself for the killing of his brother so many years ago, *gets scoo- FOR ARTIST CLIP PAINT IS BECOMING THE NUMBER 1!

    Like bro the timing of adds are-💀

  11. I have a theory: Micheal didn’t die in the fire, the remnant was on his bones and flesh, so even though his skin/flesh burned off then he would still survive because it’s on his bones

    What if he’s now glam rock Freddy and because he’s possessing it then he could control himself while the others couldn’t

  12. Let me tell you something funny is the 8-Bit purple guy if you look at his mouth and turn it white it looks like a beard

  13. MatPat: spending restless hours of his day trying to figure out fnaf lore through complicated resources
    Markiplier: Literally guesses the lore on his first/second play through of each game

  14. how does this make sense though .. if we play as michael in SL that was just underneath their house how are there technicians that show up to work on night 3??

  15. pretty creepy that I randomly decided to watch this entire series today and ofc its the year anniversary of this episode. great storytelling mat and I wish u a happy retirement. (welcome tbone)

  16. I think the best part of the new Mimic stuff is that… well… the part where Cassidy is keeping Afton alive in the circuitry on accident while just trying to torture him isnt actually causing more deaths/happening. Aftons ripple effects are still doing damage, but the actual man himself? No, hes stuck in that cycle unable to escape or hurt anyone ever again

  17. 9:33 “The entity in his innards”= EN-NNARD = Ennard
    Well played Matpat, it was right what you said would be.

  18. i just now got that sister location means it’s his sister’s location like where she is. maybe i’m dumb but that makes so much sense

  19. Mat pat please comment did William get springlocked in 1987

  20. Im pretty confused on where fnaf 1 takes place, and how there are new models after the unwithereds

  21. My question. If high temperatures renders remnant unusable, how on earth does he ever use it? Because fire on its own should not be hot enough to make stuff like steel melts. That requires much higher temperatures.

  22. Listen to dont come crying to me there's something going on that doesn't make sense


    Henry Afton + Emily Schmidt
    – Michael Schmidt
    – Abbigail Schmidt (|| Sammy)
    – Garrett Afton (|| Charlie/""Evan"")

    William Afton + Clara(?) Shelly
    – Vanessa Shelly/Afton
    – Elizabeth Afton

    The ONLY character with the name "Emily" is CHARLIE.


  24. Mat! You forgot to mention the bite of 87 in your timeline! 😢

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