Game Theory: FNAF, Another Mystery SOLVED! -

Game Theory: FNAF, Another Mystery SOLVED!

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Today Loyal Theorists and FNAF fans, we get ready to lock in another piece of the Five Nights at Freddy’s puzzle. Remember the awful brother in the Foxy mask from FNAF 4? Well I have finally figured out the true identity of Foxy Bro! That’s rights, I’m saying I’ve CONFIRMED a new piece of FNAF lore… until Scott decides to chance things….

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Writers: Matthew Patrick
Editors: Forrest Lee, Koen Verhagen, Pedro Freitas, Tyler Mascola, and Dan “Cybert” Seibert
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman


  1. What doesn’t add up is how is Pete/ Micheal turn purple and still have a hand and an eye even though he donated it, another is if micheal/ the foxy older brother killed his younger brother, the crying child, how come the younger brother was alive when Pete dead, I feel like there are some similarities between Pete and Michael but I feel like your theory is not true, even though 100% agree that the foxy older brother is micheal

  2. Hm .. mike multiple personalities ? After the bite , perhaps false memories?

  3. Maybe Cassidy‘s being passive aggressive because foxy bro killed the crying child

  4. Matpat maybe Ballora from the 2nd book is the same animatronics as FNAF AR as they can be invisible and the cardboard glasses are like how your phone works in that game

  5. So Mat Pat want's to make a real freddy fazbear's pizza, a place where multiple children have been killed to then poses robots who then want to kill night guards, reeeeaaaally good idea Mat Pat, really good idea.

  6. The only thing I can see the ballora being linked to is the cloaking from Fnaf AR or something to do with glitchtrap and how he posses people

  7. Ayo when the pete story came with the gum part i was chewing watermelon gum- WHAT THE HECC

  8. okay im just saying… considering that the name mike and the other questions are in the same coloured pen throughout the survival logbook, what if, WHAT IF, crying child has be tourmenting/whispering/haunting him aft all these years because Michael was the cause of crying Childs death. Lets not forget how Michael has had many different names (Mike, eggs Benedict, Mike Schmidt, Michael Afton ect) that implies on "do you remember your name?" the line "what do you remember" could mean abt what he remembers from the party or what his task from William was to do. the line "the party was for you" could be following the line "what do you remember" like a reply. The party was for crying child to make him feel better. ion know…just a thought


  10. When the book with hologram ballora has my name in it

  11. What are the chances that CC had it at some point as well as Mike?

  12. Yes ballora is william afton’s wife i don’t know how she got stuff into her but uuuuh that’s all i know

  13. I know its a year ago. But man a fnaf pizzaris sounds rly cool

  14. Matpat are you sure you want to create a fnaf animatronic apocalypse?

  15. Man cmon dont ruin chuck e cheese its my child hood

  16. if i had a money i would buy that pizzeira and make fnaf in real life

  17. Ok, now I’m actually confused on the timeline of which episodes of fnaf game theory to watch
    Like I just saw a more recent one where he covered book three and how golden Freddie isn’t actually Cassidy
    Could someone please help me?

  18. Hey you know what I just thought about? In balloras song she mentions hiding behind the walls but in the third book, when the kids explore the fazbear building and they go in the bathroom they mention a slithering in the walls, they don’t talk about it but they all notice it.
    It might be a connection?

  19. Fnaf lore in a nutshell first you gotta lose an eye and then an arm 10 years later you wanna now how i became a pirate? 🤣

  20. So, I've been thinking about it since I binged these theories during work… Just to pass the time. But I offer a proposition that struck my mind: What if, the messages in the guide-book aren't from Cassidy to Mike/The Crying Child… What if they're faded messages from Mike, to his little brother? Trying to reach out and get a responce? Hence, why most of the book is left for *you*, to fill in. He was trying to get a responce, from his little brother.

  21. Does that mean if I chew gum excessively I'll become immortal/j


  23. he can't be named both Michael and Pete

  24. Now I'm going to nonstop chew watermelon gum.

  25. What if the survival guide used to be micheals brithers book, and micheal picks it up after his brothers death, which is why its been ereased, but the pen marks are left in the book

  26. Me: watches this theory video of Matpat*
    Me: Oh yeah cool
    Me: still confused*

  27. Hey mat mat….can I have a epilepsy warning on stobe effects like that~

  28. very late but what if cassidy is talking to the crying child and since he is the victim of an accident to the head that´s why he doesn´t remember somthings so cassidy is asking him if he remembers somthing and if he remembers his name to now how to call him

  29. Matpat I wanna cry so bad when u had the same theory as me with ballora being a stand-in mother/wife represented in the book. I'm so happy I'm actually about to cry

  30. Foxy is the most friendly animatronic and the smartest one

  31. BRO- PLEASE BUY A CHUCK-E-CHEESE OR A CONVENIENT STOREEEEE you could turn it into a fnaf pizzarea or a fnaf merch store

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