Game Theory: FNAF, Another Mystery SOLVED! -

Game Theory: FNAF, Another Mystery SOLVED!

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Today Loyal Theorists and FNAF fans, we get ready to lock in another piece of the Five Nights at Freddy’s puzzle. Remember the awful brother in the Foxy mask from FNAF 4? Well I have finally figured out the true identity of Foxy Bro! That’s rights, I’m saying I’ve CONFIRMED a new piece of FNAF lore… until Scott decides to chance things….

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Writers: Matthew Patrick
Editors: Forrest Lee, Koen Verhagen, Pedro Freitas, Tyler Mascola, and Dan “Cybert” Seibert
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman


  1. the whole ballora glasses thing cud just be that the glasses are haunted and ballora is a ghost. Another possible thing is its a parallel to FNAF AR's animatronics, since the animatronics there go invisible

  2. To be honest I like the older brother being micheal more

  3. Why do you have to make cassidy look so creepy bro

  4. watch that fnaf movie in minecraft thing, sounds stupid but has good law:)

  5. Ballora represents the mother "But not in a creepy way!" Yeah, because we wouldn't want to presume creepy from the guy takes his hobby of killing kids into a career of building murderous animatronics to help him fulfill his passion of killing kids.

  6. And if crying child IS michael and not the foxy bro? I say this 'cause the skin color doesn't match the foxy bro with the michael cutscene in sister's location and the color of the hair

  7. what if in the log book, mike is talking to the crying child. that would explain “the party was for you”

  8. I love your work (I’m a kid on my moms account love your work 🥰)

  9. 7:16 hey mat pat the invisible animatronic could be a reference to fnaf AR special delivery where the animatronics are invisible before attacking but hey that’s just a theory a GAME THEORY!

  10. What ever happened to that Fnaf 6 debate theory?

  11. The little brother's name is Chris
    Afton also Mike nightmare foxy

  12. MatPat’s fourth channel should be Fan Theory, where he just looks at fan theories and researches them to see if they are true or not.

  13. Only the truist gangsters remember when the text was red and not green in the thumbnail

  14. Hey MatPat, its fairly likely you won't see this, however I have a theory, we also assume that crying child also posses the golden Freddy suit, alongside Cassidy, meaning Crying child could have possibly wanted to try using the book to communicate to his brother mike, however instead, Cassidy discovers it, and tries talking to Crying child through the book, It would explain the vague confusion, and could basically fit in all the puzzle pieces.

  15. In the AR game, you only see the animatronics if you're looking through you're phone. The glasses probably work the same way. Another note, in the AR game (correct me if I'm wrong) the animatronics won't attack you unless you are looking through your phone which is why Ballora isn't getting closer in between when Kasey is wearing the glasses. I know this is a late comment but it just clicked for me and he still hasn't talked about it!!

  16. I love your video’s and can you make a video of circus baby pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. I’m a big fan of your video’s and my name is Eliza.

  17. How did nobody but me notice there is ANOTHER secret word in the word search the message is: "Its me"

  18. Theory: it’s shown in the original book trilogy that Charlie didn’t have a brother that got taken and it was actually her, so what if micheal didn’t have a brother and it was actually him that died, and as like Charlie was a robot in the trilogy, Michael is a robot in the games, could be a stretch but kinda interesting

  19. What if Pete is Michael's older brother and he repeats the things he does so it reminds himself of him?

  20. Let's play a riveting game of 'what happened first'. CC's death, Charlie's death, Elizabeth's death, or the Missing Childeen Incident? No wrong answers!

  21. What happens when you put a human inside of a human and feed it to a robot

  22. what if the name mike yes was the foxy bro's but the one writing is the crying baby

  23. i like the scene of foxy singing in the beggining of the video

  24. How come almost all the books start with the

  25. these 3 channels are the prime example of why you'll need english, maths and science in the real world

  26. Theorists ballora said "why do u hide in your walls" in the before or 2nd before one 2 guys from a school who went to trap a guy who is a Chad in the Golden Freddy but saw something in the walls this may be connected

  27. Hollow gram bolorra could be referenceing glitch trap

  28. What if the writing wasn’t from the ghost? What if Mike wrote it trying to talk to his younger brother then got frustrated and erased it?

  29. Wait but in the Golden Freddy Name episode MatPat said Mike was the Crying Child?

    And even if this video disproved it what about the Nightmare Fredbear Drawing Mike made?

  30. FNAF is the old ShowBiz Pizza the was eventually consumed to be Chuck E Cheese.

  31. I have a theory. Yes i agree with that balora is a stand in for the childrens mother but i belelive she died first. The line from her song '' all i see is a empty tomb '' could back this up. And second. I belive William set up verious things to kill his children because he went insane after Miss aftons sad death. First it was the orange hair girl. Then it was surpost to be mike but he had different plans. He would kill his brother the crying child ( i will call him c.c. ) and i belive that c.c was meant to die another way. This fits in the line '' the party was made for you.'' But my only question if this is true. How would mike die where c.c did?

  32. What about some theory videos of Fnaf World because that game deserves it. It's underrated no one cares about that. But If you make a theory about it, I think then Scott can make an new game bout Fnaf World and that will make me my life! Thank you to people who read this

    Have a good day/evening!
    -A girl with a dream that is from Turkey.

  33. Also look at the "Andiematronic"s video of this.

  34. I’m just try to find out who’s Terrence

  35. Bro I would love to work at a horror themed restaurant I’m 6’3 and would love it be Freddy

  36. 9:09 actually William Afton killed his wife while dancing and she took over ballora during the process of creating bollard,William killed her while dancing in a "Empty Room" that is actually what happened

  37. Balora being a hologram reminds me of fnaf world's virtua freddy

  38. dude listen- chuck e cheese pizza is good, frick off

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