Game Theory: FNAF, A Fragmented Memory (Help Wanted 2) -

Game Theory: FNAF, A Fragmented Memory (Help Wanted 2)

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To round out the year of FNAF I think it’s only fitting we talk about Help Wanted 2. This game had some MAJOR lore reveals and seemingly confirmed A LOT of the things we’ve been theorizing about over here for the past year or so! That’s always a good feeling, but there is one thing specifically that this game alludes to that just might change EVERYTHING we thought we knew about Five Nights At Freddy’s…
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  1. William stuffing bonnie bro into map bot makes zero sense.

    Cassies dad is a fullgrown man with a family that's supposedly a educated technician why would William in 1983 stuff him into a bot that didn't even exist back then?

  2. When u get the voodoo bonnie doll it also says: remember Jeremy? This means that Cassie's dad is Jeremy, the Bonnie bro. Also, in Ruin, the Vanny mask program is spelt V.A.N.N.I instead of Vanny, like the H.E.L.P.I bot in Help Wanted 2 and in Ruin, they r all connected

  3. Gonna be fr, anyone gonna bring up The fact that the achievement for the first voodoo doll was "remember Jason"

  4. Which of the Endings happens first? Does Glitchtrap still exist in the Pizzaplex System?

  5. Little did we know a tragedy would occur right after this

  6. Well here it was the last game theory where everything was normal…

  7. what if the crying child’s name is jeremy? remember jeremy is the name of the achievement when you get the bonnie mask

  8. Ok so, i take back my theory on the last video. I still like the idea of Gregory being mike.

    BUT the idea of Gregory being evil and freddy/mike having no idea and helping him is something i love!

  9. This has no backing but i like to think the toy chica with a missing beak hints to how afton killed the one he shouldn't have killed it would be interesting atleast

  10. Gregory is the mimic robot. Nuff said, fight me on the spoiler

  11. Home doesn't exist home isn't alive home is it real

  12. I like how everyone who played the game would shoo the animatronics during the first aid game.

  13. if aftons got therpary small lore fanf lore sdeghhhfddrfffghhyghggcggvbbnbg whyyyyyy soooo long

  14. We got a name for Bonnie Bro, and it is Jeremy.

  15. Thoughts on the "Emily" family… It doesn't sit right with me that their surname is Emily. What if Emily actually was Charlotte's middle name and the surname was omitted for some reason. The only reason I can think of to keep it secret is that it would give away a huge secret. And the only secret I can think of is that they're actually Aftons. Henry and William being brothers. I have no evidence to tie this up but it's been plaguing my mind!

  16. Imagine If it's true and the fnaf game developers were going for this story I mean they are going to be mad

  17. but doesnt security breach take place in like 2050 so cassies dad would be like 70

  18. I'm low-key starting to think that Scott is just taking mats theories and saying "Ig that's what the story is now"

  19. i just noticed that Helpy is in the design of the cartoons leading up to security breach

  20. Could it be that both Mimics have Afton's data? Maybe he was trying to create many of himself, so that he could his kids' lives back much faster.

  21. Why is Funtime Freddy the head of the blob in security breach🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃🤖👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻💩👻

  22. We know let there is a part in service room so all the animatronics still alive at Freddy Fazbear’s family Dino🐻🐔 rabbit🦊🐰😮

  23. Helpi, kelpi. Idk, but they're both seemingly kind and innocent thing that are actually out to get you and lure you to your demise. Hehe, I don't know if this is anything, but it seems like it fits, lol.


  25. 19:00 Candy Cadet's story seems more about your current player character, as it ends in the "young woman" getting lured into a comfortable situation and then dying because she was tricked. Since Ruin got all gender-blendery with the pronouns used, I don't doubt that Help Wanted 2 would do the same. In this very game, you get lured in with collectibles and tricked into completing or releasing Glitchtrap, who kills you in response. Plus, each Candy Cadet story seems to be about its own game's events.

  26. This makes sense why Gregory betrayed Cassie at the end of ruined too 20:52

  27. maybe this also why gregory dropped cassie in the elevator also becuse of the mimic following her can be danger and also becuse she becoming vannesa 2.0 becuse of the mask and helpi

  28. I find it interesting that Ennard sounds similar to Innard and pretty soon he becomes exactly that the innards of Micheal Afton. You guys probably thought of that tho

  29. this makes sense and it is a great video

  30. So Gregory at the start heleped glichtrap but then realized what he has done and started to destroy it and Cassys dad finished glichtrap but got defeated by mimic?

  31. The fact that S.T.A.F.F Bots attack the player COULD imply that he was one of the employees at the "All-Staff Meeting."

  32. 19:05 his voice is different now,a little distorted,which probably means something but I don't know what

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